OVW TV taping report

By Trent Vandrisse

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for March 14th, 2012. Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 130. 

"Smooth" Johnny Spade defends his recently won OVW heavyweight title against Jamin Olivencia at the OVW House show at Expo 5 in Louisville this Sunday, March 18th. Also included in the 5 dollar admission price to that event will be a showing of the TNA Victory Road PPV following the live OVW wrestling. 

Speaking of Johnny Spade, he wrestled against Jessie Godderz at three TNA house shows in Kentucky last weekend in matches that received mixed reviews. 

I will not be doing these reports for the next three weeks due to various reasons, including me going to Wrestlemania in Maimi, but fear not marks and markettes, for the next three weeks the OVW TV reports will be in the more than capable hands of one Larry Goodman. Thanks for covering for me Larry, and I look forward to reading your reports. Will give a different take on things for a few weeks. 

The archive for the March 11th OVW Overview podcast with special guest Mike Sempervive is available. Mike Mondo was also a surprise call in on this fun show. Check it out at this link. 

1. Michael Hayes beat Tony Gunn 

Dark match. It was weird seeing Hayes wrestling someone not named Mohamad Ali Vaez. Hayes beat Gunn by catching Gunn with a code breaker as he came off the top rope. So-so match at best. 

2. Rocco Bellagio, James "Moose" Thomas & Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin & Mickey beat Daniel Pruce, Elvis Pridemore & Chase King 

Also a dark match. Speaking of dark, the usually, and naturally, pale Rocco Bellagio is working hard on a tan. Lots of "Bald headed geek" chants at the recently head shaved Prince Bolin, who was wearing a black stocking hat. I had to step out to make a phone call during this match, but my crack, and highly reliable, source told me when I returned that Joe Coleman beat Elvis to win it for BS 2.0. 

3. Ted McNaler beat Ricky Chevy 

Another dark match. Chevy came out wearing a boa made out of fake money, and cut an obnoxious heel promo, challenging anyone in the back to come out and face him. Ted McNaler came out and beat Chevy in about 3 seconds with a spear. 

4. Alex Silva beat Lennox Norris 

Yet another dark match. Silva is wearing tennis shoe/wrestling boots these days, and his current hair don't is a horribly half assed, and sloppy too boot, attempt at a Mohawk. Silva won with his "Silva Surfer" running knee. 

The TV taping opened with Josette Bynum and The Family coming out. It was notable that Mohamad Ali Vaez was not out with The Family here. Bynum called out the Australian tag team of Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste, leading to... 

5. Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz w/Josette Bynum & Rob Terry beat Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles 

This was the first match of the TV taping. I believe the official OVW tag champs are Jessie Godderz & Rob Terry, but they're doing a version of the old "Freebirds rules" here, calling it "Family rules", saying anyone in The Family can defend those titles. Rob Terry ran in and attacked Haste and Nicholls for a DQ. Josette Bynum admonished referee Chris Sharpe for disqualifying her team. Bynum has been trying to get Sharpe to turn heel ref, and favor her side, by teasing her womanly wilds. The director of Wrestling operations for OVW, Trailer Park Trash, came out and restarted the match, and said it would be a title match, because if Josette Bynum makes a match, he gets to make the stips. I thought for sure this meant a title change coming, and it looked to be when Nicholls & Haste hit their "Double Tap" finisher on Rudy Switchblade, but Jessie Godderz made the save. The Family then suddenly kicked it into high gear, and won the match when Godderz gave Haste a jumping Stunner, and Switchblade then pinned Haste with a Frogsplash. This finish totally shocked me. I take it to mean Haste and Nicholls won't be back here on a regular basis, and I hope I'm wrong about that. 

Josette Bynum admonished referee Chris Sharpe more after the match, but soon the top babyfaces of OVW all hit the ring, Johnny Spade, Jamin Olivencia, Shiloh Jonze, & Los Locos. Bynum said tonight Shiloh Jonze would face Mohamad Ali Vaez, Los Locos would face X2C, and in a teaser for their OVW title match this Sunday, though Bynum said the wrong date, Spade would face Olivencia tonight. Bynum told Sharpe she was going to give him a third chance, and warned him not to mess it up. 

Brandon Espinosa was talking to Tony Gunn backstage when Paredyse came very happily skipping by, wearing the dress he was forced to wear when Espinosa beat him in a "Dress on a pole" match. Espinosa was greatly bothered that Paredyse was now enjoying wearing the dress. 

Also backstage Adam Revolver began a fake phone conversation with "Mom" when he saw ring announcer Brittany DeVore, who is the girlfriend of Ted McNaler, coming towards him. DeVore was so impressed with what Revolver said to "Mom" on the phone, about patching up things with his estranged "Brother" McNaler, that she gave Revolver a hug. Uh oh..... 

