WrestleMania press conference notes

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Josh Mathews and Matt Striker are the "commentators" of the press conference, welcoming viewers to the LIVE stream on WWE.com, YouTube and Facebook. They name a list of superstars and divas who have arrived, then throw to a video montage talking about last year's WrestleMania match between Triple H and Undertaker.

After that, they talk about the 12-man tag match of Team Teddy Long vs. Team Johnny Laurinaitis. Both captains of their respective teams show up. Santino says they will win because they are the good guys, serve justice, and "with perseverance." Otunga speaks next and says his team will prevail. They disapproved of Santino scoffing at tells him they won't lose.

As Mathews sets up the look at The Rock vs. John Cena, Santino says they he can't pick a winner for this match. We now get a video package for this feud next. Many superstars say that Cena needs to win this match more than The Rock and that it will be the best match to be seen. Josh and Matt talk more about the match as we await the press conference to begin.

The Miz shows up behind them and asks how they can have a press conference without him, especially since he was in the main event last year and won the match. Mathews reminds him he was almost "left off" of Mania, but Miz takes exception to that calling himself the "Peyton Manning" of WWE. A man speaks at the podium telling the press that the conference will start in one minute. Miz still rambles on in the meantime, and Mathews throws us to the podium.

Michael Cole welcomes everybody to the press conference. He informed the press that superstars will come out and answer questions momentarily, and fans on Twitter can interact with #WrestleMania. Cole brings out the Commissioner of Dade County, Florida, Jose "Pepe" Diaz. Diaz speaks on the event of Mania coming to Miami and is clearly excited. He announced more than 70,000 fans have bought tickets. "Our goals is not only to host WWE Universe this week, but to return to our community again." He brings up WWE Senior Vice President of Special Events, John Saboor.

Saboor thanks Diaz for allowing WWE to host WrestleMania in Maimi. He mentions WrestleMania is "not just a one-day event, but a week-long celebration." The celebration will include WWE Axxess for four days, the annual WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Saturday, WrestleMania 28 on Sunday, and Monday Night Raw will be there as well. As Diaz begins to present Saboor with a plague, Saboor interrupts and brings out the Executive Vice President of Talent, Paul Levesque a/k/a Triple H.

Diaz is honored to present WWE with a plague on behalf of the mayor and committee celebrating WrestleMania week. The crowd is dead, so Commissioner Diaz repeats it with more enthusiasm. On behalf of 2.6 million citizens, he presents John Saboor with the key to the city. All three men pause for photo ops.

Triple H takes the stand and thanks everybody for attending the press conference. He continues by saying WrestleMania is their biggest event, and this event "truly is once in a lifetime." He mentions the talent is pleased not only to compete at Mania, put to put smiles on faces around the world. He brings up John Cena being a man who holds almost 300 Make-a-Wish visits. Charities, fund-raisers and numerous other events will be attended by superstars and divas. "This WrestleMania truly is once in a lifetime, and right here in Miami, I plan to put an end to an era by ending Undertaker's streak."

Michael Cole pops up again and brings up the social media, namely Twitter, and says superstars are currently tweeting. He mentions Santino Marella, David Otunga, Kofi Kingston, The Miz and Ricardo Rodriguez are some of those superstars and they show up with their mobile phones filming the conference. They take their leave and Cole continues. He brings out former starting center for the Miami Dolphins, Mike Pouncey. Pouncey says the Dolphins are proud to call Sun Life Stadium their home, but they are happy that WrestleMania will there and plan to sit ringside for the event.

Cole brings out both Eve Torres and Divas Champion Beth Phoenix. Beth says they (Divas) are proud to be apart of WrestleMania this year. Eve is proud to be apart of it also, as well as the Be A Star campaign. They talk about Sunday next, and Beth brings up that Maria Menounos broke a rib on Dancing with the Stars. She says Maria will be competing injured, and they will embarrass her and wipe out Kelly Kelly. Next, Cole brings out Rosa Mendes. She says (in Spanish) that Miami is home to many fans and is happy to be there.

Cole calls the WWE Champion CM Punk to the podium next. Punk sets the title up, and says he wore a suit earlier but it was too hot he took it off. "I don't wanna bore everybody. Over 100 countries 20 languaage are gonna watch me kick Jericho's ass at WrestleMania. I apologize Michael Cole bored you to death. Also, you're welcome - Johnny Snicklefritz Laurinaitis is not here. All of us are competitive and guys wear more make-up than the Divas, and Michael Cole has won. Thanks to everybody in Mimia for having me and everybody this week. Sunday is what I'm looking forward to." After some lame jokes, he says he's excited to see Triple H vs. Undertaker and The Rock vs. John Cena because it's a personal rivalry. He asks the ladies if they want him to take his shirt off, and the crowd goes mild. He starts asking if they have any money and some girls start to show some. He says they can see him shirtless on Sunday.

Cole comes back and says we should be thankful he's wearing make-up since this is broadcasted in high def. He mentions the next entertainer is the most followed athlete on Twiiter, the man who will face The Rock at WrestleMania, John Cena. Cena runs out in his wrestling attire and thanks everybody for attending the conference. He says Mania is enormous and a big event filled with intensity. He brings up the Make-a-Wish pizza party that Triple H mentioned earlier. He discusses a young man named Dylan, who beat cancer three times, and personally invites him and his family to the pizza party and will be his special guests at Sunday's event. He turns attention to The Rock, happy to do battle with a huge superstar on the grandest stage of all.

The final guest of the press conference is none other than the leader of Team Bring It, The People's Champion, The Rock. Fans chant his name when he gets there. "Thank you for attending the press conference. This is a very special event. This will be the biggest WrestleMania of all time. I'm excited about the show. For me, not only is it a chance to compete in the ring again... to take part in the biggest event of all time. With John Cena's track record and achievements, it's an honor to face him. Superstars are hungry and fired up to compete. what CM Punk is going to do with Chris Jericho will be incredible. Triple H and Undertaker is going to be amazing." He goes on to talk about his life at 18 running the track having no idea he would be doing what he does. "I'm proud to be a son of Miami, proud to highlight are incredible city. By the way, since we are live on YouTube and Facebook, I'm proud to give Cena a Hurricane size ass whoop." Rock says it's time for fun now and asks Cena to come back out and also asks some people to move the podium. Cena comes out and stands face-to-face with Rock. Both leave and Cole thanks everybody for being there and for watching live online.

Josh Mathews and Matt Striker close the conference and all of us who watched online. "We'll see you Sunday, for WrestleMania!"

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