UFC 133 feedback

Hey Dave,

Thumbs way up
Best Fight: Mike Pierce vs. Johny Hendricks was slightly better than Nick Pace vs. Ivan Menjivar
Worst Fight: None from what I saw.

Woke up at 7:30 and went to a bar at 7:50, got there in time for the first ppv fight. A lot of casual fans there who looked like they were talking about other stuff during the earlier fights, and some diehards who were quite and into everything. Main event had everyone into it. A guy showed up and sat with me since it was the last seat (even though I was in the first table in the bar area, surprised no one had it filled when I originally showed up) right before the main event and after it was done asked if there would be any more fights, he wasnt into the reshown ones and just finished his food and texted. At least he said the main event was worth the $5 to get in.

Rory MacDonald vs. Mike Pyle
good fight. Really liked how MacDonald went into the guard and finished the fight.

 Jorge Rivera vs. Costatinos Philippou
Slow but good, could have had a really great second round if it were faster had little more action, and if Cost got the submission that Rogan was screaming about. FIght could have ended a lot sooner several times, but I dont know how strong Jorge is so maybe the caution in the fight was best for Cost since he won, but I think he lost the last round, surprised he didnt get the second.

Giant Speedo Cup vs Younger Looking Randy Couture
Cup guy looks like Mr. Anderson and I was getting a douche bag vibe, then he took off his shorts, everyone and I started laughing. I looked over at a MILF who came with her husband (and was definitely into the action) and she just couldnt believe that he wore that. Definite heel heat when he went for a choke, and when Younger Looking Randy got out and started pummeling him everyone was into it. Several people clapped at the end when Anderson lost. What a giant tool!

Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama
Definite knock out of the night, poor Sexyama.

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans
Emotional as hell, TIto really wanted to win, but hes past his prime. Probably better if he quits now and his last fight is in a main event like Chuck. People where I went either hated Tito or really liked and respected him.

Glad I saw the replays after the main event.

Mike Pierce vs. Johny Hendricks
FOTN, none stop action, too bad it was free sorta, but I bet a couple of people after seeing this and the other reshown fight (when they originally aired) bought the ppv for more action. I was into the action and didnt really think about who was winning. Great fight.

Nick Pace vs. Ivan Menjivar
Really cool with the Nick on Ivan's back as he was standing up trying for a choke. A little less action in the second round, but 3rd was good and had the brutal kick to the left eye socket worth seeing. Ivan won the fight in the first two round though like Costatinos in his fight.

Final Thoughts
Yeah, after this show Im not gonna miss a ppv. I liked this more all in all than MITB, mostly because Punk winning now doesnt mean a thing and their handling of his return caused more damage than help. Michael Coles commentary and WWE's stupidness has just made me want to watch Japanese wrestling and MMA. Theres way more emotion in UFC and its not because its not worked, its because they know what stories to tell to build up fights. Wins and losses matter here and thats what makes people care, seeing a real winner in a fight and him eventually being rewarded for the wins.