6. Dylan Bostic beat Randy Royal 

This match was set up last week. Royal was totally in control here, but the red headed OVW Womens champion, Taeler Hendrix, came to ringside, all decked out in green for St. Patricks day, since this show will air in Louisville on St. Patricks day. Hendrix and Bostic have a budding romance beginning. Bostic rolled up the over confident Royal for the win, and left with the girl. 

7. Shiloh Jonze beat Mohamad Ali Vaez 

Vaez, in earnest training for a fitness competition in late April, has cut noticeable weight. If he gets down to 165 pounds like he talked about on the most recent OVW Overview podcast, he really will look exactly like Truth Martini. The Family came out with Vaez here, but Trailer Park Trash came out and said the stip for this match would be The Family is banned from ringside. The match was fast paced, and Vaez was very aggressive in going for a lot of covers on Jonze, but Jonze came back and hit his top rope flying forearm to win it clean. Vaez remains winless on TV thus far in 2012 in OVW. 

Brittany DeVore conducted a backstage interview with Alex Silva. Silva said he's been OVW TV champion twice in the past, but this time he's back in OVW with higher expectations. 

After the interview, Ted McNaler angrily confronted DeVore about talking to Adam Revolver, and told her to stop it. DeVore said she wouldn't be talked to that way, and angrily walked away from her boyfriend, for now anyhow, McNaler. Uh oh... 

8. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane beat Jose Del Barrio to retain the OVW TV Title 

Mo Green also mentioned St. Patricks day, calling it St. Silvio day. Incredibly size difference between Silvio and Del Barrio here. Del Barrio is a huge rookie, but his body could be a lot better. While Mary Jane the hula hoop girl distracted the ref, Mo Green ran in and slapped Del Barrio on the back with his flip flops, almost Little Beaver style. Green then kicked Del Barrio low, which allowed Silvio to hit Del Barrio with his "Rocket Punch" and win it. Green was hilarious during the finish here. No doubt Silvio is a fighting champion, this past Saturday March 10th, Silvio retained the OVW TV title by defeating Shiloh Jonze in a 38 minute long no time limit match at a house show in Clarksville, Indiana.

X2C(Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine) were backstage with two ladies. Randy Terrez was there with them, seriously reading cards of the past, present, and future for Casey & Constantine. Casey and Constantine acted totally goofy, and were grossly misinterpreting every dark and gloomy thing Terrez described about them, which annoyed Terrez. Casey and Constantine are just blissfully ignorant I guess. 

Paredyse happened by again, still happily wearing a dress. Brandon Espinosa was in a corner watching this and fuming about it.

9. Los Locos(Anarquia & Raul Lamotta) beat X2C(Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine)w/Three ladies in a Barrio Brawl 

Trailer Park Trash came out before this match and said it would be a "Barrio Brawl, which meant Texas Tornado rules. The crowd was dead here. After much confusion with the three ladies up on the apron, Los Locos decided to just fall down and play dead in the ring. The blissfully ignorant X2C fell for it, and were both small packaged with stereo pins to end it. This sucked, and was basically the same finish as the Dylan Bostic vs Randy Royal match on this episode. 

Prince Bolin was trying to rally all of his Bolin Services 2.0 troops backstage, saying all of OVW was against them. Bolin again abused the simple personal assistant Mickey by slapping the water bottles out of his hand. BS 2.0 member James "Moose" Thomas again felt sorry for Mickey, and helped him pick the bottles up. Hmmmm.... 

10. "Smooth Johnny Spade vs Jamin Olivecnia went to a no contest I guess 

TV main event time. After a few minutes of action in front of a quiet crowd, Josette Bynum and The Family came to ringside. Mohamad Ali Vaez was again not out with The Family here. Bynum ordered referee Chris Sharpe to turn around so the Family could come in a wreck havoc behind his back, but like last week after teasing he would obey Bynum, Sharpe again said an emphatic "No" to her instead. Rob Terry ran in a clotheslined both Spade and Olivencia, and then gave them both a very impressive back suplex at the same time. Damn. Bynum then said Referee Sharpe had blown his last chance, and would have to pay. It appeared Rob Terry was going to beat up Chris Sharpe, but Trailer Park Trash came out yet again. TPT said he wasn't afraid or Rob Terry, so Terry decked TPT, who was out colder than a wedge from just one blow. Terry must pack quite a wallop. TPT was down in the ring for several minutes, as were Spade and Olivencia, as the ring filled up with refs and wrestlers to check on the fallen. Even OVW owner Danny Davis came out to attend to TPT. The TV taping appeared to still be going on as TPT laid motionless in the ring for several minutes. When everyone finally slowly got up, Spade and Olivencia met nose to nose, but then shook hands for their title match against each other this Sunday. 

There were a lot of matches on this taping, but it was just a fair show. Interesting cliff hanger at the end with Trailer Park Trash being laid out. I will be very happy if that signified the beginning of the end of the inane dueling GM's dreck OVW has fallen in love with lately. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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