UFC announces 3 shows

Dates announced for Canada:

July 21 - Calgary Saddledome - Jose Aldo Jr. will defend the title in the main event.  No opponent was announced.
September 22 - Toronto
November 17 - Montreal

Montreal from a timing standpoint could be the Georges St. Pierre return.

Dana White also announced there would be shows in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal in 2013.  When asked about Vancouver, White said not in the next two years.  The company is going to do a presentation before the Vancouver legislature to clear the way for a return. 

Tickets for Calgary will go on sale in or around May 9-11.

All three shows wll be PPV.  Calgary will be UFC 149, Toronto will be UFC 152 and Montreal will be UFC 154 

White also said he would be doing an interview with Michael Landsberg today.

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