ROH TV report

11/23/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with highlights of last week’s Champions vs All-Stars elimination match, specifically the final segment with Michael Elgin defeating ROH Champion Adam Cole. Jay Briscoe is shown attacking Elgin and Cole after the match.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce the show from Dearborn, Michigan and preview tonight’s main event of Jay Lethal vs Eddie Edwards as well as ROH TV Champion vs Zach Gowen

[ROH TV Title Match: Champion Matt Taven with Truth Martini and Scarlett Bordeaux vs Zach Gowen: We are shown footage from Cincinnati of Tomasso Ciampa winning a TV title shot at Final Battle in New York City. Martini takes the microphone and refers to Gowen as the world’s only one-legged wrestler and says even a blind man can see Gowen is handicapped. He says that Gowen thinks he has a shot at becoming TV Champion and from the reception he can tell the people believe in him but if this is true they are even more stupid than Gowen. Martini says the only think Gowen has better than Taven is a parking spot. Gowen and Taven shake hands and then tie up with Taven throwing Gowen to the mat and making fun of him by hopping on one leg. They tie up again and Taven sweeps Gowen’s leg. Gowen chases Taven out of the ring and the show goes to commercials. On return, Taven misses an elbow-drop and Gowen hits two dropkicks. Taven pushes the referee into Gowen and then attacks Gowen from behind. Taven drops an elbow on Gowen’s leg. Taven charges Gowen in the corner but Gowen hits him with an elbow. Gowen goes to the apron and avoids interference from Martini but Taven hits him with an enzuiguri from the second rope. Taven does an elbow-smash to Gowen’s head from the apron to the floor. They return to the ring and Taven gets a two-count. Taven hits a delayed vertical suplex followed by a hard clothesline. Gowen gets up and Taven charges him with a clothesline but Gowen rolls him up for a two-count. Taven hits a dropkick and then goes to the second rope and jumps at Gowen but Gowen gets a boot up into Taven’s face. Gowen avoids a charge in the corner and then pulls down the top rope causing Taven to spill to the floor. Gowen then does a springboard into a rolling senton similar to a tope con giro. Gowen rolls Taven inside and goes to the top rope but Taven cuts him off. Gowen kicks Taven down and goes for a moonsault but Martini knocks him down while Scarlett distracts the referee. Taven goes for the Climax but Gowen rolls him up. Gowen rolls him up again and then hits a flatliner. Gowen applies a one-legged Koji Clutch but Taven gets the ropes to break the hold. Taven gives Gowen a drop toehold into the ropes. Taven charges him but Gowen gets out of the way and Taven crotches himself on the ropes. Gowen hits a moonsault on Taven but the referee is distracted by Martini. Gowen dropkicks Martini off of the apron but then gets distracted by Scarlett. Taven attacks Gowen and hits him with the Climax forward DDT to pin him and win the match. Marini and Taven go to attack Gowen with a crutch after the match but Tomasso Ciampa runs them off.

Footage is shown of Elgin defeating Cole in the Champions vs All-Stars match last week with Jay Briscoe attacking both after the match and unveiling his personalized World Title belt. Kevin Kelly reports that Adam Cole was not medically cleared to defend his title at the Golden Dream show in Cincinnati and that a match was made between Kevin Steen and Jay Briscoe. ROH Matchmaker is shown announcing that Adam Cole will defend the ROH World Title at Final Battle against Michael Elgin and the winner of the Steen vs Briscoe match. The match is won by Briscoe so there will be a three-way Cole vs Elgin vs Briscoe matches and we see interviews from all three talking about the match.

Michael Bennett is interviewed regarding his stretcher match against Steen at Final Battle. He says it will be final because the winner can no longer use the piledriver and that it may be Steen’s final match. He says it is fitting that there is a stretcher because that is what Steen will need to get out of New York City.

After a commercial break Jay Briscoe comes to the ring with his Briscoe-themed world title belt. Briscoe grabs the microphone and says it is an honor and privilege to stand before the fans tonight as the reigning and defending ROH World Champion. He says the main event at Final Battle has been changed to a three-way with Briscoe putting the title on the line against Cole and Elgin. Briscoe says he wants a world title match for the fans in Dearborn, Michigan and lays out an open challenge. Silas Young comes to the ring and says he is the only man in the back. Young asks what kind of man comes out with his own title belt and claims to be the champion. Young says he will be taking the belt home with him tonight.

Jay Briscoe vs Silas Young: Briscoe kicks Young in the gut to start and hits him with a back elbow. Briscoe lays into Young with kicks in the corner and then punches away at him. Young whips Briscoe into the corner but Briscoe hits him with another back elbow and then a spinning punch. Young goes outside and Briscoe chases him but Young beats him down when they enter the ring. Briscoe fights back with headbutts and then a reverse neckbreaker. Briscoe goes for a Jay Driller but Young gets out and goes for a Death Valley Driver which Briscoe escapes. Briscoe hits a running boot to the face. Young goes outside and throws a chair in the ring. While the referee is trying to get it out of the ring Young grabs the hammer from ringside. As he attempts to bring it into the ring, Mark Briscoe runs to ringside and grabs it from him. Jay kicks the ropes into Young and then hits a Jay Driller to pin Young and win the match.

