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Thumbs Up.

Best Match: KI vs Aries vs Evans vs. Ion

Worst match: Abyss vs. Kendrick


First off, this show would have been even better if they had commentators that were awake. Tenay was completely useless and unenthusiastic. He should have been fired immediately after this show. Borash was knowledgeable but showed zero emotion. The most boring commentary I have ever heard. The Impact Zone fans suck and took away from the show, this company seriously needs have show in other arenas more often. Anyways the work was overall excellent in the ring for every match (well except Abyss and Kendrick, but I knew that was not going to be anything special). Amazing Red was the MVP of the ultimate X match and I thought the ending of it kind of sucked. The four way match was excellent and all four should be signed, and release jobbers like Robbie E and Shannon Moore. RVD/Lynn was very good and ouch moment was when RVD’s head hit that chair in the first chair spot. The main event was very good, but thought more near falls were needed before the finish. I rarely get PPV’s anymore and thankfully did not feel ripped off watching this show, unlike Wrestlemania.


Mike Malesev

Dave --


Thumbs in the Middle


Best: The Four Way for the contract

Worst: Generation Me vs. Young & Shark Boy


This was the first TNA show I have bought since last year's Hardcore Justice. Was disappointed and definitely not worth the $45. Going to be a long time before I give them another chance.


David Jakielo

Pittsburgh, PA

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