More weekend big show feedback

Thumbs up big time!
Best fight - Rowdy Roddy Rousey vs. Mushy arm Tate
Worst fight - Thompson vs. Noons
Rowdy Ronda Rousey, wow wow wowsey! Powerful, athletic, arrogant, skilled, nasty, vulgar & hungry! Awesome promo! She walked the talk. Same breed as Cyborg, not the feminine Tate/Gina type which can never beat these Amazon women. Sarah has no shot. Overall good show but all I remember today is that rubber arm. Kudos to Tate for her huge heart. She should have stayed away & used her standup, but moving right in & hoping to catch Rowdy early was due to her own anger, not a strategy I'd have her use in a rematch obviously. Stick & move, leg kicks, wear Ronda down & stay away, tire her, the ONLY way to beat this powerhouse. Great show overall but the women stole it big time.

John Raad

UFC on Whichever However Many Alves vs. Kampmann
Thumbs up
Best fight: Alves-Kampmann
Worst fight: Perosh vs. Penner. Penner has no business in UFC.
KO: Joey B, Te Huna
Sub: Pineda, Kampmann
On the fb prelim, Jordan. who is in way better shape than he looks, bombs out the musclebound Thomson.
On the Fuel prelims, Pineda, who is looking just as impressive in UFC as we was in the Texas indys, drops Mack S. with a left hook and finishes with a textbook mounted triangle to arm bar combination in something of an upset.
The technical level holds up as TJ Waldburger (why does Buffer say every '-berger' name like the first part is the guy's middle name) uses Jake Hecht's whizzer defense to go right into an arm bar for the quick tap.
I missed the first two rounds of Craig vs. Noke because of a local power outage. I gather Noke, who would have figured as a heavy favorite going in, nearly finished him in the first and suffered an adrenaline dump. In any case Craig was the far more energetic in the third round.
Steven Siler just seems to have the Miller Brothers' (THIS set of Miller Brothers, anyway) number and dominates Cole Miller for most of the fight in a good matchup of very similar stylists to take the UD.
The Penner guy as I said has business in there as even Perosh, a pure BJJ guy with no striking, outstrikes him before finishing with G&P. I'm sure it made the Aussie fans happy but a zero of a fight. Two points for Chael cutting the snake eye when Glazer says something idiotic.
On the undercard main, Te Huna just hits too hard and Aaron Rosa just gets hit too much and it's over in about a minute.
On the top card, Costa Phillipou turns in a very slick boxing performance and takes the always pressing Court McGee to school. Alves shoulda watched this fight.
Here's where they ran into trouble. In the first flyweight tourney fight Mighty Mouse seems to edge the first two rounds vs. Ian McCall, but gets silly with a jump knee in the third and Ian takes him down and wipes the mat with him for the rest of the round. It seemed like an obvious 10-8 to me and therefore a 28-28 draw, which would have necessitated a tiebreaker round in the tourney format. The decision was announced 29-28 split for Mouse. Later turned out it was actually a split draw (meaning ONE of the judges got it right, anyway) and there will have to be a rematch to see who goes to the fight for the vacant title.
In the other tourney fight, Joey Benavides keeps it simple, dominating Urushitani in the first and finishing him quickly at the top of the 2nd.
In the main, Thiago Alves seems back on track, walking through an early Bicuda Na Fuca kick and outboxing Martin Kampmann until rocking him badly in the 3rd, then inexplicably goes for a TD rather than continuing to strike, and Kampmann reverses it on the way down into a Rolling Guilotine for the tap. Good fight, better finish.
STRIKEFORCE Tate vs. Rousey
Thumbs WAY up
Best fight: Tate vs. Rousey
Worst fight: Thomson vs. Noons. They should both be ashamed.
KO: Well, none, but it was still a great card
Sub: Ronda
Didn't realize the start time and missed all but the very end of the first prelim, which was Ryan Couture stopping Conor Heun with G&P in the 3rd.
Pat Healy took out Caros Fodor with an arm tri in the 3rd after a grueling but very boring fight.
Roger Bowling gets more than he bargained for brawling wildly with late sub Brandon Saling, a NeoNazi asshole with a kiddie rape jacket, so slows it down and takes it down and finishes the round pounding away from crucifix, then gets it right back at the top of the 2nd and keeps it going till the ref has to step in. Good fight anyway.
Alexis Davis pushes Sarah Kaufman into a more exciting fight than usual but it winds up pretty much Sarah able to win with the 1-2 combo and content to do so. Davis gets a 3rd round TD and dominates the rest but too little too late.
They throw some guy called 'Bristol Marunde' (a white dude yet) to Jacare after some other 'who?' gets scrapped for failing the eye test. Uh, Jacare just lost the title in a close fight, he's not supposed to be fighting cans, what the fuck? Any case Marunde turns out to be a pretty skillful and tough guy, putting up a fight and standing up to all kinds of movie offense till Jacare finally gets the arm tri in the third for the tap.
Poor Scott Smith, goes back up to 85 after a disatrous run at 170, only to run into Lumumba Sayers who hits him with an actual, right hand to God, Harley Race Vertical Suplex before finishing with a Guillotine in short order. Way past time for Smith to hang 'em up.
Japanese veteran Kazuo Misaki surprises with a maybe career best performance, outboxing and outgutting Paul Daley to take the SD. Misaki looks smooth with none of the Grabaka herky jerky style of his heyday. Daley's missing something in the general area of the left tit, if you get my drift.
Thomson and Noons just stink out the joint. Noons is stuck in some hybrid midground style which is making even his boxing suck as he's reaching instead of punching and walking in rather than coming in behind a jab and is thus a sitting duck for pretty much anything, and Josh is content to TD/L&P for three rounds. He gets a little credit for correctly characterizing his own performance as 'shit', I guess.
As far as the girls, the whole question was, is Ronda as an Olympic medalist just that far ahead of the rest of the pack? We've seen Olympic medalists get dumped on their heads in the men's divisions, but the women's talent pool is so much shallower. And up to now, Ronda had only 4 fights and had not beaten anybody even on the level of Alexis Davis, or the level below that, and had talked her way into this shot. Well... now we know. She is all that. Miesha managed to escape the first arm bar but Ronda didn't panic, continued to dominate, showed some striking, and when she worked her way back to the arm... well, we're all probably gonna have nightmares from that slow motion replay. Ronda goes ahead and cements herself as a heel with her postfight promo. This is great as people are gonna be cheering for Cyborga to come back now. Or even Gina.

