First batch of Strikeforce feedback

Best Fight: Tate vs Rousey
Worse Fight: Noons vs Thompson
Best Submission: Rousey
Best KO: Couture

Hey Dave,

I give this Strikeforce show a huge thumbs up!  The entire build and finish to the Tate/Rousey fight was pure gold and absolutely satisfying.  What these two women did for their fight was better than any Pro Wrestling or MMA fight all year and  probably for the rest of the year.  The finish and the post fight interview was just incredible and hopefully Dana is watching this fight.  With the UFC hype machine behind her in a UFC woman's division I can definitely see her becoming a bigger star than she is currently.

David Penton
Tucson, AZ

Hey Dave, this is the first SF show Ive watched in a long time and it was all because of the main event.

Thumbs Up
Best fight: Rousey vs Tate
Worst fight: Noons vs Thompson

Souza vs Marunde-Very good one sided fight. I liked Souza's entrance and got me pumped for the fight which didnt disappoint. Really great action.

Sayers vs Smith, really great squash match with a highlight reel suplex.

Daley vs Misaki, good first round, fine second, and a bloody third round. Im glad Misaki got the decision.

Noons vs Thompson, this was gay porn, literally.

Main Event Rousey vs Tate, awesome action with great heat and grappling. Im glad the fight went as long as it did and Ronda didnt get the submission on the first try. I think its the best fight so far this year (were only 3 months in, but still) when you take in the build and that Ronda is the legitimate #1 Female Fighter in the world now.

I highly recommend watching the show if you didnt get to catch it tonight.

Michael David

The only reason I wanted to watch this card was because of Ronda Rousey's hyping of it and Miesha Tate's reacting to the fight. This fight had the best build up of any fight in recent memory. In Canada, I had to order SuperChannel for one month at a cost of $16 + tax. I will probably cancel this sub next month. This was the best hyped women's fight since Cyborg - Carano and seriously the best hyped fight since I could remember.  WWE can also learn from this. Hatred can = eyeballs.
I frankly didn't care for the undercard or prelims, but I would give them thumbs in the middle since they weren't bad or good.
Worst: How did Strikeforce let a Neo Nazi fight (look at his "88" tats and his nickname "White Steel") Roger Bowling. Per posts from the Underground Forum, this guy is also a convicted sex offender. Someone is going to pay once Dana finds out. Thankfully Roger Bowling beat his ass.
Best: The ressurection of Kazuo Misaki. Just when you thought Japanese MMA was dead, one of the toughest Japanese fighters ever comes out and wins. You have to give Misaki his props (not just for beating Dan Henderson years ago). He actually forced the vaunted striker Paul Daley to shoot takedowns and look totally out of sorts.
The only reason I watched was the heavily and well built-up women's title fight. Even Tate's idiot boyfriend got into it via Twiiter today by challenging Rousey. Yeah, real tough guy wanting to pick on a woman. The pre-fight interview with Rousey was even awesome when she gave Heidi Androl the death stare for suggesting she was a one-trick pony with the arm bar.
The championship fight was non-stop action with Tate coming out loaded for bear and Rousey withstanding it. Once it hit the mat Rousey had Tate's arm in peril, but the champ powered out and got Rousey's back and threatened from there. Rousey was tough and reversed and got another chance at the arm and locked it in. I was impressed with Miesha Tate here. She hated Rousey and did everything she could not to tap to her hated foe. Eventually it was too late and with her arm bent the way it shouldn't, she had to tap. Wow! Epic struggle! Thumbs up to the main event!
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

Thumbs up for the show!
The main event was electric and delivered! I loved Rousey talking trash during post-fight because it beats all the generic post-fights speeches and sets her apart, well not that she needs that! I watched prelims thru the main card, it was a great show full of action, except Thomson-Noons was pretty boring I thought although maybe I just wanted the main event to start. What a main event...way to go girls and Strikeforce!
Jeff Smith 
 Best fight Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate
Worst fight Josh Thompson vs Kj Noons
Thumbs way up mostly due to Ronda being so awesome
Wade Haugen

Best match: ROUSEY vs. Tate
Worst Match: FODOR VS. HEALY
I had so much fun watching this show. I ordered Showtime just to get it. Both women's fights were just fucking awesome. I don't know what it is, if they feel like they have more to prove, but those four girls just wet out and kicked ass.
Loved, LOVED Ronda ROUSEY in the main event. I think she proved the was the real deal here. Fucking great show.
Charles Humphreys

Thumbs UP Best Fight  TATE VS.  ROUSEY  Worst Fight NOONS VS.  THOMSON
Overall Great Fights for most of the night, both woman's fights where really good, great night for submisions
Kyle Schroeder

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