Weekend fights feedback

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Joe Warren vs. Pat Curran
Worst Fight: None
Bellator 60 kicked off Season 6 with a bang with all the fights being
exciting and action packed.  That is what I love about Bellator is that
their shows always have exciting fights.   The big upset was Mike Corey
defeating Ronnie Mann.   Ronnie Mann should really consider dropping
down to Bantamweight as it looks like a lot of 155lbrs are dropping to
145lbs.   Marlon Sandro looked like a man of a mission in defeating the
always tough Roberto Vargas.  One of my favorite fighters Daniel
Strauss once again delivered a fast paced bout in defeating Jeremy
Spoon.  Alexandre Bezzera looked fantastic in defeating Kenny Foster.
Joe Warren versus Pat Curran was a great fight.   Curran is a stud and
a very good fighter who has been flying under the radar even with his
success in Bellator.  Hopefully now people will give him the respect he
deserves.   Warren being knocked out in very nasty fashion in his last
two fights is really going to have a major effect on him.  I don't see
him returning to MMA in a long time and he will probably concentrate on
trying to return to the Olympics.  Once I saw Curran stand next to
Warren and size difference, I knew it was going to be all kinds of
trouble of Warren.   Even though Warren was able to take him down,
holding him down was going to be tough.    I hope this is not the last
we see of Joe Warren as he is a very entertaining personality in MMA
and that sport needs more personalities like him.  Plus, he is a damn
good fighter as well.
Negative:  Showing Bazerra vs. Foster in highlight form.  Bellator is
currently airing on MTV2, why can't they just give the show an extra
hour window?  What in the hell is on MTV2 anyways?  Martin reruns? 
Give me a break.   Bazerra vs. Foster looked like a great fight and all
we got was highlight form.   Spike.com is good for the under card, but
not Round 1 of tournament fights.  This really brought down the
prestige of the tournament.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA


Not gonna do a long thing here but thumbs down. Forcing MediaKorpAmerika ('Fox') production onto Zuffa base DOES NOT WORK. DON'T add commentary, that will just make it seem even MORE phoney and plastic, in fact TAKE OUT the V.O. of Dana and the coaches 'bantering', which is 'cute' but distracts. Some fighters with potential, especially the white kid from Black House, but overall a bunch of boring grinders and  the ep left me with far LESS interest in watching any of the season, but...
... who cares because anybody who would watch that over Bellator is a UFC fan, not a MMA fan. Thumbs WAY up.
Best fight: Curran vs. Warren
Worst fight: none
KO: Curran
Sub: Sandro
The show is the opening round fights in this season's FW tourney plus the title defense by Warren vs. Curran, who won last season's tourney. Whatta concept, EARNING TITLE SHOTS. 
Marlon Sandro kicks off the show with a one sided pasting of Roberto Vargas. Sandro batters him standing, scoring several knockdowns, before sinking in hooks and the RNC. He does his best to go babyface, cutting his promo in labored English and thanking the fans, but the rednecks in Hammond don't wanna hear it.
In the next tourney fight, local Marine Mike Corey who was kept out of a previous tourney due to injury (opening the spot for teammate Pat Curran and the start of a star career) overwhelmed the skilled but much smaller Ronnie Mann, coming back from 2 KDs in the first round to grind out a 29-28 UD. This was really a light heavyweight vs. a bantamweight.
In tourney fights from earlier in the evening real time, last season runnerup Daniel Straus opened a lead over Jeremy Spoon and staved off a 3rd round surge to take a UD in a spirited scrap.
And in what what shown only in highlights but may have been the best of the four tourney fights, Bezerra tapped Foster with the RNC at the end of the 2nd after what looked like some acrobatic, highlight reel grappling on both their parts.
In the title fight, Pat Curran with his methodical, unflappable style IMO gave up the first two rounds to Joe Warren (although commentator Jimmy Smith had both rounds for Curran) before nailing him in the 3rd with a high knee and then proceeding to unleash what may have been the worst battering I have ever seen in an MMA fight. The local yokel ref let it go something like a minute too long. The coward Warren had already turned his back and was only being held up by Curran bouncing his head off the cage with combinations. This was the worst local yokel reffing yet. But on the other hand, to a nicer guy, it couldn't happen, as maybe this will get the loudmouth racist asshole Warren off our TVs once and for all, after two straight KO losses including one to a 40+ year old black Cuban flyweight. The beating may keep Warren out of the upcoming Olympic trials for wrestling, in what would probably be his last shot due to his age. Oh well. Boo hoo. Karma's a bitch, ain't it.
But like I said, if you're a real MMA (not just 'UFC') fan deciding between Bellator and TUF what to watch live on Friday nights, do yourself a favor and decide to watch Bellator.
THE FINAL FIGHT (Kickboxing---Cro Cop's announced 'retirement fight')
Thumbs in the middle. Mixed bag.
Best fight: Kemayo vs. Jurkovich
Worst fight: Cro Cop vs. Sefo, Dosen vs. Kjudundzig, Brestovac vs. Bouzidi, all pretty bad for varying reasons
KO: Daniel Ghita
First productionwise, the good: outstanding pacing. As soon as a fight was done and the decision announced, the next fight was in the ring. Nice video tribute to Mike Bernardo opened the show, set to 'Nothing Else Matters'. High prod values, lotta $ went into this. The bad: Michael Buffer got a payday for introducing some former pageant chick who ring announced everything but the two top fights, which Buffer did, and she may have been decorative and well spoken, but somebody should have taught her how to announce a decision. Also whatever British nitwit was doing the commentary shouldn't be allowed in the same building with a microphone. How many times do we have to hear that Britney Spears worked the venue? The fights basically focused on a 'Croatia vs. the world' theme, and the 15-20K seat arena looked full. The promotor is Cro Cop's manager.
In the first fight at MW, Fabian dribbles the bigger local Posavec around like a basketball, scoring 3 KDs two of which even the ref had to count and taking the UD.
The rest of the card is heavyweight. The Armenian Parpayan, bwo Holland and Mike's Gym, pretty much walks through the taller but lighter local Milanovich in a mostly competitive go, and gets the decision 'by one point', whatever the fuck that means.
Duut, the cheap shot artist we saw last moth on It's Showtime getting a drubbing from the Other Anderson Silva, was fed the only-7-fights Serbian Jelic, and didn't have to get dirty to dominate the fight and take the decision. Bad matchmaking except I guess the idea was to get a Serbian beat up.
Local veteran Pretini has a bit too much skill for Assi, from France, and takes a wide decision after a very good fight. The commentator seems unnaturally uh 'fond' of the black French fighters.
In a very poor all-Croatian matchup, Dosen and Kjudundzig stink the joint out so bad no judge can give either a round and we are subjected to a fourth round, where Kdjzjzdngdj or whatever stops running around long enough to land some kicks and give the judges a reason to end the fight. Horrible.

