Strikeforce live coverage from Columbus, OH - Ronda captures gold

Welcome to our live coverage of Strikeforce:   Tate vs. Rousey, from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show as well as last night's UFC on FX show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: This is the same arena Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia in.  Both with body kicks. Slow start.  Now Coutrue landed a couple of punches.  Heun trying a takedown while Couture blocking.  Couture has him clinched against the fence and landed a knee.  Couture with a punch and body kick.  Another body punch by Couture.  Couture landed a straight right.  Couture landed another right by Heun and then he got the takedown.  Heun picked him up and power bombed him hard.  Heun is cut under the left eye.  Heun with another takedown.  Heun on top but not doing any damage.  Couture back up without taking much punishment.  Right by Couture.  Heun’s left eye looks bad.  Spin kick by Couture landed.  I think Couture won the round close as the biggest blow was the power bomb and Heun had two takedowns, but Couture definitely had the standing edge and Heun’s left eye looks bad.  10-9 Couture.

Second round: Heun slightly landed a spinning kick.  Heun with an ankle lock and high kick.  Couture right back up.  Couture landed a right.  Heun ducked low and got another takedown.  Couture working for a Kimura on the left arm.  Heun throwing elbows to the body.  Heun throwing elbows to the side.  Couture working for an armbar but Heun out.  Heun working for a choke but Couture out.  Couture got the takedown and got Heun’s back.  Heun out of trouble and to his feet.  Heun pulled guard.  Tough round to score.  Slightly to Heun so we’re even at 19-19, but this could go either way.

Third round: Couture landed a front kick and a right.  Heun is really tired.  Couture got the takedown.  Couture punching the ribs and the thigh.  Couture now has full mount.  Couture with elbows to the thigh.  Couture has his back with 2:35 left.  Couture throwing punches.  Heun doing nothing to defend and it was stopped.  

Couture was ahead having won the first two rounnds on the judges cards going into the third round.

They jut aired an awesome video on Ronda Rousey talking about her parents, and getting into judo.  They badly need to show this on the main show.  This was instant superstar making.


First round: Fodor came out swinging but Healy is working for a takedown.  Fodor throwing elbows as he’s blocking the takedown.  Fodor threw some body shots while in the clinch.  Healy throwing small punches to the head.  Healy throwing more punches in a clinch.  Fodor landed some strong punches, one or two of the punches hurt Healy.  Fodor going for a takedown but didn’t get it and they are back in the clinch.  Fodor went low and got the takedown.  Now Healy escaped and he got his own takedown.  Healy landing body punches.  Crowd is dead.  Fodor wants a triangle but doesn’t have it.  Healy keeps landing punches.  Healy with body punches.  Healy landing shots until the round ended.  I’d give it Healy 10-9.

Second round: Healy landed a few punches moving forward but Healy is looking tired.  Fodor landed some lefts and Healy brought him into the fence.  Healy couldn’t get the takedown even though he’s driving in.  Both are on the ground and Healy moved to the top.  Fodor back up.  Healy brought him back down.  Healy is doing a Jon Fitch style fight.  Crowd starting to boo. Pat Miletich talked about how Fodor has had five fights and Mauro Ranallo said he must do the same math as the Australian wrestling commission (he has eight fights).  That was awesome.  When the crowd booed, Miletich said it must be a bunch of bodybuilders in the audience since this town is bodybuilder central with the Arnold Classic going on.  Healy’s round for sure, 20-18.

Third round: Fodor landed a right.  Healy moved in for a takdown but Fodor again defending well.  But Healy got him on his back.  He’s moved to full mount.  Healy landing lefts.  They aren’t hard but they are annoying.  Healy working for an arm triangle.  Fodor escaped.  Fodor going for a heel hook but Healy out agian and moving back to the arm triangle.  Fodor had to tap out.  Big upset.  Fodor was a guy people were high on.


