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Thumps Up
Best Fight : Henderson v Edgar
Worst Fight : Shields v Akiyama
The UFC really dropped the ball by not having a Japanese ring
announcer or Japanese style pre-fight videos. What's the point in
travelling thousands of miles and going out of your way to put over
cultural differences if you don't embrace the most visible aspects of
Japanese MMA?
Joe Rogan telling us Lauzon is from same place as Marvin Hagler
implies Lauzon is handy with his fists?!?!? I'm from the same place as
Captain Cook, does that mean I should get a boat?
It's a shame Shields beat Akiyama, with a third straight loss I was
hoping he would be cut.
I was delighted Bader survived the death valley driver (why is there
no picture in picture?) to beat one trick pony Rampage. Rampage is the
latest in a long line of champions, from Mark Coleman through to
Fedor, who refuse to work on the glaring weaknesses in their game.
About a minute after Rogan said Japanese fans are respectful and don't
boo, Bader is on top and they're booing.
Ben Henderson - the man who loves Jesus and gives Old Testament style
beatings to his opponents. Henderson is one of the most complete
fighters in the near 20 year (new) history of the sport. Not since
Cung Le hammered Frank Shamrock have I seen a man take as sustained a
beating as Edgar took. Coupled with his last fight against Maynard it
was a definite career shortener.  On Rogan's point about judges not
being privy to strikes landed statistics, good, the number of strikes
landed is irrelevant, damage done is relevant. Do we really need to
revisit one of the biggest robberies in UFC history (Randleman-Rutten)
again? If Pettis works his way up to a rematch with Henderson they
should main event that on Fox, not only will it draw record numbers
but those two can't fail to deliver a great fight, something we have
yet to see on Fox. Henderson has a career at Welterweight. A fight
against GSP would be very interesting. He's certainly a hell of a lot
quicker than GSP but throwing such a large volume of kicks would make
him susceptible to a takedown - against a pre ACL injury GSP.
M B Mehdi
Middlesbrough, England

Giant thumbs up.
Best match: Henderson/Edgar
Worst match: Rampage/Bader

I'm a big fan of the 2-hour prelim show on FX/SportsNet in Canada, and I hope they do this for all the UFC PPVs. The 4-hour main card was a bit long in and of itself and it's a shame that two of the worst fights on the show (Rampage/Bader and the Shields fight) were on the PPV portion of the card. But, in the end, I paid $60 for what amounted to six hours of live UFC in HD last night, so it was a great deal and a very fun night of fights.

I haven't listened to the Wrestling Observer Radio on last night's show, so I don't know what either Dave or Bryan said about the scoring in the main event, but I thought it was obvious that Henderson won based on damage, but I was legitimately worried that Edgar was going to squeak out a 3-2 rounds decision from 2 judges on the 10-point must system and get a split decision victory to retain. I was thrilled to see Henderson win and I really hope we get Henderson-Pettis II before Henderson defends against anyone else. UFC has already screwed up Pettis's promised title shot once, so just do the money match now and take advantage of a natural and compelling storyline.

Rampage looked like a shell of his former self last night and really need to retire. He's done.

Mike Jenkinson
Edmonton, Alberta

Big thumbs up.  I expected a lot from this card and it delivered.  However, I noticed
something I never have before.  For the most part, UFC events are getting homogenized.  I
show is a show is a show, whether it takes place in Vegas, Jersey, Rio, or Japan.  Now
maybe this is on purpose but I think they had a chance to do something fun and aside from
the crowd - which was awesome - you could hardly tell where they were.
I mean, at the very least they could have handed out the little trophies to the winners.
That said, I loved the way the building was laid out and THAT gave the event some
importance (although it just looked like generic arena #5)
Best match: Man, this was tough because there were so many.  And this may be a cheat, but
Edgar/Henderson was simply the most exciting and compelling, even if it wasn't the fastest
paced, most action packed fight.  I may be wrong but we may have been about an inch away
from the first enziguri in the history of UFC.  The reason this fight got my vote was
because it seemed like Henderson was so driven to not only win but win spectacularly.
Maybe it was because I'm such a huge fan, maybe it's because of the countdown show and his
mom being in the crowd, I dunno, but this fight is gonna be with me for a while.
Plus, I was never sold on the Edgar era, especially his "comeback kid" rep, which was way
overblown in my eyes.  No disrespect to the guy, he's great, but when I can think of four
or five guys from other promotions who I think can beat the UFC champ, that's not good.
Look forward to the inevitable Pettis rematch. Speaking of whom, his knockout of Lauzon
was epic.  We were talking about how Lauzon probably didn't know where he was, and I
suggested his corner should fuck with him a little.  "Yeah, you're in Japan.  The fight
was in Vegas but this is where you landed"
And damn, I think I said it last time out but it bears repeating: I love me some Tim
Worst match - Tough for different reasons, because the card was solid all the way around.
The couple of snoozers weren't really bad enough to qualify technically.  So by process of
elimination I call Bader/Rampage just because it was so disappointing.  I'm not a fan of
Bader's style and Rampage just didn't have it, which is unfortunate.  Saddest moment of
the night was him laying on the mat, totally dejected, after the fight.
The other match that springs to mind is Akiyama/Shields.  I dislike Shields as much as any
fighter, don't care for Akiyama either, and in fact declared my intentions to take a nap
during this fight whether I wanted to or not.  But it exceeded expectations and was still
bad, which should tell you something. 
Overall extremely happy with this PPV.  This is the kind of card I like with guys out to
prove themselves.
Mike DeGeorge

