Ring of Honor TV report

12/7/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce the show from the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio. Corino l says he is working on an exclusive interview with one member of the Final Battle main event.

1)      Outlaw Inc. of Homicide and Eddie Kingston vs The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards: Kingston and Richards start the match. They trade a wristlock and hammerlock and Homicide tags in and he applies a headlock but he and Richards face off in a stalemate. Edwards tags in trades holds with Homicide. Kingston tags in and gets double-teamed by Richards and Edwards leading to a double back elbow. Richards and Edwards do quick tags working over Kingston’s arm. Kingston takes over on Richards and tags in Homicide and they give Richards a double shoulder-block. Homicide applies a headlock and tags in Kingston who gives Richards a Northern Lights Suplex with Edwards breaking up the pin attempt. Tag Champs Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are shown coming to ringside as Edwards takes down Kingston with a drop toehold and Richards kicks Kingston in the face. Fish and O’Reilly put on Homicide’s and Kingston’s clown masks as the show goes to commercials. On return, Richards has Kingston in an Indian deathlock and Kingston grabs the ropes to break the hold. Edwards tags in and gives Kingston a vertical suplex. Kingston fights back and trades chops with Edwards. Richards and Edwards work over Kingston with chops and kicks in the corner. Kingston get whipped into the corner and backdrops a charging Richards over the top rope. Richards throws a head-kick at Kingston but misses and hits Edwards. Kingston hits Richards with an exploder suplex and tags in Homicide who knocks Edwards off the ropes and gives Richards a flapjack. Homicide throws punches at Richards and hits him with a back elbow. Homicide does the Three Amigos rolling suplexes on Richards. Homicide goes to the top rope but gets kicked in the head by Edwards. Richards kicks Kingston in the head and goes after Homicide in the corner but Kingston gets him up on his shoulders. Homicide goes for the top rope but is held down by Edwards as Richards throws Kingston to the floor. Homicide gets to the top rope and jumps over a charging Richards who then does a handspring but gets caught in a neckbreaker from Homicide. Kingston hits a Sliding D to the back of Richards’ head and Homicide gets a two-count. Homicide throws Edwards out of the ring and attempts a gringo-killer on Richards but Richards gets out. Edwards rams Kingston into the ringside barricade outside and returns to the ring to help Richards hit Homicide with an alarm clock kick. Richards and Edwards both climb to the top rope but Kingston knocks Edwards off while Richards misses the double stomp attempt. Kingston hits Richards with a spinning backfist and puts him on his shoulders for the top rope bulldog by Homicide to pin Richards and win the match. Homicide takes the microphone saying that they want the tag team championships at Final Battle.

After the commercial break, Kevin Kelly announces that as a result of their win over the American Wolves, Outlaw Inc. will face tag champs Fish and O’Reilly at Final Battle. Kelly also notes that Kevin Steen will face Michael Bennett with Maria Kanellis in a stretcher match with the winner no longer being able to use the piledriver.

A video is shown hyping Bennett vs Steen with footage of Bennett ending BJ Whitmer's career with a piledriver and subsequent confrontations between Bennett and Steen over the piledriver. They build up the Final Battle match with Bennett saying he has an extra-special piledriver for Steen.

2)      Four-Corner Survival: Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal vs ROH TV Champion Matt Taven vs Michael Elgin: Strong and Lethal start the match and trade holds. Taven tags in and gets chopped by Strong and then gets whipped into the rope where he elbows Strong in the face. Taven gets thrown out of the ring and Strong hits a leg lariat on Lethal for a one-count. Strong gives Lethal an over-the-knee backbreaker. Lethal backs Strong into the corner and Elgin tags in and puts Lethal in a headlock. They get to their feet and Lethal gets whipped into the ropes where Taven tags in. Lethal starts beating on Taven but gets held off by the referee while Taven gives Elgin a chinbreaker. Taven gives Elgin a delayed vertical suplex and celebrates but Elgin gets up and attacks him and holds him in a long delayed vertical suplex before dropping him to the mat. Taven backs Elgin into the corner where Lethal tags in. Elgin confronts Lethal while Taven dropkicks Lethal into Elgin. Taven whips Lethal into the corner but Lethal jumps to the second rope and dropkicks Strong off the apron. Taven charges Lethal but gets tossed over the top rope. Taven skins the cat to return to the ring but Lethal chops him back over the top rope. Lethal then does a tope suicida onto Elgin on the floor. Lethal returns to the ring and hits a tope suicida on Strong. He attempts to do the same to Taven but Scarlett Bordeaux gets in the way. As Lethal is taunted by Scarlett, Taven grabs Lethal’s feet and drags him to the floor and runs him into the ringpost as the show goes to commercials.