Crimson Mask

Strikeforce: thumbs up.

Best fight: Tate vs. Rousey.
Worst fight: Noons vs. Thomson.

Fairly solid show, with the exception of the co-main, though I give Thomson all the credit in the world for foul-mouthedly admitting he fought what was quite frankly a boring and unwatchable fight. Lucky for him this was on Showtime and not on FX or he would have been edited out. It's a shame the Kaufman fight from the prelims couldn't have taken its place, given it was not only more exciting and a better fight but in theory set up the challenger for the main event. At least they acknowledged Kaufman's fight on air and had her out at ringside, wearing the scars of battle, which paints an interesting visual image for what Kaufman vs. Rousey would be like. I thought Rousey was good before this show, but that in Tate she would be overmatched by a more veteran fighter. Those armbars were ridiculous though, and now I realize how her judo throws set them up beautifully. It's going to take a world class judoka or Olympic caliber wrestler to keep the fight standing long enough to land a KO punch. Tate tried to rush in and get it, but Rousey just side-stepped the freight train and went to work. Easily the most significant fight in women's MMA since Carano vs. Cyborg and a 100% world class main event.

UFC on FX 2: thumbs up. WAY WAY UP.

Best fight: McCall vs. Johnson, but there were a lot of contenders. Even Miller vs. Siler on the prelims was awesome - it had a great story, Siler earned a new nickname, and Miller nearly made the fiery comeback late in the fight only to fall short.
Worst fight: Kyle Noke vs. Andrew Craig, though "worst" is the wrong pejorative. It was so-so, but hardly a boring and unwatchable fight like Thomson vs. Noons on the Strikeforce. Perhaps the intrigue of Noke losing in front of loyal fans hooked me.

Like many people I was feeling this was the weekend of MMA overkill, and I actually could have done without another MMA card when I was looking forward to Rousey vs. Tate more, but I really think UFC on FX exceeded expectations. Kampmann's come from behind win in the main event only needed Rogan having a freakout the likes of which he had for Tim Boetsch a week ago in Japan to stick out in the minds of fans - perhaps it wasn't as visually spectacular as a punch but I felt it was as dramatic if not more so. Perosh and Te Huna delivered for the local fans and came off as stars based on the reactions they got. It sticks out in hindsight how much more vocal the fans in Sydney were than the fans in Columbus - night and day in terms of the audio response. Benavidez will be a handful for whoever wins when they finally settle McCall vs. Johnson - the only black strain on an otherwise solid night where every single fight wound up being televised.

- Steve Juon (Stevie J)

Hi Guys, just wanted to say that both of the women's fights were fantastic. Kaufmann looked great, but you couldn't help but root for Alexis, who really hung in there.

As of tonight, Ronda Rousey is by far my favorite person to watch in wrestling or MMA. I get such a kick out of the fact that everyone knows she's going for the armbar but nobody can stop her. On top of that, she can talk (and seems to "get it" in that department) and she's pretty, too. I can't wait for her fight against Kaufmann, and I would love to see a de-roided Cyborg show up for a fight as well.

Miesha Tate impressed me as well. Her stand-up was much better than Ronda's and she was great on the ground. But what I really loved was her toughness. Ronda was bending that arm back but Miesha just would not tap.. well, until she did.

It's too bad nobody in mainstream wrestling does stuff like this. I guess they try, but instead of a skilled woman tearing through opponents, you get Crimson doing... whatever it is he does.

P.S. You guys do a great job on the site. Thank you!

New York

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