ROH TV report

11/9/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce the show from the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago, IL. They preview tonight’s matches of Roderick Strong vs Paul London and Tomasso Ciampa vs Jesse Sorensen. Kelly and Corino talk about moving on past the settlement that resulted in Corino being back on t.v.

1) Jesse Sorensen vs Tomasso Ciampa: This is Sorensen’s debut and Kelly talks about his having come back from a broken neck. Corino says he has BJ Whitmer disease but has heart unlike Whitmer. Sorensen and Ciampa shake hands and tie up. Ciampa hits a shoulder-block and Sorensen springs back up from the mat. They do the same again but Ciampa knocks Sorensen down. Sorensen gets out of a kryptonite crunch attempt by Ciampa who swats away Sorensen on a dropkick attempt. Ciampa exposes his knee but Sorensen gets out of the way of a running knee-strike. They trade chops. Sorensen hits a dropkick and a famouser followed by another dropkick. Sorensen charges Ciampa in the corner but gets backdropped onto the apron where Ciampa knees him in the face. They go to ringside and Ciampa takes the mats off the floor. Sorensen blocks a suplex attempt and runs Ciampa into the apron. Sorensen returns to the ring and then hits Ciampa with a pescado. The show goes to commercials and upon return they are back in the ring and Ciampa hits a big clothesline for a pin attempt. They trade strikes and Sorensen hits three reverse neckbreakers for a pin attempt. Sorensen goes for a fireman’s carry but Ciampa fights out with elbows. Sorensen rolls him up and then hits a step-up enzuiguri. Ciampa puts Sorensen in a torture rack and slams him to the mat. Ciampa hits Sorensen with elbows and then hits two running knees in the corner. Ciampa takes Sorensen to the top rope but Sorensen hits an ugly sunset bomb with Ciampa’s head and neck landing across Sorensen’s ankle. They recover and Ciampa attempts Project Ciampa but Sorensen gets out. Ciampa runs him into the corner and then puts him in the Sicilian Stretch (Rings Of Saturn with a crossface) and Sorensen submits to give Ciampa the win.

Footage is shown of Outlaw Inc. of Eddie Kingston and Homicide and their recent debut and subsequent challenging of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.

Interviews are shown with ROH Champion Adam Cole as well as Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly and TV Champion Matt Taven promoting next week’s Champions vs All-Stars match in which these men will team to face Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal and Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman.

2) Adrenaline Rush of Tadarius Thomas and ACH vs Outlaw Inc. of Homicide and Eddie Kingston: Homicide hugs ACH, Thomas and the referee. Kingston starts with ACH, takes him to the mat and applies a cravat. Kingston hits a shoulder-block but ACH replies with a dropkick. Kingston backdrops ACH to the apron but ACH hits Kingston with an enzuiguri. ACH goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow to a standing Kingston who rolls to the floor. ACH goes for a pescado but bounces off the ropes and back into the ring when Homicide and Kingston move. The show goes to commercials and on return ACH and Homicide are on the top rope and Homicide gives ACH a reverse atomic drop followed by a dropkick. Kingston tags in and stomps on ACH then works over his leg and applies a reverse cloverleaf. ACH gets to the ropes to break the hold. ACH tries to fight back with punches but Kingston knocks him down with a forearm. Homicide tags in and Kingston hits ACH in the hamstring. Homicide continues to work over ACH’s leg and teases a figure four leglock but applies an STF with a fish-hook to the mouth of ACH. Homicide goes for an ace crusher but ACH blocks it and hits a flatliner. ACH tags in Thomas who runs at Kingston with an elbow and then rolls up Homicide. Thomas hits both Homicide and Kingston with capoeira kicks. Homicide whips Thomas into the ropes but he hits a tope suicida on Kingston. Thomas returns to the ring and blocks a tornado DDT attempt by Homicide and gives him a superplex for a pin attempt. Homicide gives Thomas a neckbreaker and Kingston hits a Sliding D to the back of Thomas’ neck. ACH flies off the top rope onto Kingston to break up the pin attempt and then rolls to the floor. Corino says “Bill Watts would be rolling over in his grave if he saw someone jump off the top rope like that” and Kelly said “And if he was dead” to which Corino shockingly said “What?” Homicide goes for a gringo-killer on Thomas but Thomas gets out and slams Homicide into the corner. Thomas takes Homicide to the top rope and goes for a superplex but Kingston hits a spinning backfist into the back of Thomas’ knee. Kingston puts Thomas on his shoulders and Homicide gives him a bulldog off the top rope and scores the pinfall. Kingston takes the microphone and says it is another show with reDRagon ducking them and he calls them snowflakes. Kingston says they’d better stop running away from them because they’re just a bunch of (censored).

