Several injuries on Raw

Wade Barrett suffered a serious arm injury catching Dolph Ziggler who was thrown over the top rope by Big Show during the main event Battle Royal on Raw.

You could see Barrett holding his right arm and furious immediately knowing he suffered a serious injury.  An "X" was signaled and doctors rushed to the scene as the match went on.  Making it worse, is that when Santino Marella was thrown over the top, he landed on Barrett's possibly broken arm.  Ziggler was also hurt when his shoulder and arm crashed on the table and R-Truth needed help going to the back. 

Kofi Kington was probably not hurt but when he was thrown out he had to change his trajectory to avoid Vickie Guerrero and had an ugly crash into the boards.

 Cody Rhodes, who came into the match hurt from last night with a right thigh or hamstring injury, was limping badly and was hurt worse when he did a Disaster kick and the leg gave out.  However he got up and had several more spots to do including play a hand in helping eliminate Show which allowed Jericho to win the match.

We'll update later tonight.

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