ROH TV report

10/12/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with footage of Adam Cole winning the ROH World Title at Death Before Dishonor XI and then superkicking Jay Briscoe after Briscoe presented him with the ROH World Title belt.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show and notes that Matt Taven will defend the ROH TV Title against Jay Lethal tonight.

1)Adam Page vs ACH: They shake hands to start. ACH gets a shoulder-block and a headlock takeover. Page catches ACH and gives him a spinebuster. Page hits a knee-strike and a back suplex. ACH chops Page who fights back with a knee. Page backdrops ACH to the apron but ACH hits him with an enzuiguri. ACH returns to the ring and hits a spinning flatliner. Page takes down ACH and hits a standing shooting star press. ACH throws Page to the floor and hits his second rope jumping tope con giro. Page is back in the ring and ACH hits him with a flying bodypress but Page rolls through and pins ACH for the three-count to win the match.

After a commercial break ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and says that last week was the culmination of one of the greatest tournaments in ROH history. Nigel says that as a former ROH Champion, whether it was Tomasso Ciampa, Michael Elgin or Adam Cole, he was damn proud to be part of ROH. When Jay Briscoe came to ringside and proved he was a man of honor and gave the belt to Adam Cole he was damn proud of ROH. But then, when Cole superkicked Briscoe in the back of the head and took out Elgin with a belt-shot, he was embarrassed. He doesn’t know why Cole did what he did and he doesn’t care, what he cares about is the prestige of the belt and what it means to be ROH Champion. At Glory By Honor in Chicago, the main event will be a two-hour time limit match in which the four ROH Champions will take on the top four contenders for their belts. The first man on the all-star team will be Michael Elgin.

Jay Briscoe’s music starts and he comes to the ring. He asks how in Chicago Nigel will have a champions vs all-stars match when he doesn’t even have the real champion in the match. Nigel says it is because Jay is injured but Jay says he is going to be cleared soon. Jay says the reason Cole superkicked him in the back of the head is because Adam Cole is nothing but a little (censored). Jay says his family told him to hand over the belt to whoever won the tournament if they won it like a man and he did but as soon as he turned his back Cole superkicked him. Jay says that five days before Chicago he will be cleared to wrestle. Nigel says the match is already booked. Jay says regarding Michael Elgin, Jay has done what he hasn’t which is beat Adam Cole with the world title on the line. Michael Elgin’s music starts and he comes to the ring. Elgin tells Jay that he heard him talk about doing what Elgin couldn’t and he thinks Jay didn’t watch Death Before Dishonor. He says the referee might not have been able to count three but the fans did when he had Cole’s shoulders pinned to the mat with the Elgin-bomb. Elgin says that what Jay didn’t do is defend the world title against Elgin when he was number one contender. Elgin says he’s not looking to make excuses or live in the past, he is looking forward to Champions vs All-Stars. Elgin says he doesn’t care who Nigel puts with him because unlike Jay he didn’t have his brother watching his back his whole career, he fought for himself and in Chicago he fights for himself by himself and he will beat every champion ROH has in order to get to Adam Cole. Elgin says that for six months he fought for Nigel’s definition of honor but he is sick of it and will fight for Adam Cole’s definition of honor. He says that Jay has claims of being the real ROH World Champion but if Cole can sit back there with the belt and say he is champion, Elgin is the uncrowned world champion. Jay says he is the real world champion and Elgin says to beat him and then he can claim that.

2) Mike Mondo vs Roderick Strong: This match was supposed to happen at Border Wars in May. Nigel joins Kelly on commentary. They shake hands and trade hammerlocks. Strong hits an across-the-knee backbreaker. Mondo hits a Bossman Slam. Mondo applies a cravat and hits Strong with knees to the head. Mondo shoulders Strong in the gut repeatedly. Strong fights back with an enzuiguri and a missile dropkick. Strong hits running forearms in the corner and then gives Mondo a superplex. Mondo fights back and gets a roll-up but Strong hits him with a spinning forearm, a knee-strike and a tiger bomb to score the pin and win the match.

