Weekend mailbag: Cena vs. Rock TV special; Doug Furnas; Woodard vs. Pitbull


I'm not going to go in depth with a review of the piece, as I'll let everyone see it for themselves, but in my opinion in was a fantastic piece of television.

If anyone wasn't thinking of ordering Mania, they would now.
More pieces like this, maybe before the big four PPV's of the year, would be a great idea.
Rock and Cena come across as personable, driven and were put over by wrestlers/celebrities/friends & family left, right and centre.
Gary Mehaffy
DM:  The special debuts on Monday in the U.S. and Canada but already aired today in the U.K.


A remarkable read, I couldn't stop once I started. Phil (Lafon) isn't talking much about Doug to anyone from what I understand from everyone who lives / works with him in Edmonton. I can only imagine how tough this loss is on everyone who knew him.
Thanks for your conitnUed excellent work.
Adam Knight

Thanks very much for putting all that effort into the Furnas life & times.  You're the only one who could have written it, and as a dude who idolized that guy, I very much appreciate it as I'm sure many others do.

Although Furnas ended up much better off for going into wrestling, Powerlifting lost out on an Ali/Frazier-calibre rivalry with his departure and Dave Passanella's early death.  They would have pushed one another into numbers that probably would never have been matched with identical equipment.

Paul Lazenby


Hi Dave,

Hi Dave,
I finally caught Bellator 62 on my DVR today and what a great show it
was.  I am curious to know how you rate Woodard vs. Pitbull?  Do you
see it as a strong 2012 Match Of The Year Candidate?  I personally
loved this fight and the crowd heat was very good.  Usually Bellator
crowd heat is hit or miss, but this crowd was really into anything and
big time into Woodhard and Pitbull.
Just watched Sekimoto & Okabayashi vs. Suwama & Soya from All Japan
3/20/12.  This was a great tag team match with great crowd heat. 
Reminded me of the glory days of All Japan.  Sekimoto and Okabayashi
are a fun tag team watch and play their roles to perfection as a
powerhouse tag team.  Not one give star ratings, but if I had to give
it one, I would give it ****1/4 stars.  I think it would have been a 5
star match if Suwama and Soya would have went over.
John LaRocca

DM:  I don't see it doing well in voting for match of the year because of the names involved.  But it was a great fight, better than Rousey vs. Tate which seems to be the favorite thus far for the award, but Rousey vs. Tate will be remembered all year and I don't know that people will remember this one.


Why he believes people boo him.  I can't speak for anyone except myself.  He's such a God awful wrestler.  Some how he comes off as a phony.  I don't see him as anything special.  He's a good person etc, etc.  That's about it for me.
 Patrick Wolohan

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?