First round: Bowling threw a kick and Saling caught it.  Bowling landed a kick, went for a
takedown and Saling doing a good job of defending the takedown.  Bowling landed a knee.  Big slugfest.  Saling may have gotten the best punch.  Bowling took him down and got back up.  Saling landed a knee and punches.  They swung big punches and Saling knocked him down.  Saling is super impressive for a guy who has had little training. .  Bowling got him on the ground and for an amrbar.  Sailing got up and is throwing big punches. Saling hurting him with punches while Bowling landing knees. This fight is beyond awesome.  Bowling going for a takedown.  Bowling has side control.  Bowling landing punches.  Bowling with a knee to the body.  Bowling landing a lot of punches from the top while Sailing has crucifix position.  Sailing bleeding now.  Elbows by Bowling.  Bowling got the mount as time ran out in the round.  Bowling 10-9 but
Sailing has a shot at being a cult favorite if he learns some strategy and gets professional training, like a real life Rocky story.

Second round: Bowling wants to take him down, and Bowling got him down.  Saling, a late replacement is going to be in trouble as the fight goes on.  Bowling has side control and has the head trapped and continues to land punches.  This time Saling is in trouble.  Bowling landing punch after punch and Saling is all bloody.    The ref Mark Matheny stopped it.  Great fight.


First round: Both swinging but Kaufman landed the best shot.  Kaufman pinned her against the fence instead of keeping the punching game going.  Kaufman with punch and Davis with knees.  Both swinging and landing.  Kaufman has bloodied up Davis.  Low kicks by Davis.  Kaufman landing more.  Great head kick by Davis.  Knees back and forth.  Kaufman landed a few punches.  The ref stopped it to check a nasty cut over Davis’ left eye.  Davis said she’s fine.  The cut is deep but the doctor allowed it to continue.  It’s borderline to me.  Kaufman continued to land punches.  Power right by Kaufman.  Kaufman continues to land.  Davis landing some kicks but Kaufman continues to land punches.  Now Kaufman brings her against the fence.  Kaufman continues to land punches.  Davis now landing some punches.  Kaufman now bloody.  Body kick by Davis.  Kaufman landing punches.  The crowd isn’t going wild because the women have no
charisma, but this fight is awesome.  Kaufman now bleeding badly from the left side of the head. 10-9 Kaufman. Standing ovation for both women.

Second round: Kaufman landed 71 punches in the first round and Davis landed 48.  Kaufman landing a ton of punches.  Kaufman continues to land.  Davis is a bloody mess.  Both in a clinch. Both throwing punches again.  Davis landed some more and now Kaufman landing more.  High kick landed short by Davis.  Kaufman landed a strong right.  Kaufman moved her into the fence.  Kaufman continues to land.  Good knees by Davis.  Both swinging and landing.  Kaufman’s round so she should be up 20-18.

Third round: Both out throwing punches and Davis with another knee.  Davis with three knees.  Kaufman landing shots and Davis back with punches.  Davis with a low kick.  Davis with a number of knees to the body.  Davis got the takedown into side control.  Davis throwing punches to the side and elbows to the body.  Davis continues to land punches.  Davis landing elbows.  Davis trying for an armbar.  Kaufman moved to the top as Davis attacked the arm.  Davis reversed back to the top.  Davis now in side control   Kaufman trying to backdoor out but Davis blocking her and throwing more punches.  Davis got her back but Kaufman turned to get on her back.  Davis is really pounding on her.  Kaufman has to survive the last 30 seconds.  Davis landing a lot of punches from the top as time is running out.  Time ran out.  This is one of the best women’s fights there has been on a major card.  Davis’ round, so Kaufman 29-28.

Scores: Majority decision, 29-29, The other two have it 29-28 Kaufman.  Crowd booed the decision but Kaufman deserved it, she clearly won rounds one and two.  Mauro Ranallo told them they just saw a great fight and the fans did stand and cheer.  Kaufman said you fans want to see a fight, not two girls who are parding around and talking.  Kaufman said it’s my title.  She’s a great stand-up woman fighter and unless Tate or Rousey can get it to the ground, she’s beating whoever wins tonight.


