ROH TV report - Ciampa vs.Young

By Dylan Hales

Andrew Everett v. The Romantic Touch
This is another match from the top prospect tournament that started last week. Everett is a very talented flyer, and the match was set up to be a showcase for those talents, with Everett hitting a huge dive early, a standing moonsault, and some flashy escapes. The Romantic Touch took control at point when Veda Scott came down to ringside.  She grabbed a headset from the announce table and made the claim that The Romantic Touch was obviously Rhett Titus under a mask.  The Romantic Touch let go of Everett to taunt her, and ended up losing on a quick cradle, allowing Everett to advance in the tournament.  Decent match, though the finish was underwhelming. 
Next up is a video package covering the BJ Whitmer heel turn on Eddie Edwards from Final Battle.  Basically just highlights of the angle itself, with music in the back ground.  
Jay Briscoe comes to the ring with his "world title" and cuts a promo on Adam Cole, effectively demanding Cole answer his challenge for a title match to decide who the real champion is.  Cole interrupts cutting his own promo as he walks down the aisle. He says he doesn't care what anyone says "except for Matt Hardy." Cole comes into the ring and teases a physical altercation, but then says Briscoe will have to wait til next week to get an answer and bails from the ring. 
Cheeseburger v. Hanson 
Another match from the Top Prospect Tournament.  This was basically a competitive squash.  Cheeseburger was a really over as the underdog, and Hanson has a perfect "monster heel" look.  Cheeseburger got in a couple of offensive moves, but lost quickly to a roundhouse leg lariat.  
Adam Page was scheduled to wrestle Mark Briscoe. They shook hands, but before the match could start Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong and B.J. Whitmer hit the ring.  Jacobs cut a promo talking about how Mark had been around Ring of Honor from day one.  He said he was one of them unlike Adam Page who was just using ROH as a stepping stone.  "The Decade" attacked Page, but Mark Briscoe made the save as they cut to commercial. 
Veda Scott cuts a studio promo issuing an open challenge on behalf of R.D. Evans for next weeks show.  
Jimmy Jacobs and B.J. Whitmer v. Mark Briscoe and Adam Page 
This match was joined in progress after the commercial break.  This match had a heck of a pace to it.  Page got isolated early, but the faces made a big comeback including a shooting star off the apron from Page, and a Cactus Jack style running elbow off the apron from Mark.  Page ended up getting caught on the ropes and hit with a huge exploder off the top.  Mark tried to make a run with some karate thrusts but ended up taking a crazy full rotation back body drop over the top to the floor on a corner charge attempt.  Page got a quick near fall on a victory roll attempt, but ended up getting hit with a big double team spot and dropping the fall.  Pretty good match.  
Video clip of Cliff Compton attacking Kevin Steen from last weeks show, followed by a fired up promo from Steen telling Compton to bring it on.  
Clips of Tommaso Ciampa's title win over Matt Taven were shown to set up the .   
t.v. main event.
Silas Young v. Tommaso Ciampa 
This is a t.v. title match.  Jay Lethal is on commentary for the match.  Matt Taven shows up and interrupts the ring introductions.  He talks about the length of his reign and how important the belt was to him.  Taven teases that he's going to attack Ciampa, but instead he offers his hand, only for Silas Young to run over and cheap shot him.  Security ends up showing up and taking Taven away while Young taunts him.  Young tries to take over on Ciampa with a cheap shot, but Ciampa ends up taking over with headlock take downs and raining punches on his head.  He takes Young to the floor and does the running knee strikes against the board.  Young ends up gaining control on a misdirection spot with the ref and hits a big springboard lariat before they go to their final commercial.  Back from the commercial the match is more back and fourth.  Young escaped Ciampa's submission attempt, but an attempt to use his leather strap as a weapon was met with a knee to the head and a burning hammer for a near fall.  Young ended up coming back and hitting his rolling slam/headstand moonsault combo, but was stopped again by the official when he tried to use the strap.  The finish saw Young kick out of a big Ciampa spot at one and hit a lariat of his own.  He looked to be in control, but ended up getting locked in Ciampa's Sicilian Stretch submission and tapping out.
Post-match Young cheapshotted Ciampa while he was celebrating, but Jay Lethal and Matt Taven ran in to make the save.  Ciampa posed with the belt in the ring as Kevin Kelly put over the fact that Lethal and Taven were looking to be the next challenger for Ciampa's T.V. title.  
Overall Thoughts:
Decent, quick moving, show.  The Top Prospect Tournament adds some new faces which gives the show a fresher feel than it has had in quite some time. While the main event was underwhelming, the presentation of Ciampa's push continues to be strong.  The tag match was good, but as a whole there was nothing that was must see. 

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