After the commercial break, Taven rolls Lethal inside and gets a two-count. Taven gives Lethal rolling neckbreaker and then hits a rolling senton off the second rope. Strong breaks up the pin attempt. Taven and Lethal trade punches. Lethal whips Taven into the corner and then hiptosses him and hits him with a seated dropkick. Truth Martini joins the commentary table briefly to put over that Taven is going to be the longest-reigning TV Champion in company history. Elgin tags in and hits Taven with elbows and an exploder suplex. Elgin clotheslines Taven in the corner and picks him up on his shoulders but Taven gets down. Elgin drives Taven into the corner and Taven then charges him but Elgin hits him with an STO. Taven blocks an O’Connor Roll and hits a spin-kick on Elgin. Lethal tags in and hits a forearm on Elgin who then blocks another charge from Lethal. Strong tags in and hits a knee-lift to Lethal’s face and does kicks to all three opponents. Strong takes Lethal to the top rope and gives him a superplex. Taven breaks up a pin attempt and trades punches with Strong. Taven attempts a spin-kick but Strong ducks it and spins Taven into a backbreaker. Strong and Taven trade punches and then double-team Elgin with chops. Lethal does a handspring but Elgin kicks him in the back. Strong elbows Elgin in the head but Elgin puts Strong on his shoulders and grabs Lethal, giving him a fall-away slam combined with a Samoan Drop on Strong. Elgin gets a two-count on Strong and then goes for a buckle-bomb on Strong but Taven hits him with a superkick. Lethal superkicks Taven and gives Lethal a lethal injection. Lethal goes to the top rope for an apparent elbow drop on Strong but he sees Taven on the ringside table and drops the elbow on him instead and they go through the table. Elgin and Strong trade forearms and kicks in the ring. Elgin clotheslines Strong and picks him up for a suplex but drives him forward into the mat. Elgin gives Strong a buckle-bomb and attempts his Elgin-bomb but Strong gets out. Elgin lifts Strong to his shoulders but Strong gets out with elbows. Strong hits a knee to the head and then gets Elgin on his shoulders and gives him a gutbuster across his knees. Strong gives Elgin a sick-kick and gets a two-count. Strong goes for a Gibson Driver but Elgin rams him into the corner. Strong goes for the Gibson Driver again but Elgin gets out and hits a spinning backfist followed by a modified rainmaker. Elgin then does his Elgin Bomb (spinning sit-out doctor bomb) to pin Strong and win the match.

The show ends with an interview of “Real World Champion” Jay Briscoe by Steve Corino. Briscoe comes to the ring with his Briscoe-themed World Title Belt. Corino asks for Briscoe’s thoughts regarding facing Adam Cole and Michael Elgin at Final Battle. Briscoe says he never got beat so he is still the champion. Corino says the ROH World Title was never before vacated and he understands his frustration but Adam Cole is the world champion. Corino starts to ask Briscoe about his strategy but Briscoe says if Corino is saying he isn’t champion then he is calling him a liar. Briscoe says he has an open challenge for his title and he is sure the people wouldn’t mind seeing a world title match. Corino says he never called Briscoe a liar and he knows he has an open challenge and he is sure that there are plenty of people in the back who would like to accept it. Corino says everyone has a match and what he wants to do is ask Briscoe’s thoughts. Briscoe says if he was Corino he would take his sunglasses off because Briscoe is getting ready to whoop his ass. Silas Young then runs to the ring and attacks Briscoe. He goes to take his belt off but Mark Briscoe comes down and fights off Young. Adam Cole then attacks Jay Briscoe but gets beaten down in the corner. Elgin enters the ring and attempts to powerbomb Briscoe but gets superkicked in the back of the head by Cole who then hits Briscoe in the face with his title belt. Cole holds both title belts in the air to celebrate as the show goes off the air.

I enjoyed both matches on this show and it was really fun to see Homicide and Kingston get the title win. Kingston in particular looks good since their return. The four-way was fun as well. I didn’t think much of the closing interview to start but the angle with Young getting involved and then Cole coming out on top did help to build the Final Battle show next weekend.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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