After a commercial break, Kevin Kelly talks about the forthcoming return of Jay Briscoe. Kelly says that Briscoe has his medical clearance but those who are close to him say he has hit rock bottom. Footage is shown of ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness stripping Briscoe of the ROH World Title due to injury with Briscoe saying in an interview that if anyone knows about fighting injured it’s Nigel. Adam Cole is shown winning the championship with Briscoe giving him the title belt and Cole then superkicking him in the back of the head. Cole says that old washed-up Jay Briscoe should feel lucky that all he did was kick him in the back of the head. Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe are then shown challenging Cole and then fighting over the title belt. Cole is then shown defeating Mark Briscoe at “A New Dawn” with Jay challenging him after the match and Elgin attempting to give Cole and Elgin Bomb. Cole escapes the ring but Jay attacks him at ringside. Kelly says that after these events Jay Briscoe has been suspended by ROH and that in his current state he is a liability for the company and while he is an important part of the ROH family he is a danger to those around him.

3) Paul London vs Roderick Strong: They shake hands to start and then tie up. They exchange a number of holds until London kicks Strong in the face. They criss-cross and London hits a dropkick. Strong rolls to the floor and London hits him with a pescado as the show goes to commercials. After the break, London has Strong in a rear chinlock and then attempts a suplex but Strong reverses and London lands on the apron. London attempts to run his shoulder into Strong’s gut but Strong pulls him into the ring and hits him with an across-the-knee backbreaker. Strong attempts a pin and then kicks away at London in the corner. Strong goes for a belly-to-back suplex but London floats over and hits Strong with cho9ps and strikes. Strong hits London with an elbow and then throws him into the corner where he hits the ringpost stomach-first. Strong goes outside and stretches London around the ringpost and kicks him in the face. Strong goes back inside and stomps on London. Strong again goes for a belly-to-back suplex but London fights out with elbows. They criss-cross and then hit each other with lateral presses and collide chest-first. They’re both down on the mat and then trade strikes when they get to their feet. Strong charges London and gets kicked in the face. London hits a belly-to-back suplex followed by clotheslines and a dropkick. They criss-cross and London hits another dropkick. Strong runs London into the corner with a shoulder to the gut and then charges him but London kicks him in the face. London attempts to vault in from the apron but Strong hits him with a dropkick. Strong goes to the apron and attempts a belly-to-back suplex but London blocks him and goes into the ring and hits a dropsault. Strong falls to the floor and London hits him with a tope con giro. London rolls Strong back inside and hits him with a springboard dropkick. London goes to the top rope but Strong pulls him off and gives him another backbreaker across his knee for a pin attempt. Strong takes London up on his shoulders and sits him on the top rope after London attempts to fight out with elbows. Strong chops London and hits an enzuiguri followed by a top-rope superplex. Strong applies his Stronghold Boston Crab. He rolls London over but London rolls him up for a two-count. London attempts a superkick that Strong blocks and attempts a backbreaker. London blocks this with a knee to the head but Strong comes back with a forearm smash.   Strong goes for his fireman’s carry into a gutbuster but London adjusts and hits Strong with a double-stomp. They trade forearms and chops and then criss-cross with London hitting a superkick.   London picks up Strong in a double chicken wing and drives him to the mat face-first for a two-count. London goes to the top rope and Strong rolls to the apron. London goes for a double-stomp but Strong moves. Strong then gives London a backbreaker across the apron. Strong rolls him inside and hits his double-knee gutbuster followed by a sick-kick for a two-count. Strong goes for a Gibson Driver but London floats over into a sunset flip for a two-count. Strong hits a jumping knee-strike followed by a Gibson Driver for a two-count. Strong holds on and rolls London into a Stronghold. London hangs in and grabs the ropes to break the hold. Strong goes after London who fights back with up-kicks. London goes to the floor and grabs Strong over the ropes with a headscissors and brings him over into a tombstone piledriver on the floor. Strong rolls back inside and London hits a double-stomp to his back. London goes to the top rope and hits a shooting star press and pins Strong to win the match.

The show surpassed my expectations this week and was very good. Sorensen looked better than I expected and had a fun match with Ciampa. Homicide and Kingston had a really fun tag match with Adrenaline Rush and really came into their own as a team for the first time since coming back. I’ve enjoyed London’s work so far this year but this was the best I’ve seen him as his move-set was awesome and he worked well underneath. The tombstone on the floor was a little risky but the double stomp out of the gutbuster is one of my favorite moves I’ve seen this year and there was a lot of other great work in the match. Strong was good in the match as well and Corino’s commentary was a lot of fun on this show.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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