William Bren

Hi Guys,
I gave the PPV a Thumbs Up
The bar I was at was surprisingly busy considering it is summer and holidays and the whole card wasn't as big of a draw
Best Fight: Evans vs Ortiz followed very closely or intergangeably with Ivan Menjivar vs Nick Pace
Worst Fight: Rani Yahya vs Chad Mendes which could easily be interchanged with Johny Hendrcks vs Mike Pierce
Best KO: Rashad Evans (that was a crazy knee to the body
Best Sub: n/a
Rani Yahya vs. Chad Mendes - not a spectacular opening fight that will want to make people want to buy the PPV. Solid performance by Mendes but nothing that makes me want to see him fight for the title.. Yahya simply outclassed on his feet and Mendes was too powerful on the ground and could take him down at will if/when he wanted.
Alexander Gustafsson vs. Matt Hamill -another non exciting fight until the finish. Not sure why Hamill continues to want to box rather than use his strength. Was Gustafsson's wrestling and take down defense that imposing to Hamill? Or the reach? Kudos' to Gustafsson for being moved to the main card and taking care of business. What is next for Matt Hamill?
Mike Pyle vs. Rory MacDonald - I was really looking forward to this fight and MacDonald looked awesome here. A real impressive performance vs a very credible opponent.
Costantinos Philippou vs. Jorge Rivera -at times slow in the clinches but both guys left it on the line and this fight could have gone either way. Both showed heart by not quitting. I was shocked they didn't stop the fight in the 2nd round when Philippou had Rivera in trouble and he sure didn't look like he was intelligently defending himself to me. I hate the foot stomp, has no place in MMA IMO.
Brian Ebersole  vs. Dennis Hallman - I don't know which was worse, Hallman's trunks or Ebersole's ridiculous shaved chest. OK, easy one, Hallman's trunks. I was hoping there would be a double knockout here. Ebersole did look impressive in this fight, even moreso than the Sotiropolous fight. Thank god for Ebersole this fight didn't go to north/south position or he may have tapped. Thought his post fight interview campaigning for a UFC Fear Factor was very smart on his part and am sure would draw a huge crossover audience and NBC should consider that.
Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama - I though Vitor would overpower Akiyama but not this quick. I think however that the punch that knocked Akiyama out was an illegal blow to the back of the head which was followed by a second illegal blow to the back of the head. True, Belfort may have finished him on the ground anyway but Akiyama wasn't in that much trouble as it seemed the original "punch" that knocked him down missed him and it was a trip by Akiyama. I can see Akiyama's team disputing this fight due to the illegal blows.
Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans -Evans looked great after the big layoff and the one time he had Tito in trouble against the cage it was reminiscent of Liddell teeing off on Tito against the cage. That Matt Hughes type slam seemed to knock the wind out of Tito and that finishing knee was brutal. Tito did well taking this fight with the short span between fights. The bar popped when Tito had Rashad in the guillotine but even popped louder when Rashad escaped. 
Mike Pierce vs. Johny Hendricks -an even fight but Hendricks stock has dropped in my eyes after this fight after looking great in his first few fights.
Nick Pace vs. Ivan Menjivar-I thought this was a very entertaining fight that was very close. Menjivar's striking was great and very quick. Pace looked very good and held his own throughout.
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Have a great weekend everyone.
Grant Zwarych
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I give UFC 133: Evans vs. Ortiz a thumbs up.
Best match:  MacDonald vs. Pyle/Ortiz vs. Evans.  Good fights with good finishes.  Rory is one of those fighters who I don't think I care who he fights next but I'm looking forward to it anyways. 
Worst match:  Rivera vs. Philippou.  It was kind of boring.  I didn't really disagree with any of the scores from the matches that went to the judges, including the first five fights on the card.  They were all decent fights.  Phan vs. Brown was a bit more one sided then I expected it to be.  Not surprised with Hamill's loss. The main event was good and I'm looking forward to Evans vs. Jones.
Jason McNeil

Thumbs very far up. As so often, or really usually, happens, the broken cards end up being more entertaining than the ones that go as planned.
Best fight: Shad vs. Tito
Worst fight: none (but I missed Mendes-Yahya and the first round of Gustafsson-Hamill)---so I guess Vitor-Greasiyama for the mismatch
KO: Shad & Vitor
Sub: n/a
Natal and Bradley got the internet prelims off to a good start. Entertaining scrap, nice mix of techniques from Natal.
Mike Brown looked like he may have regained his mental toughness in the win over Nam Phan. I thought Nam was starting to take him apart in the 2nd but Mike refused to lose the fight, which has been one of the things missing lately.
Hendricks-Pierce was far more entertaining than I expected it to be. Both guys mixed it up well.
Pace-Menjivar was another back and forth, competitive scrap. I thought the judges would have gone toward Pace's bigger moves, but you really couldn't argue Menjivar winning 90% of the 3rd round and therefore the fight.
Like I said I missed most of the Spike show. Just caught the last round of Gustafsson-Hamill, which was absolutely awful till Gustafsson hurt and finished him. Hamill has just looked like a fish out of water first vs. Hambone and now in this fight.
On the main card. the kid, Macdonald, just looked absolutely scary in destroying Pyle, the more so because Pyle was fighting very well.
Rivera-Philippou was a hard, wearing fight and very close. I had the first even and the fight a draw. I don't think either guy has much upside.
Between Ebersole's Heel Hulk Hogan Chest Hair Arrow and Hallman's Almost Thong Trunks (guess he's really proud of that Steroid er Hormone Replacement Physique), this fight was weird before it even got started, but it was (maybe perversely) entertaining, with Hallman jumping out to a near sub and Ebersole reversing it and just pounding the shit out of him. I would like to see Macdonald vs. Ebersole now.
Vitor and Greasiyama went just like everybody with any sense knew it was going to. Enough said. Had to laugh at Vitor ranting that he would have dome the same thing to Anderson 'if he hadn't landed that kick'. Dude---you KOed a guy who lost to Bisping. I would like to visit Planet Vitor sometime.
The main exceeded expectations. Shad looked like he hadn't lost a step or for that matter anything else except a bunch of Greg Jackson Safety First Bullshit, and Tito put up a good fight. I still think Shad should have to beat Machida to get a title shot though.
Crimson Mask

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