Edge talks retirement, what he misses and Rock vs. Cena


Coming up on the night before WrestleMania XXVIII it's the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony which will be headlined by Edge.  Brian Fritz of BetweenTheRopes.com spoke with Edge about what he misses from not being in the WWE on a day-to-day basis anymore, the day he got the call from the company that they wanted him, what he would have done if he had not become a WWE superstar, what he would have liked to have done if his career has lasted another year including who he wanted his last match against, the build to the match between The Rock and John Cena this year and how unique it is, the talk that some guys are upset about The Rock returning, what Michael P.S. Hayes will be wearing to the Hall of Fame ceremony, an idea for him and Christian at the induction and more.
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