Strong takes the microphone and says for the last ten years of his life he has been so lucky to wrestle for the best company in wrestling history in Ring Of Honor. He says he has faced the best talent that has stepped foot in this ring, he was part of the best faction ever in Generation Next, he won Survival Of The Fittest, and he won the tag team titles, the T.V. and the ROH World Title. He says that over the past ten years he has been the most consistent wrestler on the roster. He says that it has been ten years and three titles but only one Mr. Ring Of Honor.

3) Outlaw Inc . of Homicide and Eddie Kingston vs Marshall law of RD Evans and QT Marshall with Veda Scott. Footage is shown of Homicide snapping RD Evans’ fingers at Manhattan Mayhem. Veda takes the microphone and says that just by watching Manhattan Mayhem you were witness to a crime and an assault. She says that ROH and Nigel allowed those mentally ill degenerates share the ring with them and that was an injustice. Evans says his counsel Veda Scott wants them to seek justice in a court of law and inside the ring. Evans says that tonight they will face Outlaw Inc and tonight they are prepared. Kingston comes to the ring and brawls with Marshall in the aisle. Homicide hits the ring and beats down Evans and hits a running boot in the corner. Marshall misses a clothesline but then works over Homicide who fights back and hits an Ace Crusher. Evans returns to the ring and Kingston hits him with a spinning backfist. Kingston lifts Evans on his shoulders and Homicide hits a bulldog off the top rope to pin Evans and win the match.

Kingston takes the microphone and says they are Outlaw Inc and they are here to clean up ROH. Before they can do that, they got business with tag team champions reDragon and tells them to come to the ring. Homicide and Kingston sit in chairs and say they’re not leaving until reDragon comes out.

After the commercial break, we’re told that security cleared away Homicide and Kingston.

4) Jay Lethal vs ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven with Truth Martini, Kasey Rae, Seleyzia Sparks and Scarlett Bordeaux: Lethal gets backed into the ropes and when the referee turns his back Lethal pretends to get tripped and hits the mat. The referee turns around and ejects Taven’s entourage from ringside. Lethal lays into Taven with punches and then hiptosses Taven and hits a cartwheel dropkick. Taven rolls to the outside and Lethal hits him with a tope suicida. Taven gets the other side of the ring where Lethal hits him with another tope suicida. Taven gets to the apron and Lethal hits him with a dropkick off the second rope followed by another tope suicida. The show goes to commercials and on return Lethal attempts to vault over the ropes but Taven catches him and hits a draping DDT. Taven punches and kicks Lethal and hits a Russian legsweep. Lethal fights back but Taven dropkicks him. Taven hits a vertical suplex. Lethal fights back with punches. Taven hits an enzuiguri and Lethal fights back with chops but Taven hits a clothesline. Taven goes for a lion-sault but Lethal gets his knees up. They trade punches and Lethal hits the lethal combination. Lethal does a handspring for an attempted lethal injection but Taven hits him a leg lariat to the back of the head. Taven goes for Angel’s Wings but Lethal gets out and superkicks him. Lethal gives Taven a bodyslam and goes up top for an elbow drop but gets cut off by a big boot from Taven. Lethal hits Taven and crotches him on the top rope. Taven is in the tree of woe and Lethal goes for a dropkick but Taven gets out of the way. Lethal picks up Taven in a torture rack but Taven gets and hits his Climax forward-facing DDT for the pinfall and the win.

Martini takes the microphone and says Taven told him he would do it but he had no doubt in his mind. He says there are three types of valuable wrestlers in this world: good wrestlers, great wrestlers and special wrestlers. He says Taven is a special wrestler because he has the hooplah running through his veins. Martini talks about Seleyza, Kasey Rae and Scarlett. Martini says that Taven has been ROH TV Champion for six months and predicts he will be the greatest TV Champion in the history of the company.

Kelly previews that next week reDragon will defend the tag titles against the Forever Hooligans and C and C Wrestle Factory and that Adam Cole will be here to speak.

I liked that the undercard matches were quite simple this week. Page had a cool victory over ACH and Strong vs Mondo was better than I expected. Mondo might have looked better than he has before in his ROH run. The Outlaw Inc segment was a fun little tv intro for them. Taven and Lethal had a better match than expected as well and Taven continues to come into his own.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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