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Thumbs up

Best match: Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy
Worst match: Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne


Hi Dave, I thought this ppv was more than ok, to be honest I wasn't expecting much out of this ppv and it was better than I thought.

Hardy vs Angle I think was the best match we've had for US major league ppvs this year so far, even though the first minutes I felt the match was a little bit slow midway through the end I think it was very good. 


The Roode vs Sting match was fine, but the end I think it was a little bit lame and the post match I was really expecting someone to come out. The AJ/Anderson vs Kazarian/Daniels and Ion vs Aries I think they were good.


The women’s match disappointed me big time, I was expecting more from Gail and Madison but they completely failed tonight.


About the TNA tag team championship match, I still can’t believe how TNA is obsessed about making Crimson a star, when he doesn’t have the big star aura in my opinion, and the opener, I think it was ok, I mean, it was something unexpected.


Overall I thought it was a good ppv, not great though, and it’s rare to say this out of a TNA ppv these days.

Alberto Dominguez


Thumbs up.

Best Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Worst Match:Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne


Thoughts; There was some good wrestling here, as I really enjoyed the Hardy-Angle and Aries-Ion. The Roode-Sting match was decent, although I was perplexed by the postmatch angle. Here's Roode doing horrible things to Dixie, and not one babyface comes out to save?


Other than that, the Twitter thing was really annoying, as TNA never seems to get that so many of its fans want it to be the anti-WWE. And by mentioning Twitter 1,000 times tonight, it not only copied WWE, but picked its most annoying trait and made it more annoying.


And what exactly is TNA getting from Ric Flair at this point? Flair's my favorite wrestler ever, but at this point I'm confused as to why he's still on the roster, since he wasn't on the PPV, and not even mentioned.


But three good matches, including the AJ/Anderson-Kazarian/Daniels bout, generally make for a decent PPV.



Zach Baker

Tiffin, OH

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