WWE house show report 3-16 Montreal

By Patric Laprade

There's a small titantron and a mini Raw stage. As soon as the lights were off, people went crazy, screaming to the top of their lungs.
US Champion Santino Marella vs Jack Swagger w/Vicki Guerrero
Vickie Guerrero opened the show and she got booed so loud that we couldn't here what she was saying. Basically she introduced Jack Swagger. Santino Marella came down the aisle to a huge pop and people chanting "Santino" like crazy. Basic match with Swagger with most of the over. Santino did some kind of a hulk up for a comeback, nice split to duck a punch, he put on his Cobra glove but Swagger ducks but get caught in a school boy for 2. Vickie gets on the apron, Santino whips Swagger towards her, the latter stops and when he turns around, Santino hits him with the Cobra Strike for the pin. Great heat during the match.This crowd was waiting for a WWE show, no doubt.

They show a video package of The Rock and Cena and the most funniest thing happened. Both were actually booed, Cena being more heavily booed than Rock.
The Miz vs R-Truth
The Miz did a great French promo saying he hates Canada, Montreal, to speak French, poutine (Quebec's meal made of fries, gravy and cheese) and the Montreal Canadiens. He then said still in French that he was The Miz and he was awesome.
Again, the build of the match is basic, Miz with the over on Truth, double take down, comeback by Truth, series of false finishes and Truth hit his Little Jimmy for the win.  Truth wasn't over as Santino was, not even near, but Miz got good heat. Again,  people were reacting strongly for moves like hip toss!
Eve Torres & Tamina vs Beth Phoenix & Natalya
Eve says she has done terrible things especially to Zack Ryder and pretty much apologizes to him and says she'd anything to prove she means it. The crowd was chanting "What?" throughout her promo. This was to establish her as a babyface to team with Tamina, but it didn't really work out.  The match itself was good, Eve didn't wrestle one second and when Tamina was ready to tag, she walked out on her. Beth pinned Tamina with her Glam Slam.
Chris Jericho vs Kofi Kingston
Jericho's jacket gave him a few cheers, but he was mainly booed. Ok match, Jericho hit a nice looking enziguri during his heat. Comeback by Kofi. Good crossbody from the 3rd. Jericho put Kofi in the Walls of Jericho, but he reversed it for a count of 2, hit his Trouble in Paradise but Jericho put his leg on the rope.  Poke in the eyes by Jericho followed by his Code Breaker for the win. 
World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show vs Randy Orton
Show press slammed Bryan from the outside to the ring, followed by 3 chops, the last one after the fans chanted "One more time". Orton goes for a pin, but Show break it and the two start to fight. Cool spot where Bryan and Orton double supplex Show. Orton and Bryan had great chemistry together. The finish saw Orton RKO'ed Show, went for the pin, Bryan threw him outside and pinned Show for the win. Post-mactch, Orton RKO'ed Bryan and Show threw his WMP at him. Bryan sold big time and Charles Robinson tried a quick mouth-to-mouth before Bryan got up. 
After the first part, Santino was the most over guy, by far, even though Show and Orton were strong babyfaces as well.  Vickie had the most heat among heels.
WWE Tag Team champions Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes vs Mason Ryan & Zack Ryder w/Hornswaggle
Exactly what you expect. Heat on Ryder. Hot tag on Mason who does some power moves. Interference by Rosa, Backstabber by the champs for the win.
John Cena vs Kane, Last Man Standing
Mixed reaction for Cena, but a lot more cheers than during the video package. Biggest reaction so far, not biggest pop though, Santino has still the lead. Loud "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" dual chants. They brawl to the outside, Cena gives a chair shot on Kane's back, Kane throws Cena in the steel steps, then back in the ring, he hits Cena with the bell and then with the mike. He chokeslams Cena for a 9 count. Kane goes for a table, back in the ring Cena back supplex Kane and tries his 5 knuckles shuffle but gets countered and thrown through a table in the corner. They bring another table, Cena reverses and hits the Attitude Adjustment through the second table for the win. The crowd pop more for the finish than during the match or the entrance.
WWE champion CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero
Punk gets a huge pop, but still not to Santino's level. For he's up for second place. He cuts a promo on Jerico saying he's going to kick his ass at Wrestlemania.  Shine from Punk at the beginning. Suicide dive. Ziggler attacks Punk from the back while he was arguing with Vickie.  Heat on Punk. Double crossbody. Chops and forearms exchange, comeback from Punk, leg lariat, clothesline, neckbreaker, knee lift. He goes for the pin, but Vickie puts Ziggler foot on the rope, the ref sends her back in the dressing room to a loud "Na na na hey hey good bye" chant. Ref bump, Jericho hits the ring, Code Breaker, 2 count. Jericho tries again Punk hits him with a knee, then did a well executed GTS to Ziggler for the pin. Same finish they did in every house show lately. Crowd reacted strongly for Punk.
Like he usually does, Punk celebrated with the fans. He came back to the ring, took the mike and said that with Wrestlemania on its way, with so many shows, packing, unpacking, doing laundry, not being home, to hear the crowd react so much for every single match makes it all worth it. "Thank you Montreal, let me hear it one more time." And he added "Helluva crowd!" 
Good show top to bottom.
Biggest pop
Most heel heat
Miz (a far second)
Biggest reaction
Best match
Punk vs Ziggler
Here's two interviews I did for this show on SLAM! Wrestling with Daniel Bryan and Santino Marella. You can check it out here.

