Impact spoilers from Orlando last night

Results from last night's Impact tapings for the show that airs on March 29

Matt Morgan went to a double count out with Crimson as they brawled out of the ring

Bobby Roode did come out, surrounded by security to protect him from James Storm.  Sting and James Storm both came out.  Storm went after Roode, but security got in the way and Bully Ray came out and attacked Storm from behind.

Velvet Sky b Madison Rayne

Mr. Anderson b Jeff Hardy due to interference by Kurt Angle

Eric and Garett Bischoff were out.  Eric again told his son to give up the dream of becoming a wrestler.  They went back-and-forth.  Garett shoved down Eric and it ended up with a match announced with Garett Bischoff vs. Gunner at Lockdown.

Austin Aries & James Storm b Bully Ray & Bobby Roode.  Aries teamed with Storm based on Ray beating down all the X Division guys the night before.  Storm pinned Ray after a superkick.

Dixie Carter was out with Hulk Hogan.  Sting had convinced her to ask Hogan to be the new authority figure.  While Hogan first declined, Sting came out and convinced both of them it was the best thing and Hogan finally agreed.

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