After a commercial break footage is shown of BJ Whitmer announcing his retirement and asking Nigel McGuinness to give Jimmy Jacobs a chance, saying that he has more heart than anyone he has ever met in the business. Comments are provided from Jacobs say that anyone who doesn’t feel accepted by the people around him understands how much a comment like that means. McGuinness discusses that he gave Jacobs five matches and if he wins three of the five matches he will be instated and receive a shot at the ROH World Title. Jacobs says he wants nothing more than for the people who don’t believe in him, to give them no choice but to believe in him. Jacobs is shown losing to Michael Bennett and Kevin Steen but also defeating Adam Page, Roderick Strong and Silas Young. Adam Cole is shown saying that this is a dream come true for Jacobs to get a world title shot in his hometown. Jacobs says last time they were in Dearborn, he almost defeated Cole. Jacobs says the ROH World Title has evaded him his whole career. Cole says the title belt is going nowhere. Jacobs says that Dearborn is twenty minutes from where he lives. Cole says he doesn’t care if it is Jacobs’ hometown or his chance at redemption. Cole says he is champion and the belt will be his forever. Jacobs says “You’ll have my back, right?” and Whitmer saying he will and that he’ll be there. Cole will defend the ROH World Title next week on ROH TV from Dearborn, Michigan.

Eddie Edwards vs Jay Lethal: They tie up and Edwards hits a shoulder-block. They criss-cross and Lethal attempts a quebrada but lands on his feet when Edwards moves. Edwards attempts his Achilles lock but Lethal rolls him up. Lethal gets headlock takeovers and they get to their feet and have a staredown. They tie up in an extended test of strength with Lethal taking Edwards down into a bridging position. Lethal attempts a number face. Lethal pins but Edwards gets out with a monkeyflip. Lethal hiptosses Edwards and then cartwheels into a seated dropkick. Lethal gives Edwards a drop toehold into the ropes and then slides to the floor and dropkicks Edwards in the face. Lethal applies a headlock as Davey Richards is shown at ringside. Lethal hits Edwards with chops and then hits a leg lariat off the second rope. Lethal applies a headlock on the mat. Edwards tries to fight out with elbows but Lethal hits him with a forearm. Edwards gets whipped into the corner but he gets a boot into Lethal’s face. Edwards ties up Lethal in the tree of woe and hits a dropkick to his face. Edwards goes to the floor and does another running dropkick to the face. Edwards returns to the ring and goes for a pin attempt as the show goes to commercials. Upon return, Edwards runs Lethal’s head into the turnbuckle and then chops him. Edwards headbutts Lethal and then goes for a back suplex but Lethal lands on his feet. Edwards charges Lethal but spills to the floor when Lethal pulls down the rope. Lethal then gives Edwards with a tope suicida followed by a second one. He goes for a third but Edwards cuts him off in the ring with a hurracanrana with Lethal with Lethal going to the floor. Edwards then hits two consecutive tope suicida’s. He goes for a third but Lethal gets into the ring and hits him with a hard superkick. Lethal jumps to the second rope and dropkicks Edwards out of the ring. Lethal then hits another tope suicida. Both men are on the floor and just beat the referee’s twenty-count to get back inside. They square off and trade forearms, punches and chops. Lethal hits a back-kick and Edwards hits him with an elbow. Lethal hits his Lethal Combination and then goes to the top rope and hits his “Hail To The King” elbow-drop. Lethal goes for his Lethal Injection with a handspring but Edwards catches him with a back suplex in which he fully rotates him over into a front slam. Edwards goes to the top rope but Lethal stops him and attempts a superplex. Edwards knocks Lethal off and attempts a double stomp but Lethal gets out of the way. Lethal goes to the top rope again but Edwards grabs him and hits a backpack chinbreaker. Edwards gets a two-count and transitions into an Achilles Lock. Lethal gets an inside cradle and they trade several roll-ups. Lethal gives Edwards a running slap in the corner followed by an elbow by Edwards in the corner. Edwards gives Lethal an O’Connor Roll but Lethal gets out and then does a backflip into his Lethal Injection (ace crusher) finisher. Lethal pins Edwards and wins the match.

The show was good but not great this week, but still worth watching. Zach Gowen was a lot of fun to watch and probably the best I have seen him in a long time. Briscoe vs Young was quick and intense and although I would usually like to see Young get more of a match Briscoe did need to be put over building to the Final Battle title shot. There was a lot of action in the Lethal vs Edwards main event but I felt they kept it tight and short enough that it felt like a good match. The Cole vs Jacobs match next week seems like one to look forward to watching.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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