Hey Dave and Bryan,
UFC 144
Thumbs up.
I had Ben Henderson winning 48-47. I gave Frankie rounds 1 and 5.
I dont see the controversy?
Ben landed more strikes and damage.
Frankie had more takedowns, BUT they weren't effective.
I also considered how Ben was close to finishing the fight
w/ the upkick and later the guillotine submission.
Im a huge Rampage fan SO I will defend him the best I can.
Rampage has never missed weight, so I believe he honestly
was hurt. Sure he wasnt excited to fight Bader, but
he still wanted to win.
Looking back, I wish he would have backed out, considering
how bad his injury affected him.
Highlight reel slam by Rampage AND the Pride
entrance will be how I remember this one
How can you not like Mark Hunt? Heard his postmatch w/Ariel.
He wants to fight next wk in Australia (Ariel brought it to his
attention the card was on Friday AND Mr. Hunt replyed, "WELL
YEAH, IM A FIGHTER) and he wants to fight the winner of
Dos Santos/Overeem. I like it. Surprised Kongo didnt go
for the takedown.
Hope they give Sexyama one more fight @ WW. Too
bad Dan Hardy is booked.
Pettis was impressive. No one has ever JLo like that.
Great card. Matches I would like to see made considering the
results tonite AND depending on future outcomes.
-Benson v. Pettis
-Frankie v. Clay OR a Featherweight
-Rampage v. Shogun
-Bader v. Machida (it makes sense since Hendo is waiting)
-Mark Hunt v. winner of Pat Barry/Lavar Johnson
-Tim Boetsch v. Mark Munoz
Take care,
Jesse Otawka

UFC 144
A million thumbs up
Best Fight: Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar, thought there were a ton of fights that could be here as well
Worst Fight: Takeru Mizugaki vs Chris Cariaso, if only for the horrible decision.
Hey Dave, it took ten years for the UFC to return to Japan, but man was it worth the wait. what a tremendously awesome show which began with a literal bang with the Issei Tamura KO. But then we get to the horrible decision in the Mizugaki/Cariaso fight, which when the decision was read immediately think about the Ricco Rodriguez/Antonio Rodrigo fight from PRIDE where they were equal standing and Ricco spent most of the fight on top of Nogueira but Noguiera got the victory because he was working (even though Ricco was defending against subs as well).
However, the rest of the prelims were awesome (though I was disappointed Riki Fukuda didn't win his fight via a Riki Choshu lariat) but when the main show started it went to a next level with Anthony Pettis KO'ing Joe Lauzon (I definitely hope we do get Pettis/Henderson 2 since we won't get Cerrone/Henderson 3 thanks to Nate Diaz beating Cerrone with mindgames)
Hatsu Hioki looked tremendous in his fight and the idea of making Aldo/Hioki sounds tempting to some people but I am definitely in the bandwagon of making him having another fight or two to prepare for Aldo.
What can you say about Okami/Boetsch other than you are never safe when up two rounds. Okami must be crushed as it definitely looked like he looked new and improved after his fight with Anderson Silva.
If you would have told me that Jake Shields would have beat Akiyama by outstriking him and his wrestling would be non-existent I would have laughed heartily but Shields made the usually headhunting Akiyama pay. I see Dana and Joe giving Akiyama one last chance but that's it.
Being the only person at my house out of ten people watching the fight to back Mark Hunt, I was tremendously happy when Hunt laid out Kongo and threw it in the faces of a few people who said that Kongo is a better striker than a K-1 Grand Prix champ.
Everyone knew that Bader would have to take Rampage to the ground to win and that's what he did. Rampage (who said he was injured) looked tired during the second and that must have been the reason why he didn't jump for the kill after that brutal slam on Bader, who was still loopy when he got up and Rampage backed off for some reason. However this is a huge win for Bader and Rampage may be done.
And then we got the awesome main event, which everyone knew was gonna be an amazing fight. Despite Frankie looking like he was more active, Henderson did more damage (how awesome was that upkick from Henderson, straight out of Mousasi/JAcare form DREAM a couple of years ago) I for one had Henderson winning all rounds but Edgar could have won the the first and fifth. Henderson definitely earned the belt. But man, Frankie definitely showed the heart of a champion
Overall this was an amazing show and is definitely in the front running of Show of the Year.
Robert Collard

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