UFC live coverage from Sydney - Alves vs. Kampmann

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Oli was a strongman from Britain. He has an amazing physique. His gameplan is to be strong, laying in ground and pound. Jordan went 1-1 in Strikeforce, with a submission over Lavar Johnson.

Round One

Arena maybe 1/6th full but very excited. Jordan took centre and landed a good right that already has a mouse under Oli's left eye. Ref asked for some action a minute and a half in and Jordan was the one who landed a combo off of it. He started picking Oli apart when Oli returned with a good three punch combo to stagger Jordan on the fence. They reset and Jordan really hurt him with a shot to the right eye. Oli held it and was nearly finished with a flurry against the cage. Somehow Oli nearly came out of it with a kimura, using it to stand. Ref very quick to warn inaction. Jordan fighting with some swagger as Oli's right eye is as red as a tomato. With a minute to go Jordan threw a ten second combo against the fence. Oli answered with three and both fighters touched gloves as the crowd roared in appreciation. Good first round for two heavyweight sluggers. Jordan 10-9.

Round Two

Jackson is giving Jordan a license to blast him. There was a slight head clash that's opened a little cut in Oli's hair. It's from Oli half ducking for a takedown. Jordan may be tiring, at least he is no longer setting the pace. Having said that he came back with the best combo of the round so far halfway through. Jordan held him against the fence for a while but Oli turned it and they disengaged. Jordan landed a significant uppercut against the fence out of it and they both started swinging. Jordan is stalking him down now after opening a cut on the left brow. A hard right dropped Oli and after two punches the ref did well to call it off. The best fight you could have hoped for from these two. A hard right was followed by a knee to the body that was more of a push than a finishing blow. TKO rd 2. Jordan did a standing backflip to the delight of the crowd.


First round: Both are in a clinch against the fence. Semerzier turned him and landed a knee. Both throwing and Semerzier with a knee. Semerzier kicked him in the groin and we had a time out. Pineda dropped him with a left hook and moved to full mount, moved to his back and locked in a triangle. Semerzier is in a lot of trouble. Pineda is working for an armbar and Semerzier tapped out.


First round: Waldburger worked for the takedown, got it, went for the armbar and Hecht tapped right away in seconds.


First round: Craig lightly booed. Noke is the local star from New South Wales, Australia. Herb Dean got a big reaction. Noke took him right down. Noke got his back on the ground and is working for a choke. . He gave it up as he didn’t have it under the chin. Craig back to his feet. Noke tried to take him down again but couldn’t get it. Now Noke threw a knee to the head from the back. Noke slammed him down and is working for the choke but doesn’t have it again. Noke is now on top in the guard. Craig tried a triangle from the bottom but also not really close. Noke landed two hard elbows from the top. Craig back to his feet. Craig landed a good punch. Body kick by Noke. 10-9 Noke.

Second round: Low kick by Noke and Craig landed a counter punch. Craig landed two rights. Nhoke missing his punches Now Noke landed a left jab. Noke tried a takedown but Craig blocked and landed on top. Craig landing several body shots. Noke bleeding from the forehead. Craig landing a few punches. More ground and pound by Craig. Noke worked for a triangle but isn’t even close to getting it. Craig let him back up. Both throwing. Craig landed a punch and Craig back on top, may have been a knockdown or a slip. Craig on top until the end of the round. Craig’s round so it’s 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Front kick by Noke but he slipped and Craig hit a right and Noke went down. Craig landing more hard punches. Hard left by Noke. Noke shot for a takedown and Craig powered out. Craig moved in for a takedown but didn’t get it. Noke grabbed a single leg again but couldn’t get Craig down. Noke got the takedown. Craig right back up and landed a left. Craig landed another shot. Noke is tired. Craig landed another left. Craig landed a right. Craig ran in with a double leg takedown and put Noke on his back. Craig landing shots from the top. Craig now has his back with 20 seconds left. Craig’s round and should win 29-28. Anything else would be a bad call because all three rounds were obvious and none dominant.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Craig. Crowd isn’t booing either as they know it’s the only call.  All three had Noke winning round one and Craig taking two and three.


First round: This is a grudge match since Siler beat Micah Miller, Cole’s younger brother, on the last season of Ultimate Fighter. They had words at the weigh-in. Miller grabbed underhooks against the cage but wasn’t able to get it to the ground. Siler moving foward and put Miller down with a right . Miller back up. Siler landed a body kick. Siler landed a right and a low kick. Miller landed a right hook. Miller cracked him with a right but Siler back with several punches. Miller now landing low kicks. Siler got through with a right. Siler pushed him to the fence but Miller broke free. Siler moving forward and landed a left. Miller is hurt and dancing backwards. Now Miller landed a left. Siler grabbed a guillotine and had Miller down as the round ended. Siler 10-9.

