Bellator live coverage from Laredo - Lightweight tourament first round

Bellator live coverage from Laredo, TX.

The scheduled Thiago Santos vs. Eric Prindle main event for the heavyweight tournament isn't happening since Santos missed weight by 12.8 pounds, so Prindle was awarded the win via forfeit and will be facing Cole Konrad for the heavyweight championship some time this season.

All matches are first round lightweight tournament fights for a shot at Michael Chandler later this year.


First round:  Michel landed and Nazare immediately closed for a takedown.  Nazare throwing knees to the left thigh.  Nazare just holding him against the cage.  Michel threw a knee with his back agianst the fence.  Ref called for a break.  Michel landed two front kicks.  Nazare moved in for a takedown.  Michel trying to keep some distance but wasn't really effective at it and they are back in the clinch.  Nazare backed off.  Traded head kicks.  Michel missed a spinning back fist.  Michel landed a spinning back kick and another kick.  Crowd booing now.  Nazare got him down but did no damage on the ground.  10-9 Michel.

Second round: Michel landed a kick to the face. Nazare again going for a takedown but Michel turned him against the cage. Michel landed kicks and punches and Nazare took him down. Nazare got his back but Michel got out of that position. They ordered a stand up. Nazare had his leg high trying a single leg. Michel landed an enzuigiri from that position but it didn't work and Nazare took him down. Michel back up. Michel taking him apart with punches and Nazre again going for the takedown but not getting it. Nazare is bleeding. Another takedown by Nazare. Still, Michel did more damage and I've got him up 10-9 in this round as well so 20-18.

Third round: Spin kick by Michel. Nazare took him down again. He's keeping him down. Not doing much damage but Nazare is landing enough that he's winning the round. Time ran out. Nazare's round, so 29-28 Michel is how I have it. So-so fight.

Scores:  29-28 Michel, 29-28 Nazare, 29-28 Michel 

BRENT WEEDMAN (19-7-1) VS. J.J. AMBROSE (17-3)   

First round: Weedman decked him with a left and then backed off and let Ambrose up. Why he decked him and then backed off is hard to understand. Weedman landed another hard punch but Ambrose with a slam and got Weedman down. He's working for a D'Arce choke. Weedman escaped and on top. Ambrose got a sweep with a Kimura and Weedman landed an up kick that knocked Ambrose's mouthpiece out and now Weedman is on top in a full mount. Ambrose gave up his back. Weedman working a choke and he's got 2:00 left in the round. Weedman landing some punches and again trying to soften him up with punches. Weedman has him in a body triangle. Weedman landing more punches. Weedman moved to mount. 10-9 Weedman, would be 10-8.5 with half points. Good round.

Second round: Ambrose took him down right away. Ambrose went for a D'Arce choke but Weedman escaped and got on top into side control. Weedman now has him in a crucifix position. Ambrose tapped for some reason and it's over.  Von Flue choke 3:26.

Weedman cut a promo saying that he couldn't wait to meet his son (his wife is scheduled to give birth in two months).


First round: Hawn was on the 2004 Olympic team in judo, now 35, moving down from welterweight. He competed at 179 in judo and now he's fighting at 155. Tirloni ran in with a flying knee. Theywere in a clinch and Tirloni was able to avoid being thrown. Hawn decked him with a right hook and knocked him out with a lot of punches on the ground, it was stopped after the ninth punch. Tirloni was protesting the stoppage but it didn't look questionable to me.  2:36

He said the weight cut was easy.


First round: Martinez landed a hard left. Body kick by Frey. Frey landed a knee as Martinez moved in. Martinez landed several punches and Frey moved away. Martinez landed a left to the body and then went to the head. Martinez knocked him down with a left. Martinez put him down a second time . Maritnez landing a lot of rights from the top and it was stopped.  4:08


First round: Both in a clinch throwing knees. Woodard nailed Pitbull in the groin. Woodard flicked a left jab and Pitbull took him down but Woodard back up. They are back in the clinch. Hard right by Pitbull. Woodard wth a flying left knee that didn't land solid. Both swinging hard. Woodard decked him with a left. Woodard on top in the guard and power bombed him into the cage but it was a light power bomb. Woodard landing knees to the back. Pitbull up and took him down even though Woodard tried to hold the fence to block it. Woodard back up. Another takedown by Pitbull. Woodard reversed and on top. Woodard threw a crazy puch from the top and missed and the punch pounded the mat hard. Pitbull back up. Now Pitbull hurt him with a right and left. Woodard with a knee and takedown byPitbull. This fight is awesome. Great first round. 10-9 Pitbull.

Second round: Hard knee by Woodard, but Pitbull landed hard. Both swinging wild. Pitbull landed two big shots. Woodard tried a knee. Woodard on top and Pitbull may have been hurt by the knee. Pitbull tried an armbar right away but Woodard escaped and went for a Kimura, got it, and Pitbull tapped out. A hell of a fight.  1:46

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