ROH TV report - ROH title tournament matches

By Dave Musgrave

9/21/2013 ROH TV Report

PLEASE NOTE: The majority of this review is taken from my review of the original show when I ordered it and watched it at

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City along with ROH talent scout Prince Nana. Kelly previews tonight’s show with three quarter-final matches in the ROH World Title Tournament including Mike Bennett vs Tomasso Ciampa, Kevin Steen vs Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin and Karl Anderson.

1.       Quarterfinal match: Mike Bennett vs Tomasso Ciampa. Bennett comes out by himself and Kevin Kelly says Maria Kanellis is barred from the building after her interference during Bennett’s first round match in Toronto. Ciampa comes to the ring with his music being played live by the band Last Remaining Pinnacle. Ciampa and Bennett shake hands to start. Bennett slides out of the ring and Ciampa chases him in and out until catching him and swinging him into the ring barricade. Ciampa works over Bennett’s knee in the ring and then jumps over a charging Bennett in the corner and fakes a knee injury. Ciampa catches Bennett in a small package. Bennett avoids running knees in the corner and slides outside and dropkicks Ciampa from the floor. Ciampa goes outside and takes over, hitting Bennett with two running knee strikes into the barricade. Bennett avoids a third one but Ciampa gives him a German suplex into the ring barricade and then hits the third running knee. The show goes to commercials and on return they are back inside where Bennett blocks Project Ciampa and when Ciampa goes to the top rope Bennett superkicks him and ties his legs up in the ropes. Bennett works over his knee on the top rope and in the ring for a long stretch. Ciampa gets out of the way of a dropkick and answers a superkick with a clothesline. Ciampa applies a seated cobra clutch and then goes for a running knee but his knee gives out. Bennett hits a spear and applies a Texas cloverleaf followed by a bulldog, Bennett starts imitating CM Punk and attempts a Go 2 Sleep but Ciampa blocks it and hits his own Go 2 Sleep using his injured knee. They go to the floor and trade chops. Bennett attempts a piledriver on the ring apron but Ciampa gets out and gives Bennett and Kryptonite Crunch on the floor. Ciampa rolls Bennett back inside and gets the pin to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament.


2.       Quarterfinal match: Kevin Steen vs Roderick Strong. They shake hands to start but Strong umps Steen and hits a running knee and a double-knee gutbuster. Steen rolls outside and Strong attempts a dropkick but Steen grabs him and slams him on the apron. Steen goes to the top rope and hits a rolling senton. Strong goes to the apron but Steen grabs him and hits a draping DDT. Steen hits a senton in the ring. They trade chops and forearms. Strong hits a knee strike and an enzuiguri in the corner and gives Steen an Olympic slam. Strong takes control and hits a bulldog. Steen is on the mat and bites Strong’s leg but Strong replies with chops and a dropkick. Steen comes back and they trade strikes until Steen hits a clothesline. Steen hits a neckbreaker over his knee. Strong takes Steen to the corner and hits a superplex for a pin attempt. Strong applies a Strong-hold but Steen gets to the ropes and the show goes to commercials. On return, Strong attempts a half nelson suplex but Steen hits him and hits a pop-up powerbomb. Strong stops a sharpshooter attempt and tries to hit his gutbuster but Steen stops it and applies a sharpshooter. Strong gets to the ropes and then hits a knee strike, a double-knee gutbuster and a sick kick for a pin attempt. Strong goes for another superplex but Steen grabs him and hits a fisherman’s buster from the top rope. Strong blocks a package piledriver and attempts a suplex but Steen stops him and hits a sleeper suplex. Steen hits a package piledriver to pin Strong and advance to the semi-finals.


3.       Quarterfinal match: Michael Elgin vs Karl Anderson. They shake hands but quickly start exchanging several kicks and forearms. They shoulder-block each other and attempt finishers, coming to a stalemate. They go for a test of strength and Anderson kicks Elgin in the gut and goes for a headlock but Elgin throws him into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder-block. They trade strikes in the corner. Elgin holds Anderson up for a delayed vertical suplex for sixty seconds before dropping him and attempting a pin. The show goes to commercials and on return Anderson misses senton on Elgin who works him over with clotheslines. Elgin hits an Oklahoma Stampede and then attempts a deadlift German suplex but Anderson fights him off. Elgin hits a sidewalk slam but Anderson comes back with a spinebuster. Elgin hits an STO but misses his twisting senton off the ropes. Elgin hits a deadlift German suplex and then goes to the top rope but Anderson dropkicks him. Anderson hits a TKO off the top rope followed up by an Emerald Frozien for a two-count. Elgin does a backslide and then applies a crossface. Anderson hits a running kick on the apron and then goes up top but Elgin cuts him off and hits an enzuiguri. Elgin gives Anderson a deadlift superplex and then hits a buckle bomb. Anderson fights back and they trade kicks. Elgin lifts Anderson for a suplex but brings him down in a spinebuster. Anderson blocks a buckle bomb attempt but Elgin hits two spinning back-fists followed by a buckle bomb. Elgin hits his spinning sit-out powerbomb to pin Anderson and advance to the semi-finals. Elgin and Anderson shake hands and hug.


I loved all these matches when they aired on the original ppv and continued to enjoy them here. I was quite disappointed by the ppv complications this weekend and hope they aren’t a sign of bad things to come for the company but look forward to checking out the matches next week on t.v.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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