Second round: Siler with a low kick and an uppercut. Siler with a body shot and now trading and Siler landed about 6-to-1 and hurt Miller. Miller clinched him but couldn’t take Siler down. Miller got him down but Siler right back up. Miller landed a punch that bloodied Siler’s nose. Siler landed three left. Siler landing hard body and head shots. Good uppercut by Miller. Now an overhand right by Miller. Siler got through. . Miller landed a series of solid shots one right to the jaw. This s a very good fight, best of the show so far. Both landed in an exchange. Now Siler with a series of punches. Siler with a body shot and two shots to the head. Siler landed more shots to the head. Right and left by Siler. Siler’s round 20-18, but this round is close.

Third round: Siler with a body shot. Miller back with a right. Siler with body shot and landed a right to the head. Miller with a right. Siler with two more punches moving forward. More punches landed by Siler; Miller landed a left. Miller with a front kick. Miller landed a left and is working for a takedown. Miller took him down with 40 sconds left. I think Miller has to finish him to win. Miller moved into full mount with 17 seconds left. Miller’s round but I see it 29-28 for Siler.

Scores 29-28 across the board for Siler.  Miller wasn't happy, but the scores in all three rounds looked pretty solid.   All three judges had Siler with rounds one and two and Miller with three.

Crowd wasn't into the last fight.


First round: Perosh is a big local favorite. He’s a great Jiu Jitsu guy but the rest of his game is lacking. He’s also almost 40. Penner booed a little. Penner threw Perosh off when he moved in. Hard left by Penner. Penner swelling under the left eye. Perosh moved in and took Penner down. Penner reversed, got some punches and then got back to his feet. Penner’s left eye looks really bad. Penner threw Perosh off from the clinch. Knee on the break by Perosh. Penner landed a left and Perosh moved in. Perosh working for a takedown and got Penner on his back a second time. Perosh landing elbows to the cut. Perosh moved to full mount and throwing punches. Perosh landing hard shots. He threw a lot of punches and is working for a head and arm choke but Penner escaped. Perosh pounding him with big punches from back position and it was stopped by ref John Sharp right as the horn sounded.  They announced the time as 4:59.  It would have been a 10-8 round.


First round: Te Huna is originally from New Zealand but now lives in Penrith, Australia. Both swinging early. Both are against the fence. Te Huna landing big shots. Rosa bleeding from the left eye badly. Rosa can take a punch like nobody’s business but he was but he was getting nailed with solid shots for a guy with rocks for hands. Rosa finally went down and after a few more shots on the ground it was over. Te Huna is going to be a huge local favorite because he’s got the look and the kind of firepower people gravitate toward.


First round: Philippou landed a few punches including an uppercut and now has McGee going backwards. McGee with a right hook. Philippou landed a right hook. Fans now booing the lack of action. Philippou then landed a left. Philippou with right tothe body. Left hook by Philippou. Big right straight punch hurt McGee. McGee tried a takedown but got hurt with another punch. McGee landed a left to the jaw. McGee hurt him with a left. That closed up the round but still should be Philippou’s round 10-9.

Second round: Philippou came out and landed a good shot. They traded. Philippou landing more shots. Philippou with a left jab. McGee tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Philippou continues to land. Good left by Philippou. McGee landed a low kick. McGee is bleeding from the left ear. McGee tried a takedown, threw McGee off and landed some punches. McGee landing punches from the clinch and Philippou moved out of it. Low kick by McGee and left hook by Philippou. Uppercut by Philippou. Philippou’s round so should be up 20-18

Third round: They are trading. Left by Philippou but McGee landed a left to the groin which caused a time out. McGee moving in and slammed Philippou, who got right back up, and McGee failed trying to take him down again. Knee by McGee. High kick by McGee. Low kick by McGee but Philippou back with a left. Now a right hook by Philippou. McGee missed a wheel kick. McGee landed a high kick. Philippou with a low kick. McGee is moving forward. McGee again going for a takedown but getting nowhere with it. McGee landedanother high kick. McGee shot in for a takedown and didn’t get it. McGee missed a spinning backfist. McGee’s round, crowd booing the fight, I’ve got 29-28 for Philippou.

Scores: All three judges have it 29-28 for Philippou.  All three had rounds one and two for Philippou and three for McGee.


