Dory Funk Jr. talks Terry Funk

In Dory Funk's Corner  - Standing in the Shadow

Coach John Wheelock barked at us. "Okay Guys, drop down and give me six push-ups." I thought, "Oh man this is tough." as I dropped down on the old sticker patch that served as our 7th grade practice football field in Canyon, Texas. I could hear big Birch Campbell holler back, "Oh no, coach, not six push-ups."

I thought, "Terry will never be able to do this," but he did, not only in John Wheelock's seventh grade football team did he follow in my footsteps, but in amateur wrestling, high school football, college football, pro wrestling and even on to becoming the only ever younger brother of a champion to hold the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

I have often thought how proud my father would have been if He could have been here to see Terry defeating Jack Brisco in Miami, Florida to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

I had the opportunity to tell Terry just how I felt at NWA Legends FanFest in Atlanta, Georgia
over the weekend.

Now online at from NWA Wrestling FanFest in Atlanta, Georgia a Special Interview - Dory and Terry Funk with Joe Pedicino and Bonnie Blackstone.

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