Bouzidi from Morroco/Holland, a familiar face from the bigger promotions, only goes 10 seconds or so before the much bigger local Brestovac drops him with an illegal HK to the back of the head and then right hand to God a Hulk Hogan Leg Drop on the back of the neck as he's on his way down. Bouzidi is UTC and Brestovac is given the TKO. Bullshit.

Another familiar fighter, Freddy Kemayo of France, and local Igor Jurkovic put on the FotN, with Jurkovich's balanced high/middle/low attack vs. Kemayo's kicking arsenal. I have Igor slightly ahead but the judges see a draw, so we get an extra round which this time we are very happy to see. Both guys leave it all in the ring and though one judge scored the extra round a draw, two give it to Igor for the MD, correctly IMO as he had three footsweep downs which were the only thing between them. The commentator's er ah 'bent' towards the black French fighters was again on display.

Buffer returns to announce the semi and the main. Newly crowned It's Showtime HW champion Daniel Ghita of Romania batters Ukranian Sergei Laschenko with kicks till his legs and body are lobster red. He mixes in HKs in the 2nd. Sergei has good boxing but can't get close enough to use it. Early in the 3rd Ghita drops him for a 9 with a HK. Sergei is not responsive when the ref tells him to step forward after the count and the ref correctly stops the fight. The idiot commentator pisses and moans about an early stoppage. He also claims to have never seen Ghita before---how is that possible?

As far as the main, it lets Mirko go out with a win. Just because he's been failing on a much bigger stage doesn't mean Ray Sefo isn't twice as shot as he is. About all Sefo has is shaking his fat ass and going woo. Mirko is painfully slow himself but clearly does all the damage and deserves the UD (although they were whispering in the clinches which makes me suspicious of the whole fight). Was kinda sad, really, they're both SO slow. and both ignored the ref's constant admonitions to stop clinching (this IS K-1 rules, clinching is illegal) and could have been carded or even DQed. Horrible fight but like I said mission accomplished (I THINK it was accomplished---Mirko cut his promo in Croatian and there was no translator on board, so who knows if he really retired or not.) The funniest thing was Sefo taking the mic and saying he doesn't even know why Mirko wants to retire, as if beating him at this point actually means anything.
Crimson Mask

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