First round: McCall took him down. Johnson reversed but McCall got back to his feet. Johnson with punches and now both throwing punches. Johnson threw him down. Johnson landed a left. McCall with another takedown. Johnson looks so small at this weight. Johnson hurt him with a right as he was going for a takedown. Both were swinging and now Johnson went for another takedown. Johnson landed another punch as McCall blocked the takedown. McCall landed some low kicks. Close round. I’d go with Johnson 10-9.

Second round: Both swinging and landing several shots but McCall seemed to get the better of it. McCall had blocked the takedown. Johnson landed several punches. McCall with a kick to the groin which led to a time out. Both swinging and landing. Another exchange. Body kick by McCall. Low kick by Johnson. Johnson is still working for a takedown, but McCall with a knee and they traded elbows. Back in a clinch and McCall threw two knees. Body kick by Johnson. McCall tried a takedown but Johnson right back up. Now Johnson working for a takedown but not getting it. McCall’s round, so 19-19.

Third round: Johnson may have hit him low and then landed a bunch of punches when the ref didn’t stop the action. Johnson pushed him into the fecne. Johnson landing low kicks. Johnson with a knee and McCall got the takedown from it. McCall with elbows from the top. Johnson back up. McCall got behind him and took him down again with a waist lock. He’s got Johnson’s back and doing ground and pound. Lots of punches by McCall. Punches and elbows by McCall. McCall with a knee to the body. Johnson up and out. Johnson in with a flurry. Johnson bleeding from the mouth. Johnson with punches. McCall got a takedown, Johnson countered and McCall countered and on top. McCall go to full mount. McCall with a lot of head and body shots. Johnson is in trouble and McCall landing dozens of shots as time is running out. McCall’s round for sure, almost a 10-8. It depends on how they score the first two rounds as both of those rounds were close. A good fight, not a great fight, notable that at 135 Johnson looked better.

Scores: 29-29 draw 29-28 Johnson and 29-28 Johnson. Crowd booing this one like crazy. McCall can’t believe it. Bad call I think. Super loud chants of bullshit. The crowd is chanting bullshit so loudly that they cut out the crowd noise.

Update:  Due to a series of errors, this fight was a draw, but the commission added the scores wrong.  They were supposed to do a one round overtime in case of a draw, but everyone assumed Johnson had won.  the correct scores were 29-28 Johnson, 28-28 draw and 29-29 draw.  

McCall knocked a water bottle off the press table and was screaming obsenities and left the ring as soon as the score was read.  While the crowd thought McCall won and was booing the decision like crazy, they gave Johnson a standing ovation when he left, so they appreciated the fight.


First round: They were in a clinch. Spin under takedown and a knee by Benavidez, that was cool. Body kick by Benavidez. Another body kick. Benavidez moved in and threw a knee. Benavidez working for a takedown. Urushitani defending well, but Benvadez finally got him down. Elbow for the top by Benavidez. He moved to side control but Urushitani regained guard. Benavidez got full mount. He got Urushitani’s back. Benavidez working for a choke with eight seconds left. . 10-9 Benavidez for sure.

Second round: Benavidez cracked him with a right that put him down with a right and followed with ten punches on the ground and it’s over 11 seconds into the second round.


First round: Alves landed some hard low kicks right away. Kampmann went for a takedown but Alves blocked it. Kampmann got the takedown but Alves right back up. Kampmann hurt him with a kick and took Alves down and is on top of him. Kampmann working for a front headlock and landed a knee. Alves is cut on the left side of the eye. Kampmann throwing knees to the body. Alves got the takedown. Alves moved to full mount. Alves won the positioning game but Kampmann did more damage. Kampmann escaped at the end of the round. Kampmann 10-9.

Second round: Alves with a body kick. Uppercut by Alves. Kampmann pushed him into the fence but Alves got away. Knee by Kampmann. Alves landed a couple of punches including a nice left hook. Body kick by Alves. Alves with an uppercut. Kampmann working for a takedown. Kampmann’s left eye already looks bad. Hard right by Alves. Hard kick by Kampmann. Alves landed a left hook. Kampmann back with punches and a knee. Kampmann pushed Alves into the fence as time ran out in the round. Alves round for sure 10-9, so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: Kampmann with a kick but Alves a flurry ending with a low kick. Alves landed and went for a takedown but Kampmann blocked it. Kampmann tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Kampmann moving foward with punches and again trying for a takedown. Body kick by Alves. Low kick by Alves. Kampmann in with a knee. Hard low kick by Alves. Body kick by Kampmann. Alves landed a right. Kampmann moved in with few punches and a few more. Close round going down to the wire. Kampmann with a body kick. Crowd booing both men. As soon as that happened, Alves hurt him with a right and took him down, but Kampmann reversed immediately, grabbed a guillotine and Alves had to tap out. Great finish reminiscent of Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen.


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