ROH/New Japan Pro Wrestling live coverage & results: AJ Styles, Okada, Elgin, LIGER, more

Welcome to our live coverage of today's ROH/New Japan show from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Bullet Club is out to start the show.  Loud "Bullet Club" chants from the crowd.  Now an A.J. Styles chant.  Karl Anderson is talking first.  Karl said he first wanted to introduce the greatest pro wrestler on God's Green Earth.  Isn't that Harley Race?  Super loud "F*** TNA" chant with Doc Gallows egging it on.  He said some think he's the leader, but there are no followers in the Bullet Club, we are all leaders.  

Kazuchika Okada and Gedo are out.  People are figuring out the angle.  They're going nuts.  A.J. said a month ago in Fukuoka I proved you couldn't beat me.  Michael Elgin is now coming out.  Elgin called out Nigel McGuinness to make this a Triple Threat match.  Now everyone is chanting "Yes."  Styles said that Okada doesn't want a Triple Threa tmatch.  McGuinness talked to Naoki Sugabayashi and they agreed it's now a three-way.  Okada and Elgin agreed to a three-way.  They asked Styles if he agrees.  he went into a huddle.  Fans were chanting "Yes."  Styles agreed.


Basic match.  At points the crowd was quiet.  The highight was a springboard off the middle rope over the top with a flip dive by ACH onto Romero & Koslov.  In the ring, Taven pinned Watanabe with a headlock DDT.


Strong pinned Gedo after a sick kick after a gutbuster by Strong and a lariat by Whitmer.  Not much to this match.  It was okay.  Crowd wasn't that into unless Jado would cheerleader from the outside.

After the match, Cedric Alexander, with his right shoulder taped up, attacked Strong & Whitmer until it was broken up.


Lethal retained the title after a superkick and Lethal Injection.  Good match.  Awesome high spot to start the match and a lot of good moves by Kushida including a flip dive.  At one point Kushida seemed to have it won but Truth Martini pulled ref Todd Sinclair out of the ring to stop the count.  Martini kicked Martini out at that point.  Crowd was tough early but got into it for the last few minutes.  This is definitely not the Toronto crowd, not that they're bad, just not great.


Okay, the crowd isn't so good.  They did dueling chants early but were mostly quiet during this match.  Good work.  Doc backdropped Mark on the floor and he sold for a while.  Mark came off the top rope into the gunstun by Anderson.  Gallows then used a tree slam on Jay and then they did the double-team magic killer on Mark and Anderson got the pin.  They all shook hands after, but they teased problems with Jay vs. Doc for down the road.


Weird crowd in the sense they liked this match a lot, but were quiet a lot and didn't really know Nakamura's moves.   More a  Japanese style match.  Real good match.  The finish was Steen going for a package piledriver but Nakamura got out, hit a bom a ye off the middle rope, and a second bom a ye, but Steen kicked out at one.  Nakamura hit another bom a ye and got the pin.

Loud "Thank you Kevin" chant.  One moron chanted "You sold out."  Steen said his jaw may be dislocated which may hinder the post match meal.  Steen said he's a pretty genuine guy, I'd be lying if I said I was happy here the whoel time because I wasn't, but regardless of highs and lows I genuinely love this place.  For the last year, and then he was interrupted by another fan who tried to ruin the speech saying "Fuck you."  Loud "asshole" chants at the fan.  Steen said 3,000 people chanting asshole at you is probably the biggest complimient you've ever got.  For the last year I haven't felt like I belonged here.  Last week losing to Adam Cole and this match affirmed it.  Those two losses and what I've felt and coupled with the fact I have a  a family I have to take care of that grew by one person and I have to step away.  Loud "No" chants.  Steen said it's a great catch phrase but I won't change my mind.  He was saying goodbye when Silas Young interrrupted.  Young said I agree with the fans, "No, No, No," we've got a world champion who look like a lady boy and tag champs who look like two kids off a Disney show and a TV champ who runs around with a fruit who tried to recruit me but he doesn't know what a real man is.  He said he and Steen are the only real men in the promotion, but why are you thanking the fans, they don't care about you.  You quit and your soon can be a quitter just like you.

They went at it and a had a pull-apart.  It ended with Steen doing a flip dive off the top rope onto all the guys holding them apart but Young got away and wasn't hit.  So Steen vs. Young is coming.

They just announced Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin as the PPV main event.


Bennett has a shirt that reads, "Eat, sleep, beat Tanahashi, repeat."

Tanahashi won with a high fly flow after hitting the big plancha.  Very Americanized with Maria Kanellis interfering several times.  Tanahashi put her in the Texas cloverleaf.  Crowd chaned "Please come back" at Tanahashi.  Good match.


Kevin Kelly said Tom Lawler is going for the UFC light heavyweight title in Dublin.  Huh?  Corino called Lawler "The Shock Master" and said he's not related to Jerry Lawler, but they both like young girls.

Super match, with RedDragon regaining the title.  Tom Lawlor got more involved than I'd thought, not actual physicality but he got crotched and crotched Matt.  Super creative spots throughout.  The finish with More Bang for Your Buck, but O'Reilly got knees up when Nick tried his 450.  Matt went for his moonsault,but O'Reilly got him in a triangle, moved to mount and then used an armbar while Fish smothered Nick.  Matt tapped out.  The Bucks flipped them off after the match.

Great Liger video  with clips of 25 years of Liger.   


Very good match here.  Crowd was super hot early but this is really a crowd more into seeing the guys than reacting big to matches.  Liger worked really hard, doing way more than he usually does.  Cole won clean by faking a kick to the head, instead kicking the knee and using a figure four leglock.  Liger limped, selling the move, went to shake hands and Cole blew him off.  That was exactly what he should have done.

Lots of "Thank you Liger" chants and a standing ovation.  He really came off like a legend.


Similar to a lot of the matches.  Real good action and crowd was into the guys, but not that into the match as far as noise.  They'd chant "This is awesome" at spots but were quiet a lot.  I thought the match was excellent overall.  Notable the crowd was far more in Styles and Okada than Elgin, but Elgin looked impressive.  The finish saw Okada finally hit the rainmaker after a high dropkick on Elgin, but Styles did a springboard elbow to knock Okada off and then gave Elgin a Styles clash for the three count to retain the title.

Cole ran in and hit Styles and Okada with belt shots and then blew a kiss and nailed Elgin with the belt.  Cole proclaimed that he's the best in the world as the show ended.  Good booking in this sense.  While it's not happening next, it felt like they are building an ROH vs. IWGP title match to determine who is the best for some time down the line.

Good show. This action and Toronto's audience would have been unbeatable, but that didn't happen.

The show ended with a Christopher Daniels video announcing he's at the next PPV but not coming alone.  A guy with him, obviously Kazaarian, was shown censored.

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