J.J. Dillon talks Rock vs. Cena and Bruno in Hall of Fame

J.J. Dillon joins the "Curtain Jerks" podcast for a special Wrestlemania 28 episode!
J.J comments on Rock/Cena:
"I watched the confrontation the other night and it just goes to show the power two athletes have to all of the sudden wipe away everything else that's going on. I saw an exchange the other night nose-to-nose with The Rock and John Cena. They have so much charisma that it transcends whatever else is going on the industry." 
J.J. comments on whether Bruno Sammartino will ever accept placement in the WWE Hall of Fame:
"I think of Bruno as a very special individual. But he's very firm on how he feels about things. If I had a magic wand I would get he and the WWE together. And get him that recognition. If anyone deserves it, certainly it's Bruno. Really it'll be up to Bruno if that day ever comes."
J.J. also talks Barry Windam's health, Ric Flair's HOF/TNA status, The Horseman vs The Beatles, The Horseman drinking with Tom Selleck, why J.J. was shocked to get into the WWE Hall of Fame and more! Plus the Curtain Jerks do a Wrestlemania rundown, reveal what Undertaker might be up to on April 21, and imagine what WWE writers are pitching to Vince McMahon and Triple H for WrestleMaina 29!
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