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The Good, The Bad, The Wrestles: ROH 1/25 TV

The Bad: Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final Match' Raymond Rowe vs. Corey Hollis

Hollis made it to The Semis via default or some business. I didn't follow what Kevin Kelly was saying. Something about Hollis' old tag parnter. Anywho. Go default!

Side note: Some guy in the crowd has my “WWE In Your House” T-shirt. What a cool guy.

This was a quick match. Rowe got the win with the Knockout Knee, a Full Nelson into a knee to the back of the head.

Pretty good throws by Rowe during the match. Hollis' offense consisted of one dive to the outside. He dives with “Alabama Attitude” according to Kevin Kelly.

Raymond Rowe advances to the Finals. Yay Ray!

The Good/Bad: RD Evans vs. Matt Sells (?)

This was good because RD Evans is back on TV and looking fabulous with his pink sash and cape combination. He came to the Ring with Veda Scott, telling us that he's 13-0. Good for you, RD.

A bonus “Good” for RD Evans for the way he enters the ring. Spin, RD. Spin like you're Summer Rae.

The Bad: Everything else about the match.

Matt Sells looks like Jack Swagger and Fit Finlay's love child, in appearance that is, not so much in wrestling.

Crowd is hot for RD early on. Another quick match with RD Evans getting the win with a sad looking Diving Headbutt from the top. That makes him 14-0. Look out Goldyberg.

The Good: That wasn't so hard. Who else wants some?

Following the match, Veda Scott came into the ring and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Chris Hero, AJ Styles, Michael Elgin...Michael Elgin's music hit. Sorry, RD. You're gonna die.

Elgin proceeded to destroy RD. RD Did manage to block a lariat with a dropkick, but that was the only offense he got in. Elgin was out to send a message to Adam Cole. Elgin hit the Buckle Bomb followed by the Spinning Powerbomb. BUT, instead of going for the pin, Elgin set up two chairs in the ring and proceeded to powerbomb RD Evans onto them. I told you you were gonna die, RD. Elgin got DQ'd, and RD Evans is now 15-0. If he ever wakes up, that is. Long live the streak!

ROH staff came out to save RD from Elgin. Elgin threw them around like they were nothing. Steve Corino said Elgin just threw Jay Lethal, referring to one of the ROH staff who looked like Jay Lethal. That was funny. Racist, but funny.

The Good: 2013 Top Prospect Rewind Match: Matt Taven vs. “T.D.” Tadarius Thomas

Cool capoeirooni moves by Thomas before the bell.

Nice head scissors escape by Thomas by coming out of it into a handspring onto his feet. Good stuff. Didn't do him much good though, Taven kicked him in the head straight afterwards.

Finish came when Matt Taven missed a Frankensteiner from the top. Thomas jumped from the top into a Superkick by Taven. Taven went up and hit a Frogsplash onto Thomas to get the three-count.

Taven helped up Thomas after the match because he's a nice guy now.

Quick video package of the Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole goings ons.

The Good: Jay Briscoe

Great little promo by Jay Briscoe, calling out Adam Cole. I wasn't a fan of the Briscoes at first, but they're starting to grow on me. Funny line by Jay Briscoe “A great man once said 'I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all outta bubble gum, Bi###'.” That does sound like something a great man would say. Briscoe challenges Adam Cole.

Bobby Fish came out with an excellent moustache to accept the challenge. Fish got Briscoe to put his fake title belt on the line.

The Bad: Come on, guys. You can promo better than that.

Before the match between Briscoe and Fish began, we got a promo by “The Decade” Roderick Strong, Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer.

To be fair, Jimmy Jacobs was pretty good. Strong and Whitmer, not their best work.

The Good: Jay Briscoe vs. Bobby Fish for Briscoe's fake title.

Bobby Fish has never lost a singles match in ROH according to Kevin Kelly. I thought RD Evans was the one with the streak.

This was a good match with lots of back and forth action. Both guys looked strong.

Adam Cole came out towards the end of the match. The crowd started chanting “Real World Champ!” I didn't know Adam Cole was the champion of The Real World.

Cole distracted Briscoe, leaving him open for Fish to hit a low blow, followed by a Saido Suplex. Briscoe just kicked out at two. Cole got up onto the apron. Briscoe ducked a kick by Fish. Briscoe then pushed Fish into Cole on the apron. Briscoe hit Fish with The Jay-Driller for the win.

After the match, Adam Cole tried to hit Briscoe with the belt, but Briscoe ducked. Cole dropped the belt as he was escaping the ring.

Briscoe was left standing tall with both belts, though he dropped the real title belt because it smelled bad or something.

Pretty good show.

Zach Dominello

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