ROH TV report for 9-28

By Dave Musgrave

               9/28/2013 ROH TV Report

The show opens with Nigel McGuinness previously talking about the war on SCUM being over but noting that there were casualties and that he could not allow Jay Briscoe to compete. Nigel is heard declaring that the ROH World Title is vacant and announcing a tournament to fill the title. Interviews are shown with semi-finalists Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, Tomasso Ciampa and Michael Elgin to build up the semi-finals and finals to be shown tonight the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The musical introduction is shown and then Adam Cole says that he will face Tomasso Ciampa in a semi-final match tonight. Cole says that everyone knows the rehab Ciampa went through and the struggles he has had to get to this point. Cole says that tonight Ciampa is not going through rehab, he is fighting Cole. He promises that he will get the ROH World Title.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from

1.       Semifinal match: Adam Cole vs Tomasso Ciampa. They shake hands and then back up and Ciampa hits Cole with a funning kick and then stomps him in the corner. Ciampa goes for a running knee but Cole hits a jumping kick. Ciampa blocks a Florida Key and Cole backdrops Ciampa to the ring apron. Cole knocks Ciampa to the floor with an enzuiguri and then hits him with a tope a suicida. Cole tries to pick up Ciampa on the floor but Ciampa picks up Cole on his shoulder and runs him back-first into the ringside barricade. Ciampa hits Cole with two running knees and attempts a third but Cole stops him with a superkick. Ciampa fights back and powerbombs Cole into the barricade and then hits the third running knee. Ciampa celebrates on the ring apron and jumps in the ring to break the count but returns to the floor and pulls the mats off the floor. Ciampa attempts to suplex Cole who knees Ciampa in the head. Cole attempts a Florida Key on the unprotected floor but Ciampa blocks it and suplexes Cole onto the floor. The show goes to commercials and on return Ciampa rolls Cole in the ring for a pin attempt. Ciampa hits Cole with punches but Cole dropkicks Ciampa’s knee and hits a shining wizard. Cole lifts Ciampa in a fireman’s carry and gives him a neckbreaker across the knee. Cole attempts a suplex but Ciampa lands on the ring apron and knees Cole in the jaw. Ciampa attempts a suplex but Cole vaults over the top rope and DDT’s Ciampa on the ring apron. Cole attempts a pin and then attempts the Florida Key but Ciampa beel throws Cole and hits a knee strike. Ciampa hits Cole with a burning hammer. They trade elbow strikes in the corner and then Ciampa hits three running knees. Ciampa picks up Cole and climbs to the second rope and hits a Kryptonite Crunch off the second rope for a two-count. Ciampa takes Cole to the top rope and attempts a powerbomb but Cole sunset flips over him and superkicks Ciampa in the knee. Cole runs Ciampa’s knee into the ringpost then applies the figure four leglock around the ringpost Bret Hart style. Cole breaks the hold with the referee’s count and then returns to the ring where he superkicks Ciampa’s knee again. Cole attempts a figure four but Ciampa rolls him up in a package. Cole kicks out and applies the figure four but Ciampa reverses it and then breaks the hold. They trade forearms but Cole kicks Ciampa. Cole exposes his own knee and hits a shining wizard followed by two running kicks. Ciampa comes back and hits a lariat followed by Project Ciampa but he hurts his knee in the process. Cole hits a neckbreaker and applies the figure four. Cole slaps Ciampa and then starts kicking him in the head and knocks him out. The referee counts to three and Cole advances to the finals.

After a commercial break, Michael Elgin is interviewed and tells Kevin Steen that a lot has changed in the last year in ROH as he has stood across from him in the ring and has now stood beside him. Elgin says he knows what Steen brings to the table, and he knows how good he is and how serious he can be. Elgin says Steen is known for making jokes but it’s time to be serious as Steen knows how much this match means to him as it brings him one step closer to the ROH World Title. Footage is shown of Elgin beating Paul London in the first round and then Karl Anderson in the second round. Steen is shown challenging Elgin and saying that Elgin is worried as he knows he can’t beat Steen. Footage is shown of then-champion Steen beating Elgin last year and Steen says he is here to tell Elgin he isn’t winning the tournament. Elgin says Steen beat him but that was ten months ago and it won’t happen again. Footage is shown of Steen beating Brian Kendrick in the first round and Roderick Strong in the second round.

