TNA Victory Road live coverage from Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA's Victory Road PPV from Orlando.  We're looking for your reports on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bully Ray came out first and got a good amount of heat.  He's demanding that his match with James Storm be made a No. 1 contenders match.  He said he won't leave the ring unless that stipulation is met.  He said he will beat the crap out of anyone who comes to the ring to remove him include the pig police.  Storm is out.  The crowd is at least starting out a lot hotter thanthe past few PPV shows.  Storm called him "Chicken legs" and now the crowd is chanting "Chicken legs" at Bully.  Storm said he'll remove him after knocking him out with his foot.  They are opening the show and Storm agreed to put up his No. 1 contendership.


Storm knocked him out with a superkick in 1:10

They are doing a gimmick where fans ask questions via twitter instead of doing promos before a match.  But after the first question, Eric Bischoff bullied Jeremy Borash, so they are working an angle off that Facebook post.  Holy squeegee, Does nobody ever learn anything in this industry?


Aries retained the title with a brainbuster and then Ion tapped out due to the last chancery.  Ion did the same dive he did last month to Jesse Sorensen which didn't get any heat.  Ion sprayed hair spray in Aries' eyes but Aries still kicked out of the pin.  Aries worked the match as the total babyface as Ion stalled early to make sure everyone knew about it.  Match was good.

If you thought WWE a few months back was annoying about twitter, TNA is so caught in the bubble they have no idea how bad it comes off.  They even had Aries in the middle of the match get a phone from SoCal Val and tweeted.  That wasn't bad, but the forced reading of posts from fans that say nothing just gets in the way of the flow of the commentary.

They did a video for the return of the Motor City Machine Guns.


The whole match was about Crimson and Morgan not getting along.  Crowd didn't really know what to make of it.  Joe & Magnus worked as faces when Crimson was in but bumped as heels when Morgan was in.  Crimson kept refusing to tag out and then aftrer more problems, Morgan had the carbon footprint set up but Crimson tagged himself in.  Later, Crimson walked out on Morgan.  The finish saw Crimson come back and spear Morgan, and then Joe did an enzuigiri, a snap mare and Magnus did the elbow off the top onto Morgan for the pin.

Jeremy Borash apologized for Bischoff's actions and said how nothing can be said that hasn't been said backstage about Bischoff for the last 20 years.

Bobby Roode interview.  James Storm came out and said he wants a fight right now right here.  Roode backed off.

They announced Dixie Carter is doing a special interview after the next match.


E teased that nobody was backstage to wrestle him.  There was an "RVD" chant.  Because no wrestlers were backstage to wrestle him, he challenged any fan from the audience.  Isn't this how they found Crimson and Taylor Wilde?   I'm only kidding.  Pointed out three women in the audience and said they were 400 pounds each.  Then he challenged Val and said they'd wrestle in the Doubletree in Room 511.  Then he said nobody deserves a shot and this is officially canceled.  Devon showed up.


Robbie claimed it was a fan and told secruity to get the fan out of the ring.  Robbie said it was canceled.  Brian Hebner said that you issued the open challenge so because of that he ordered the bell to ring.

Devon won the title clean with a spinebuster in a quick match.  Only thing notable Brooke Hogan was at ringside and pulled a chair away from Robbie as he tried to bring it in the ring.

Dixie Carter announcement.  Slammiversary will be in Dallas at the University of Texas-Arlington arena.  She then cut a promo about the Roode vs. Sting main event.  They said Dixie would be at ringside for the main event.  Sounds like an angle alert.


Kim won clean with Eat Defeat.  Bad match with little heat. 

Kazarian & Christopher Daniels interview.  Teased problems with Kazarian & Daniels as Borash asked Kazarian a question but Daniels said he's the one who makes the battle plans.  Daniels has tape under his left eye from when his eye got busted a few weeks back from TV.


The finish saw Styles springboard into the ring, but Kazarian caught him with the Omori reverse piledriver (fade to black) but Styles escaped and did a sunset flip right into the Styles clash on Kazarianfor the pin.  Some teasing of problems with Daniels & Kazarian.  This was a good match.

During the match they showed Dixie Carter at ringside with Josh Lewis, so he was at the show tonight.  They announced he would be there on Impact on Thursday which means probably some sort of angle at tomorrow night's tapings.


This was the match of the show.  Your usual Kurt Angle style match with all the expected moes and the ner falls.  The finish saw Hardy finally hit the swanton but angle reversed the pin and held the ropes and the ref counted three.  Fans were chanting "bullshit" as they didn't like the holding the ropes finish.  The finishing sequence was Hardy escape the Olympic slam and turn it into the twist of fate and then he hit the swanton with Angle nearly halfway across the ring.  Some cool stuff

So they build up all these guys answering twitter questions and in every instance, they ask the question, and then the guys do their planned promos without answering any questions.  The least they could do was script planted questions so they can pretend to answer the questions they spend all night saying they are going to answer.  It came down to Jeremy Borash asking Sting a question, and Sting, the face, also didn't answer and said he was sick of twittering and facebook and wanted to wrestle.


Roode got the pin when he had brought a chair into the ring and set it up but Sting "didn't see it."  Sting did the Scorpion death drop on Roode but when following through Sting hit the back of his head on the chair and was knocked out and Roode got the pin.  Better match than you'd think.  They had a long match and basically worked a Flair vs. Sting match with Roode emulating Flair.  Athletically he pulled it off but he didn't get the crowd going anywhere near that level.  Sting went a long time and didn't get tired, and it wasn't a slow paced match.  

After the match Roode confronted Dixie Carter, and grabbed a chair.  He went back in the ring and picked up Carter and threw her in the ring.  He showed Carter what he did to Sting and she was complaining and he said, "Shut your mouth, bitch."  Sting recovered and cleaned house.  Carter was hovering over Sting and then Roode came back and hit Sting in the back with the chair after and went after Carter.  Carter was acting scared.  Roode using duct tape to tape Sting to the ropes while Carter was screaming "stop it."  Then he taped Sting's other arm to the ropes and dragged Carter away by the hair.  He screamed "Kiss my ass, bitch."  He went for another chair shot on Sting but Carter got in the way to block him  He was supposed to rub Sting's face paint on Dixie's face but that didn't work at all.  This went on for several minutes.  Dixie untaped Sting and that was it.  Fans were chanting "Fire Bobby" at this point.  It was good stuff on paper to get Roode over strong as a heel and you have to make the attempt.  

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