OVW TV taping report 3-7 Louisville

 Here's the Television report for episode#655 of Ohio Valley Wrestling that was taped on March 7th, with an air date of March 10th in Louisville. This was the taping following the March 3rd Saturday Night Special that saw "Smooth" Johnny Spade win the OVW Heavyweight title for the first time in his long OVW career by defeating Rudy Swichblade. Also on that show one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes, recently reinstated as a wrestler, beat his bitter rival Mohamad Ali Vaez with "Pope" D'Angelo Dinero as the special ref. Earlier in that show the returning to OVW Jamin Olivencia won a battle royal to earn a shot at the OVW Heavyweight title on March 18th.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

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The show opened with clips of Johnny Spade beating Rudy Switchblade to win the OVW title on March 3rd.

Gilbert Corsey was in the ring, and brought out the director or wrestling operations of OVW, Trailer Park Trash. TPT talked about himself being the first ever OVW champion back in 1997. TPT called out the new champion after 14 years in OVW, Johnny Spade. TPT presented Spade with a brand new title belt to wear and defend. It looked good. I'm not a belt mark, but I wasn't a big fan of the title belt they'd been using.
Out came the heelish "Talent Arbitrator" of OVW, Josette Bynum, along with "The Family". Bynum complained about a shiny new belt being introduced in OVW as soon as one of her Family members, Rudy Switchblade, lost the title. Bynum said Spade and TPT are best friends.

Los Locos(Anarquia & Raul Lamotta) came out and stood with TPT and Spade. An 8 man tag was proposed for tonight, so Spade said add his old tag team partner Shiloh Jonze to the mix. Bynum said she sent Jonze "away" for the night. Spade said he had someone else in mind then.

Out to the ring came Prince Bolin, along with all of Bolin Services 2.0. Bolin complained about getting his head shaved by Los Locos last week. Josette Bynum then announced a three way tag for tonight, with four guys on each team. her "Family" vs BS 2.0 vs Los Locos w/Johnny Spade & ??? Lots of moving parts in this jumbled up opening segment.

1. Alex Silva beat Daniel Pruce

Silva has finally returned to OVW from the wild lands of Canada, and got a good pop. Silva got the win with his "Silva Surfer" running knee.

Prince Bolin was yelling at Josette Bynum backstage, blaming her for allowing Los Locos to shave his head last week. Bynum assured Bolin she had a plan for tonight. Bolin and Bynum both had their stables with them listening to this.

Also backstage Ted McNaler was arguing with ring announcer, and his real life girlfriend, Brittany DeVore over her actions that caused McNaler to lose to his "Bother" Adam Revolver on March 3rd. McNaler told DeVore to stay out of their family business. Revolver was listening in to this behind a door, and was very happy to hear DeVore and McNaler arguing. Revolver has been trying to score with DeVore himself recently.

2. Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste beat Andrew Patton & David Osborne

It's great to see the Nicholls & Haste, both from Australia, in OVW. They surprised everyone and stole the ROH house show I attended in Cincinnati last month. Fun little match ending with Nicholls and Haste beating Patton with a backdrop/DDT combo they call "The Double Tap". I hope to see a lot more of Haste and Nicholls here.

Chris Silvio was backstage with his hulahoop girl Mary Jane. Brandon Espinosa and his gender in question friend Chris came into the room. We found out that Silvio would be defending the OVW TV title against Espinosa tonight.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Los Locos and Johnny Spade, plus their unshown mystery partner, were fired up about about the 3 corners 12 man tag team main event for tonight.

Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane beat Brandon Espinosa w/Chris to retain the OVW TV title

This has been quite a successful TV title run for Chris Silvio as he's defeated much of the OVW roster to keep the title, both babyfaces and heels. Brandon Espinosa is on the rise in OVW, and Espinosa's friend Chris tried very hard to help Espinosa win this one, but it wasn't to be as Silvio hit Espinosa with his "Rocket Punch" to win the match, and once again retain the OVW TV title, amid much confusion and attempts at interference from all of the seconds. Silvio will now defend the TV title against Shiloh Jonze at the March 10th OVW house show in Clarksville, Indiana.

Josette Bynum was talking to referee Chris Sharpe backstage. Bynum flirted with a wary Sharpe, asking him to make sure he calls the main event down the middle tonight. Sharpe and Bynum were sort of an item here before it was revealed that Bynum was married to the former Talent Arbitrator here, Christian Mascagni. Don't try to make sense of any of it, but this was at least a nice try at getting some continuity out of nonsense.

Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine happened by with two ladies with them, one of them being Al Snow's wife. Casey and Constantine walked up to OVW Womens champion Taeler Hendrix and Dylan Bostic, and they picked on Hendrix for not being sexy enough. After Casey and Constantine left, there appeared to be a romance budding between Bostic and Hendrix. Bostic then bumped into Randy Royal, setting up a match between Bostic and Royal next week. Bostic and Royal had a good dark match a few weeks ago.

3. Los Locos & Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia beat Bolin Services 2.0 w/Prince Bolin and The Family w/Josette Bynum in a three corners 12 man tag team match

TV main event time. Jamin Olivencia, the #1 contender for Johnny Spade's OVW title, ended up being the mystery partner teaming with Spade here. No doubt this meant trouble, and there was a spot late in the match where Olivencia appeared to be preparing to attack Spade from behind. Anarquia of Los Locos took the heat for a very long time in this one while The Family and BS 2.0 took turns beating on him. There's no honor among theives though as eventually The Family and BS 2.0 started beating each other up with all kinds of big moves. Josette Bynum pulled the black stocking cap off Prince Bolin's bald head while the two heel stables duked it out. Late in the match Bynum ordered referee Chris Sharpe to count an illegal pin, but Sharpe refused to do it after teasing he would. The match finally ended with Olivencia pinning BS 2.0 member Joe Coleman with the "O Drop" clamping DDT, right after Spade superkicked Coleman. So Olivencia and Spade did work together at the end to win the match, but tension is there between them for sure. This match was a fairly entertaining cluster.

All in all a decently fun show this week, the best one in the last several weeks. Alex Silva and Jamin Olivencia are very welcome additons back to the roster, and Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste are exciting new additions. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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