ROH/New Japan live coverage from Toronto

Welcome to coverage of ROH and NJPW's GLOBAL WARS!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ted Reeve Arena
with Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly

Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis vs. ACH

They slap hands to start. Bennett with lockup into the corner. Break. Bennett's knee is bandaged. ACH with a few kicks to the knee.

Corino/Kelly talking about JR dishing dirt on Maria earlier in the day. Weird.

ACH dropkicks the knee, drops elbows on the knee. Maria goes for distractions, Bennett gets a spinebuster on the floor, takes control in the ring for a 2 count. Bennett throws him into the buckle. ACH goes back to the knee. Bennett goes for a Twist of Fater, but blocked. ACH sicks with the knee with a dragon screw. ACH goes for pinfall, but Maria distracts, ACH accosts her on the apron, Bennett hits a superkick, but then spears Maria off the apron by accident.

ACH hits a double flip out of the ring onto Bennett. ACH goes to the top rope, misses a 450, but lands on his feet, Bennet hits a spear for 2.

Mike Bennett finishes with a Dominator for the 3 count. Bennett brags than carries unconscious Maria out.

Takaaki Watanabe vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin, from Toronto, locks up with Watanabe into the corner. Elgin with some shoulder blocks, misses into the corner, gets slammed by Watanabe. Elgin gets a forearm and a powerslam for 2. Elgin with about a 20 second delayed suplex for 2 and a half. Elgin with a kick to the gut and the head, and a few knees to the back and into a headlock. Watanabe tries to come back but Elgin slams out of the corner and then misses corkscrew senton.

Watanabe finally comes back with a side suplex for 2. Elgin takes control back, gets 2 and a half with a german suplex. Elgin goes on the turnbuckle to brag. Watanabe hangs him up  in  the ropes, gets a few kicks, comes off the top, but Elgin catches him and powerbombs him into a turnbuckle and then a powerbomb onto the canvas for the 3 count. They shakes hands, Elgin raises Watanabe's hand.

The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs/BJ Whitmer) V reDRagon (Fish/O'Reilly) V The Briscoes

Chaos off the top, multiple tags. Briscoes get the advantage on Whitmer. Whitmer punches out reDRagon on the apron, but gets a spear by a Briscoe. Jacobs and Whitmer with some quick tags, double team a few 2 counts on Jay. Lots of 2 counts and tags, no one has control, Jay gorilla presses Jacobs, then Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device for the win.

Alexander/Strong video package. Alexander wants to make his family proud.

Cedric Alexander V Rodrick Strong

Strong already in the ring, Alexander runs to the ring, brawls, Strong bails, Alexander comes flying out of the ring, then throws Strong back in. Alexander with chops in the corner, punches in the middle, forearms and kicks into the corner. Strong gets advantage with his own chops and kicks. Cedric doges a hit and goes to the top, Strong nails him and Cedric gets his left leg stuck on the top rope. Strong takes control. Mostly kicks and punches from both. Cedric tries to fight back, but Strong keeps control with some chops in the corner, a snap suplex, then a headlock.

Strong hits a great dropkick for 2, followed by a backbreaker Poses. Cedric gets some punches, but Strong cuts him off for a 2 count, an abdominal stretch. Working on the back. Cedric floats out of an Olympic Slam, into an armdrag than an ezengari for a double count.

Cerdric takes control with some clotheslines, elbows, and headbutts. Cedric gets a 2 out of it. Michinoku driver gets another 2. Strong comes back with a backbreaker for 2. Cedric fights back, gets a schoolboy for 2, but gets cut off. Strong with more chops in the corner, puts Cedric on the top.  Strong fights for it and finally gets a superplex for 2. Strong pissed he can't put Alexander away.

Strong applies the Stronghold. Cedric rolls out, but Strong gets him in the gut. Cedric trying to fight back from his knees. Exchanging punches into the corner. Strong with several running knees and elbows, Cedric fights back in a great fast past sequence. Cedric gets a 2 count after all of it.

“This is Awesome” chant from the crowd. Alexander gets a small package out of NOWHERE for the 3 count.

Afterwards Jacobs and Whitmer run in and attack Cedric. They set some chairs up in the ring and Strong suplex slams him into the chairs.

Corino and Kelly beg the director to cut away from the carnage. We get a future dates promo.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champpionship:

Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov/Rocky Romero) v Time Splitters (KUSHIDA/Alex Shelley) V CHAMPIONS Young Bucks (Nick Jackson/Matt Jackson)

Quick tags in the first few minutes. All teams get in and see some action. KUSHIDA tags in, crowd chants for him. Time Splitters get some double team in. KUSHIDA gets cradled for 2 by Romero.

Okay, so after some chaos, Koslov puts on a Russian cap, does some Russian dancing leg kick moves and goes for a pin, Doesn't get 3. All 3 teams go wild on each other. The Young Bucks knock heads. KUSHIDA takes out one Buck on the outside, Shelley top rope splash for a 2 count on the other Buck. Crowd boos hard at the 2 count.

Several pin break ups and dives. Corono with a funny joke about the reason he got fat was so he wouldn't have to have a match like this one.

Such a fast past match it's hard to keep track. The Bucks hit a springboard spike piledriver. Crowd loves it. Bucks with stereo superkicks, More Bang For Your Buck, and they get the pin and are still the champions.

Intermission. Several video packages were played of various ROH happenings.

Nigel joined the commentary.

RD Evans.

Evans has a “New Streak” gimmick. 104-0 (#TheNewStreak). Evans cuts a promo. Declares himself “Papa Bear” and that he has the only streak in pro wrestling today. Says he's wrestled in places where the ring was only 3-sided. Evans has a man's name in an envelope, a man who is also undefeated in ROH. He'll fight this man.

