Cruz, Faber, White and next week's fighters all talk today and next week's show

UFC President Dana White:

“Cruz’s first pick didn’t disappoint tonight. Lawrence fought a cautious but solid fight. Picked Marcello apart from the outside and landed big shots. Marcello literally had no offense whatsoever tonight and Lawrence put him away halfway through the second round. Lawrence came out with a knockout victory, no injuries and very much one of the top contenders for the TUF Live Finale.”

Justin Lawrence:

“First and foremost, I want to thank the man upstairs. With that said, Dominick, Eric, Phil, Shannon, Lloyd, Doug, Wilson and the entire team, I just want to say thank you for the game planning that you came up with for me.  I want to thank my mom and dad back home in Missouri, and all my family and friends, thank you so much.”

Lawrence’s Coach Dominick Cruz:

“I think again Faber underestimated the way we coach and the way that we fight. Regardless of what he says or thinks about himself, he’s a cocky dude. It’s worked out so far for our team. It’s about confidence in my team, about how good they are, and about how good they listen. I’ve got a good team. Lawrence fought a perfect fight; he listened to the game plan perfectly, there’s nothing I can say, everything was perfect.”

Cristiano Marcello:

“I want to say sorry to my family, and everybody who supports me.  This is just one more step for something big.”

Marcello’s Coach Urijah Faber:

“First off, it was a great fight. I’m really proud of Marcello. It’s only two weeks we’ve been able to be part of these guys’ lives & implement what we can. But one thing you can’t teach with Marcello is his heart. Maybe Lawrence and Vick can teach Dominick how to finish a fight.”


Next week’s fighter Al Iaquinta

“Got called out tonight; not the first time, probably won’t be the last - and I got my ass kicked early that time, then won the fight.  Jury’s never been in a war like I have.”

Next week’s fighter Myles Jury

“I feel great, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity my whole life. Al’s a tough opponent, and it will be the toughest fight of my career.”

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