Kevin Steen is interviewed and says tonight is a big night in ROH. Steen says to watch him and Elgin step in the ring one more time and to watch Steen take one step back toward being champion again. Steen says that this time he is not going to be a rebel, he is going to be the champion ROH deserves.

2.       Semifinal match: Kevin Steen vs Michel Elgin. They lock up twice and on a third attempt Steen gets Elgin’s back and takes him to the mat. They trade holds and shoulder-tackle each other. Elgin blocks a package piledriver attempt and Steen avoids a buckle-bomb attempt. Steen rolls to the floor and then returns to engage in and lose a test of strength with Elgin. Steen monkey-flips Elgin and stomps on him. They trade chops and strikes. Elgin beats Steen to the mat and hits a moonsault off of the second rope. They trade forearms and Steen pokes Elgin in the eyes. Elgin fights back and whips Steen into the rope and hits him with a Bossman Slam. The show goes to commercials and on return Elgin is on the apron where Steen kicks him in the gut and hits draping DDT. Steen goes to top rope where Elgin chops him and attempts a superplex but Steen bites his face and Elgin falls to the mat. Steen jumps off the top rope with a cross body-block for a pin attempt. Elgin blocks an F5 attempt by Steen but misses a jumping kick. They criss-cross and collide mid-ring. They get to their feet and trade clotheslines. Steen hits Elgin with kicks but Elgin hits an enzuiguri and a clothesline. Elgin attempts a deadlift German suplex but Steen blocks hit only to be hit by repeated clotheslines against the ropes by Elgin. They each block moves from the other including Elgin blocking a sharpshooter attempt and Steen blocking a crossface attempt. Steen rolls to the apron where Elgin runs his head into the ringpost and attempts a deadlift superplex. Steen blocks it and knocks Elgin off the top rope. Steen hits a twisting senton off the top tope for a two-count. Steen attempts a package piledriver but Elgin blocks this and a sleeper suplex attempt. Steen charges Elgin in the corner where Elgin hits him with an STO. Elgin goes to the second rope and hits a corkscrew senton but Steen gets his knees up. Steen hits an F5 for a pin attempt and the show goes to a final commercial break. On return, Elgin is down in the corner and Steen attempts a cannonball but Elgin moves. Elgin picks up Steen in a deadlift German suplex and rolls over into a crossface but Steen gets his foot on the rope. They trade several forearms. Elgin hits a baisaku kick and a spinning backfist. Steen hits a pop-up powerbomb. Elgin blocks a package piledriver but Steen sunset flips over Elgin who hits Steen with a deadlift powerbomb. Elgin hits a buckle-bomb but Steen takes him down and applies a sharpshooter. Steen can’t hold it as his shoulder is hurt. Steen attempts a sleeper suplex but Elgin counters into a crossface. Steen rolls over and applies a crucifix. Elgin elbows Steen in the head but Steen hits a lariat and a sleeper suplex. Elgin blocks a package piledriver but Steen hits two sleeper suplexes. Elgin hits a clothesline and then counters a package piledriver attempt and applies a crossface. Steen taps out and Elgin advances to face Adam Cole in the tournament finals next week.


I enjoyed both matches a lot this week and appreciated that they were quite different from each other. While the usual criticisms can be made of too much happening on the home stretch, I did like that Steen was doing different things including technical wrestling and a cross bodypress (and I say this as a fan of his usual work). Elgin worked well with him. Ciampa was good as well but Cole probably had the best performance on the show, continuing to work his heel turn well and show why he has made such a great heel in other companies such as PWG. Next week should be a good conclusion to this tournament and I really do think they would do well to do some type of video collection of the entire tournament as it was been very good in-ring and is one of the better tournaments I can think of in a while other than the G1.


Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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