Pat Laprade
Co-Author of "Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs: The Untold Story of How Montreal Shaped the World of Wrestling with Bertrand Hebert, that will be published this fall by ECW Press. You can also visit my website on Quebec wrestling at www.quebecwrestling.ca.

By Morrison Cohen

Results From The Montreal, Canada House Show Tonight:
1: US Championship: Santino Marella (c) Def. Jack Swagger
- The Miz cuts a crappy promo in French before his Match.
2: R-Truth Def. The Miz
- Eve Torres asks Montreal to forgive her for being a Hoeski teaming
with Tamina vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya
3: Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Natayla Def. Eve Tores & Tamina Snuka
after Eve walks out on Tamina for Beth to hit the Glam Slam.
4: Chris Jericho Def. Kofi Kingston
5:  World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) Def. Big Show &
Randy Orton to retain.
6: Tag Team Championship: Primo & Epico (With Rosa) Def. Mason Ryan &
Zack Ryder (Ryder's First Match back in action since January against
7: Last Man Standing Match: John Cena Def. Kane
8: WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) Def. Dolph Ziggler with Chris Jericho
as Special Enforcer

By Eric Bonin

Hi Dave, here’s a report of the dual-brand house show from tonight in Montreal.


Better crowd than the last time they came to town in October 2010. I’m not good at estimating crowd but the lower section was pretty much packed with the usual few empty seats coming from unsold scalpers tickets and about a fifth of the arena used for the set. The entire upper and mid-section were empty though.   Lots of family and children at the show, which made a completely different crowd than the usually “smark” Montreal crowd.


Santino over Jack Swagger in the opener. A comedy match with Santino winning with the cobra. The move was over huge.


Truth over Miz. Miz tried to cut a promo in French saying he loved Canada but hated Quebec, the Habs and poutine. I know that Miz makes the effort to learn new languages but I understood maybe a third of what he was trying to say. I once heard a Kurrgan promo in French running down Quebec Separatists and he was better at speaking the language than Miz. Still, thumbs up for the effort.   Truth won the match which had a lot of stalling in the beginning.


Beth & Natalya over Tamina & Eve. Eve came down and did a promo about how she was sorry for Poor Zack and begged to give her a chance for redemption. She spent the entire match on the apron leading the crowd to cheers and acting like a face. So, of course, she left the ring when Tamina tried to make a tag and Pheonix pinned her after a Glam Slam.


Chris Jericho over Kofi Kingston in what was the best match of the show. Huge babyface reaction for Jericho. He tried to turn the crowd by telling them to shut up in French (only one line but it still was better spoken than Miz). Good match with false finishes and near falls. Jericho won with a thumb to the eye behind the referee’s back and hit the Codebreaker.


Daniel Bryan won a triple threat against Randy Orton and Big Show. I think Bryan had the most heat of the night, or maybe second best next to Vickie Guerrero. Usual 3-way formula with one guy outside the ring and the other two working. People were trying to get a “YES! / NO!” chant working but it didn’t catch on. Finish was Orton hitting Big Show with a RKO and Bryan stealing the pin. Orton laid him out with a RKO and Show hit the knockout punch afterwards. Daniel laid in the ring for a short moment until the referee revived him with a bottle of water, which led to bigger “YES!” chants.


Primo & Epico over Zack Ryder & Mason Ryan w/ Hornswaggle. Missed the first half of the match due to intermission but was back to see Ryan botch a gorilla press slam. The guy is still as huge and bad as ever. Finish was Primo hitting the backcracker on Ryan after distraction from Rosa.


Cena over Kane in a last man standing match. Cena got the biggest reaction with the usual split between men and wemen & children. Pretty much the same match as described last week from the other Canadian house shows. Cena got hit with chairs, bell, mic and a table but came back and did the FU through a table for the win.


Punk over Ziggler in the main event. Good match with Jericho interfering after a ref bump. Eventually, Punk hit the kick on Jericho and hit the GTS on Ziggler for the pin. Punk shooked hands and thanked the crowd after the match.


Overall a fun show.  One thing to note was the amount of security. I don’t know if the orders came from WWE or the Bell Centre but security was persistant about not having any filming whatsoever, entrances included. Photos were all right though. I know that is the usual rule at WWE or UFC events not to film anything but this time, the rule was really enforced more than usual. They also told people ringside to sit and quiet down during the matches, which baffled me. In the main event, as Vickie was ejected from ringside and went back the aisle, a kid threw a teddy bear at her feet and security ejected the dad from ringside.

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