Another JR joke. So weird.

Bobby Cruise (the announcer)'s name is in the envelope. Evans gets a schoolboy and wins.

Hiroshi Tanahashi/Jushin Thunder Liger V Shinsuke Nakamura/Jado

Crowd goes crazy for Liger's entrance. All four guys got a much bigger reaction than anyone else so far.

Tanahashi is like John Cena according to commentary.

Tanahashi vs. Nakamuru start out. Tags in Jado. Just great chain wrestling. Liger in with Jado. Liger with 2 baseball slides to the outside, and does Hulk Hogan poses to celebrate.

Paces slows down with Jado working on Liger. Liger on the mat, Jado with stomps. Tags in Nakamura. Nakamura gets a 2 count. Tags Jado back in. Jado stomps Liger, goes for a foot on the chest pin. Doesn't get it. Liger gets stuck in the corner. Nakamura tagged back in. Works on Liger. Liger gets double teamed. He fights back with a backbreaker and tags out. Tanahashi takes both guys down. Slams  Nakamura, splashes him from the top rop for 2 and a half. Both men struggle for an advantage.

Nakamura tags in Jado. Jado crossface on Tanahashi. Liger thrown to the outside. Double team on Tanahashi. Jado with the Orton rope DDT. Then goes for the punt, but misses.

Liger hits a crossbody to the floor on Nakamura, and Tanahashi hits a frogslap on Jado for the pin. Really good fun match. Crowd chants “Please come back”, Kelly and Carino hype next week's show in New York.

TV Championship:
Silas Young V Matt Taven V  Tommaso Ciampa V  CHAMPION Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini

“You Sold Out” chants for Lethal.

Everyone quickly fights to the outside. Ciampa in control with running kicks and running knees. Young grabs Ciampa and suplexes him off the ring barrier. Really amazing looking. Taven takes out everyone standing on the floor.

Lethal takes control and gets Taven back in the ring. Taven hits Lethal with an enziguri. Everyone runs in, Lethal stays in control for the entire sequence. Lethal finally gets caught. Very fast paced. Crowd chants “This is awesome”. Taven with a huge moonsault on Ciampa and Taven. Lethal is thrown into Truth Martini. Taven gets a hold of Martini, but Lethal comes back with a diamond cutter to get the win and keep the title.

Kazuchika Okada and Gedo V AJ Styles and Karl Anderson

Big chant for Okada. Boos for Gedo.

Karl Anderson with music machine gun entrance. Crowd reacts big for IWGP champion AJ Styles.

Styles and Okada start out. Chain wrestling. Styles gets stuck in a headlock, fights out, they run the ropes, Styles hits Okada in the gut and gets a flying punch in the corner. It's noted Styles is the first American holder of the IWGP title since Lesnar.

Gedo gets tagged in, Styles tags in Anderson. Styles hits a forearm from the apron, Anderson with a powerslam, and they both double team Gedo. Commentary puts over that Styles is part of the Bullet Club and not the old AJ Styles.

Styles tags back in. Gets a 2 Gedo. Styles keeps him down with a hammerlock. Okada rushes in to break it up. Styles tags in Anderson who goes to work on Gedo. Anderson preventing tags, but gets caught by a crossbody. Okada tags in, senton over the rop rope.  Big elbow off the top rope. Okada goes for the Rainmaker, revered, Anderson tags to Styles. Styles goes for the Clash, reversed with forearms, they trade forearms. Gedo taged in. Gets a 2. Anderson rushes in, can't make anything happen, and Gedo gets a superkick for 2.

Ace Crusher and Styles Clash on Gedo for the win. Anderson holds Okada back from making the save.

Elgin, Okada, and Styles confront each other in the ring. Sttyles raises the belt.

Kevin Steen V Adam Cole

Steen has a Canadian flag. Crowd loves him boos Cole.

They shake hands to start, Steen won't let go, kisses Cole's hand. They trade blows to start off. Cole goes after Steen's leg. They go to the outside. Steen grabs a sign from the fans, puts it around Cole's head and atomic drops him into the post.  Crowd's total pro-Steen. We get an Ole chant. Cole tries to fight back but Steen atomic drops him into every post.

Cole takes conrol, works on Steen's leg. Steen struggles to fight back. Cole gets a figure four around the ringpost. Steen fights back and does a huge powerbomb on the floor onto the ring apron. Looked brutal. Then Steen does it again. Then walks him around the ring and does it a third time. And then a fourth time.

These things look so brutal.

Steen throws him in and hits a senton for a 2 count. Cole struggles back a few times but hits knees and elbows. Tries to catch Steen on the top rope but gets hit by a fireman's carry for a 2 count. “Holy shit” chant.

Cole fights back after getting a cannonball in the corner and gets a figure four on Steen. Steen gets out, gets a powerbomb for 2, and then puts on a sharpshooter. His knee buckles and Cole gets out.

Scrambling, then Steen with a sleeper suplex for a 2 count. Bennett runs out, Steen catches him with a package piledriver, but gets a german suplex from Cole. Cole eventually gets 2 and a half. They fight for control. Steen gets the sharpshooter again. Cole gets out, rolls out of the ring. Cole with a kick to the head of Steen. He goes to the top and the crowd boos.  Steen pops up and hits an insane brainbuster on the top turnbuckle for almost 3. Crowd goes crazy with Ole chants.

Steen pulls Cole up, Steen gets trapped in a small package, kicks out, but then eats a superkick for the loss. Cole wins via superkick. Great match.

Good show. Great main event. No streaming issues on my end.

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