ROH Glory by Honor results 10-26 Chicago

ROH "Glory by Honor XII"
October 26, 2013
Chicago Ridge, IL 
Dark matches:
The Romantic Touch (Who may be Rhett Titus) def Will Ferarra with a fisherman's brainbuster 
MsChif def Kasie Rae
The Romantic Touch presented a rose to msChif after her match but she dismissed it
Main Show:
In addition to being a taped iPPV, Bobby Cruise informed the crowd that there will be 3 episodes of ROH TV taped
Ep 1
Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness were the broadcast team
Silas Young def Mark Briscoe with a schoolboy roll-up and using his feet on the ropes to get the 3-count pin
Jimmy Jacobs def Adam Page with the contra code
(TV Main event) Battle of the Piledrivers
Mike Bennett def Kevin Steen after getting kicked with the ropes and getting hit with a piledriver. Maria caused the distraction
- during the match Kevin Steen was going to hit the F5 on Bennett, looked at Maria and hit the GTS
- Lisa Marie (Victoria, Tara) hit the Widow's Peak on Maria post match
Ep 2
Corino was brought out for commentary as a settlement was reached
Tommaso Ciampa def Jessy Sorensen via submission
#OutlawINC def ACH & TD Thomas as Homicide hits a doomsday bulldog on TaDarius Thomas to get the pin
- post match promo: Homicide gets Kingston to break Sinclair's rule of no cussing, by calling the team of reDRagon a "bunch of p*$$!&$"
(TV Main Event)
Paul London def Roderick Strong with a shooting star press
Return date for Chicago announced for March 8th at the Frontier Fieldhouse
Ep 3
8-man Champions vs. All-Stars elimination Tag match
Team All Stars (Michael Elgin, Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman, Jay Lethal) def ROH Champions Adam Cole, (TV) Matt Taven, (Tag)reDRagon 
- Adam Cole eliminated Cedric Alexander
- In the melee on the outside, Bobby Fish sustained a very serious laceration on the right side of his head, by his ear.
- Jay Lethal went through a table
- While the All-Stars were down Adam Cole & Matt Taven argue on who eliminates Caprice Coleman. Cole wins out & eliminates him
- Michael Elgin was left in the ring. Nigel went over to check on Jay who tried to get back into the ring but feel back and it seemed as if Nigel made the gesture that he couldn't continue. 
- Michael Elgin eliminates Kyle O'Reilly with a short-arm clothesline
- Lethal came back out after being escorted to the back for the hot tag and cleaned house
- Adam Cole eliminates his 3rd opponent, hitting a brainbuster on his knee to Jay Lethal
- Michael Elgin eliminates Taven with the crossface
- Michael Elgin eliminates Bobby Fish with a Rolling backfist, powerbomb to the turnbuckle, and 360 sitdown powerbomb combo.
- Bobby Fish hits Elgin with a chair
- Michael Elgin eliminated Adam Cole with a diving power bomb
- match went about 73 minutes

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