ROH feedback

Hi Dave,

Overall, big thumbs up. Best ROH PPV since Best in the World last June.
Best Match: Richards/O'Reilly vs Edwards/Cole
Worst Match: Bennett vs Homicide

Fantastic show. Great wrestling, great storyline continuation. ROH has hit its stride. At $10, it's the best value in wrestling. The main event delivered well beyond my high expectations. It was not necessary to have a world title match. All the other matches were good to great. The biggest complaint is the production. If you can't juggle instant replays and video packages, just don't do them. It was infuriating and distracted from the show. Glad to see less chairshots to the head.

Fabian Borges

Thumbs up
Best Match Richards and O'Reilly vs Edwards and Cole
Worst Match Homicide vs Mike Bennet(it was pretty good too)
10 bucks well spent everything on the show was good to great. The Steen build to his match with Richards is fantastic.
Wade Haugen

ROH 10th Anniversary Show feedback
Thumbs up
Best match: Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly vs Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole
Worst match: Jay and Mark Briscoe vs The Young Bucks
Hi Dave
I really enjoyed the show tonight. The first half of the card was a really strong celebration of the history of ROH including the returns of Homicide and The Amazing Red, both of whom I think should be booked from this point forward. Titus and King looked good in their return as well. I was disappointed in the finish between Ciampa and Lethal but it should build to a title rematch on the Florida shows.
I was expecting a better match as well as a title change between the Briscoes and the Young Bucks so that match was a disappointment for me. But I enjoyed Steen in his match against Jacobs as well as his confrontation with Kingston. The main event was really strong and Cole seemed credible in beating Richards. And Steen's appearance at the end should hopefully build toward a 3/31 match between he and Richards.
I would also like to mention that the celebration of ROH and pro wrestling history on commentary was a nice touch.
Overall this was a strong show that I am glad I ordered.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

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