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I give UFC Fight Night: Alves vs. Kampmann a thumbs up.
I had Johnson vs. McCall 29-28 for Johnson with him winning the first two rounds and McCall winning the last.  McCall strongly won the last round and he had definitely turned the direction of the fight in his favour and judging this match as whole I would have picked McCall as the winner of the fight.  On the plus side, there's now an immediate contender for winner of the belt.  The main event was good; Kampmann vs. Condit would be a decent fight if that were to happen.   
Best match would perhaps be Miller vs. Siler.
Jason McNeil

Hi Everyone,
I gave the show a solid thumbs up.
Thought Sonnen did a good job as colour man in the Fuel show not being his outrageous usual self.
Best Fight: Johnson vs McCall
Worst Fight: McGee vs Philippou
Best KO: Benevidis
Best Sub: Kampmann
Mackens Semerzier  vs. Daniel Pineda - a great quick fight to start the night. What a great transition from the mount to the triangle for the win.
Jake Hecht  vs. T.J. Waldburger - Wow, a looks like as the night progresses this could be a night of bonus hunters! What a great armbar by Waldburger.
Andrew Craig vs. Kyle Noke - Another entertaining fight that the crowd was really into. Craig looked totally outclassed in the 1st and it looked like it was going to be a demolition going into the second. After shaking his Octagon jitters, and Noke getting a bit gassed, Craig was the aggressor the rest of the fight and deserved the decision.
Steven Siler vs. Cole Miller - Another entertaining fight. Siler's standup looked very good. Miller looked like a skeleton at the weigh-ins and the weight cut must have affected his performance tonight. Liked the stand up and trading. Great fight and a well deserved decision for Siler. 
Nick Penner  vs. Anthony Perosh - Perosh totally outclassed Penner here. Crowd reaction was great as they have been very energetic for the home town boys. Another great fight in the prelims.
Shawn Jordan vs. Oli Thompson - Another great entertaining heavyweight tilt. Thompson can sure take a punch. Amazing agility on Jordan do to a back flip.
Aaron Rosa vs. James Te Huna - Te Huna clinches a perfect record on the prelims..not one bad fight. Amazing uppercuts leading to the TKO.
Costa Philippou vs. Court McGee - First average fight of the night. McGee couldn't get inside to take him down. Phillippou looked OK in the fight but neither looked impressive.
Ian McCall  vs. Demetrious Johnson - An entertaining fight. Both guys are so quick. Thought the first two rounds could have gone either way and McGall was rocked in the 1st. A great third by McCall and maybe playing to the crowd instead of continuing to punish Johnson may have cost him a 10-8 round. I thought McCall won the fight as it was pretty even on stand-up, they were both aggressive and  he outscored him in takedowns. Plus would love to see a champion named Uncle Creepy.
Yasuhiro Urushitani  vs. Joseph Benavidez - Benevidez looked great and was a nice KO. I think Johnson is going to have a tough time as his speed is great but nothing Benevidez can't overcome.
Martin Kampmann  vs. Thiago Alves - A great main event to finish the card off. Kampmann needs to fight a bit more aggressive as he was in danger of losing this fight as he has in the past by decision. A great guillotine comeback at the last minute to salvage the W. An entertaining fight that had a great pace to it and nice back and forth action. Alves showed his heart to survive the first round after being rocked twice. Don't think Kampmann is ready to call out Condit yet, needs a couple more solid wins.
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Have a great weekend and enjoy Strikeforce tomorrow night.
Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs up.
Match of the night: Alves v. Kampmann.
Worst Match: McGee v. Philippou.

Thoughts: The whole presentation was major league, and the action was great top to bottom on the main card. If they can get these same production values for the rest of their events this will be a great step forward for UFC. The crowd noises were great this time out. A UFC even also brings credibility to the local MMA scene by turning up, even if it wasn't with a great card. And hopefully it got a few guys over too.
Charles Harris

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