Feedback to TNA Victory Road

I dont know man, i thought tna wouldnt do what wwe did a couple of months ago and be all twitter crazy, that makes me give it s THUMBS DOWN.

Best match Storm vs Ray
Worst match: Aries vs Ion because of that twitter spot.

So I turned on my stream right as Storm hit the kick and Ray shot beer(?) into the air, and the crowd went crazy after the pinfall. That was awesome.

The Aries match could have been good, but I think Ion isnt that great and the 4 times Aries missed him in the corners was stupid, but then it got even dumber as Aries did a thing on socals phone. whatever.

The tag title match wasnt good. I got to say though Morgan vs Crimson could be an all time classic of horrendous matches, I almost dont want to get my hopes up cause itll probably let me down, cause thats all Matt Morgan does.

robbie e segment was horrible

womans match, ugh. just fucking cut all woman wrestlers from tna and wwe. only japanese woman are good, let gail go over there.

By this point i didnt care about the show and made dinner but the end of the other tag match was good.

Kurt vs Jeff didnt light my world on fire, Jeff doesnt give it his all no matter he does in TNA and Kurt does the same stuff over and over now, who can really blame them at this point, only 8,000 people actually bought this show, excluding me.

Roode doesnt do it for me and Sting is nearly 60 still headlining ppvs. only watched 4 minutes of the match


Michael David

Best Match: Angle vs. Hardy
Worst Match: Kim vs. Raine

Hi Dave,

Watched the show with three people, periodically switching to the basketball, though we are all big college hoops fans and would do that during any show.  Thought the show started off kind of average but in the last 3 matches picked up.  It was a thumbs slightly down at first and then in the middle and the main event and made it a slight thumbs up.  I like the Robert Roode character and thought the main event told a good story.  It actually is making me legit excited for Roode vs. Storm at Lockdown, honest!!

Angle and Hardy was very good, AJ/Anderson vs. Daniles/Kaz was good as well.  I thought Aries vs. Ion was alright, Morgan/Crimson vs. Joe/Magnus was so-so, Crimson worked a decent match, he does seem to be improving as a worker.  Storm vs. Bully is kind of a N/A for me, it put Storm over as a strong face with the quick win but I am sure the short match had something to do with the surgery.  Devon vs. Robbie E was alright for what it was, Devon got a nice pop and it seemed to bring the crowd back to life.  All around the show was good, not great but with the track record of March TNA shows, this was one of the better.  Kim vs. Raine wasn't very bad but out of all the matches it was the worst.  Better than what a knockouts match could have been.

Victory Road 2012 Slight Thumbs Up.

Keep up the great work Dave.
-Ryan McDeed

: TNA Victory Road

: Overall Thumbs Up!

: Best Match – Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

: Worst Match – Robbie E vs. Devon

From top to bottom I really enjoyed Victory Road. The post Vince Russo era started off on a strong note. All the matches were solid and no real screwy finishes with the exception of Crimson turning on Matt Morgan which you could see from a mile away. I did not know what to expect for what I call a transitional PPV leading to Lockdown next month but it was money well spent. My only complaint was Robbie E talking for so long prior to his match and the Twitter stuff and what is trending is so stale now. Stick to the wrestling and clean finishes like we saw tonight and I see TNA taking it up another notch for viewers on Impact and hopefully for their PPV buy rate!

-Ed Ludwig

Burnaby, BC

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