First round: Souza landed a right hand, took him down and got his back immediately.  Souza threw a head-butt to the back and shoudler and the ref warned him.  Souza landing some punches while having Marunde’s back.  Ref stopped it and was warning Souza about hitting the back of the head.  Souza said he thought it was the side of the head.  But the warning got Marunde out of trouble as they started on their feet.  Well, that didn’t last long.  Souza knocked Marunde down with a short right and immediately went for a guillotine on the ground.  Marunde out of trouble and Souza got his back again.  Souza with almost an O’Connor roll to back position.  Marunde got up. Souza’s round easily 10-9.

Second round: Marunde landed a strong right.  Sozua landed a front kick, a punch and a spinning back kick that hurt Marunde.  Souza got behind him and got it back to the ground again.  Marunde scrambled out of trouble.  Jacare with a body shot.  Souza landing a bicycle kick to the body and punches and kicks to the body.  Souza landed a big overhand right.  Souza exploded for a takedown but time was running out in the round.  He tried a leglock but Marunde got out of it.  20-18 Souza.

Third round: Another takedown by Souza.  Souza got his back as Marunde stood up and dragged him back down.  Souza trying to loosen him up with punches and got an arm triangle choke and Marunde had to tap out. 

Heidi Androl interviewed Luke Rockhold and they talked about a potential title fight with Tim Kennedy.  Rockhold said his hand hasn’s fully healed but he’s doing wrestling training and starting striking.


First round: Smith doesn’t look in good shape.  Sayres took him down right away. .  Sayres got Smith’s back and throwing punches.  Sayres let him up and now he’s throwing punches and Smith with a knee.  Sayres picked him up over his head and dropped him with a Harley Race style vertical suplex.  Smith went for a guillotine when they landed.  Sayres got out of that.  Mauro Ranallo made no pro wrestling reference to the suplex but Frank Shamrock mentioned Hulk Hogan.  Sayres now going for a guillotine and Smith tapped right away.


First round: Misaki looked tiny next to Daley.  Daley landed a body kick.  Misaki got the
takedown when Daley threw a kick.  Daley back up.  Good left by Misaki.  Low kick by Daley.  Misaki landed punches and went for a clinch.  Daley missed a flying kick.  Overhand right and a left by Daley but Misaki rifled back with hard shots.  Misaki hurting him with punches.  Misaki landed several shots, blocked some.  Daley landed a few.  Daley went for the takedown.  Daley just staying on top .  Daley throwing some punches but Misaki tackled him and got him down.  10-9 Misaki.

Second round: Daley landed an uppercut.  Misaki moved forward with a body kick.  Misaki landed a left that hurt Daley.  Misaki went for a judo throw but Daley blocked it.  Daley with a body kick.  Misaki landed a right.  Daley missed a big right.  Daley landed a jab.  Misaki is quicker.  Misaki landing jabs.   Daley got the takedown.  Daley doing no damage from the top.  Daley with body punches.  Daley got his back.  No way Daley is submitting Misaki.  Daley told the ref Misaki was holding his glove.  Misaki reversed and got on top.  Ref ordered a stand up.  Only ten seconds left.  Misaki’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Takedown by Daley.  But winning this round on points isn’t going to do him any good.  Misaki bleeding badly from the left side of the head.  They may have to stop this.  That would be a shame.  He’s bleeding tons of blood.  The cut is way too deep.  The doctor let him continue but I wouldn’t have made that call.  That cut was sick.  Daley with a takedown, couldn’t get it.  Misaki throwing several punches and Daley kicked him in the face.  Flying knee by Misaki.  Daley is tired.  Misaki landed several punches.  Body kick by Misaki.  Misaki landed a left hook.  Daley mostly running away. .  Daley got a takedown but Misaki right back up.  Misaki with a knee to the body.  Misaki’s face looks bad.  Daley moving backwad.   Daley trying a takedown and landed a jab.  Time out.  I think Misaki won that round as well 30-27.

Scores: A split deicsion, huh?  30-27 Misaki, 29-28 Daley 29-28 Misaki I’d be really mad if Daley won this.


First round: Thomson seems happy that he’s actually fighting.  Nice front kick by Thomson. Low kick by Thomson.  Noons with a jab.  Thomson tried a scissors takedown.  Another front kick by Thomson.  Thomson landed a counter right.  Noon landed right and Thomson with a kick to the body.  Thomson tried a takedown and Noons jabbed him. Thomson with a body kick.  Thomson tried a takedown .  Noons trying to get up.  Thomson controlling him with wrestling and moved to side control.  Thomson tied up the legs.  Noons told the ref to stand them up. Thomson holding him down.  Thomson still holding him down but not doing any damage from the top.  Fans booing.  Thomson won the round 10-9.  Crowd booed the round.

Second round: Thomson wanted a takedown but Noons blocked it.  Thomson with a high kick but slipped which gave Noons top position.  Thomson back up and working for a takedown. Both trading knees.  Thomson really working for a takedown and finally got it.  Noons told the ref to stand them up since Thomson is doing nothing from the top. .  Thomson got his back.  Fans booing because Thomson is just holding him down.  Noons has a closed guard.  Noons is hoping for a stand up.  Both throwing blows.  The ref ordered a standup with 2:00 left.  Noons landing lots of punches.  Noons is landing a lot of punches.  Noons bleeding from the left eye.  Thomson getting tired.  Thomson is exhausted.  Thomson took Noons down again.  Noons rolling his eyes.  Crowd booing again.  Thomson finally landed a big shot on the ground.  This round could go
either way.  Noons landed more during the brief stand up but Thomson was on top most of the round.  This is a round I’d almost score even, if pressed, I’m going with Noons.  19-19.

Third round: Takedown by Thomson right away.  Thomson is looking for an arm triangle. Noons is in trouble.  Noons escaped but gave up his back.  Noons out by giving up his back.  Boring fight for sure.  Thomson has his back but doing no damage .  Noons got out of trouble and is on his back holding half guard.  Thomson with some elbows on the cut.  Now Thomson landing punches.  Thomson landing some punches aiming for the cut on Noons’ left eye.  Thomson landed an elbow.  Thomson landing some punches.  Thomson now landing elbows.  But mostly he just held Noons down this round.  Thomson with knees to the body.  Fans booing this, this was Thomson’s round, completely dominant but not enough damage for a 10-8, so Thomson is winning this either 29-28 or 30-27.

Scores: All three scored it 29-28 for Thomson

Thomson said his performance was shit.  “How else can you explain is that’s shit.  I didn’t fight in 15 months, I got staph twice in camp, my conditioning was shit, my fight was shit.  I do feel for the next fight I’m going back to the way I used to train, super hard for 12 weeks, I’m going to make sure I whip Gilbert’s ass.”

They interviewed Daniel Cormier and Josh Thomson and announced the match for May 19th, which is tentatively scheduled for San Jose.


First round: Judo Gene in Ronda’s corner.  Tate looks confident.  Both women look in
tremendous shape.  Tate out swinging.  Rousey put her on her back.  Rousey already has side control.  Rousey working for the armbar.  Rousey pounding Tate’s head.  Tate escaped the armbar and is on top.  Tate has her back but Rousey back up.  Rousey back up.  Tate has her back and working for a choke.  Rousey escaped and got to her feet. Both in a clinch.  Rousey with a throw but Tate was landing punches.  Rousey with a beautiful hiptoss takedown.  Rousey moved to side contorl.  Full mount and punches by Rousey.  Rousey again working for the armbar.  She has it.  Tate tapped.  Fucking awesome.  This was no novelty act, these two are tough top caliber athletes.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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