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Showdown in the Sun - Night 1
Thumbs Up!
Best Match: Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
Worst Match: World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Coleman/Alexander
I was at this show LIVE. First ROH show I've seen in years. This seemed nothing like it used to be. ROH shows used to feel like an event, but now, not so much. The wrestling on the show was very good, but was boring for the first few matches. After intermission, things turned a corner for the better. THE SHOW GOT AWESOME REAL QUICK. It seemed like they held back early in the card to make everything seem more important later. I thought Mike Bennett and Lance Storm did a fine job. KEVIN STEEN AND EL GENERICO JUST ABSOLUTELY TORE THE HOUSE DOWN. Man, these guys were great. The crowd was standing the whole time and in to everything. I didn't like the finish, but the rest was great. The main event was good wrestling. I just don't care about any of those guys and can do with out seeing any combination of Edwards/Richards/Strong ever in the ring again.
-Charles M. Humphreys-

Showdown In The Sun Night 1
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Kevin Steen vs El Generico
Worst Match: Adam Cole vs Adam Pierce
My first live ROH show was a rosounding success. I paid 20 dollars for a ticket and got moved into the 40-dollar section because of all the empty seats.
The show was paced well and never the crowd never got burned out, even after the insane Steen-Generico match. The 3-way finale only went 20 minutes or so, so i was happy that it wasn't a long drawn out affair.
Live from Miami,
Emerson Witner

Hey Dave. 
What a disappointing start to this weekend. Tonight's offering from ROH proved how the era of internet PPV can be both a blessing as well as a curse. I was upset when I found out a few weeks ago that DGUSA and ROH were running head to head on Friday night, abandoning the traditional structuring of ROH running shows on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and DGUSA running shows on Saturday night and Sunday morning that the companies have followed for the past couple of years. As an attendee of the last two WrestleMania weekends, I appreciated how the days were structured, offering fans a chance to see four great shows, with the "big one" being icing on the cake. But circumstance left me home this year, and I was torn on how to spend my Friday iPPV dollars. Which show was I going to watch live, and which was I going to watch on tape delay? Being a huge fan of Lance Storm, I ultimately decided to view the ROH show live, and opt for the more expensive OnDemand stream of DGUSA which I decided to watch on Saturday morning. 
It turned out to be a mistake. As I'm sure the news has made the rounds by now, ROH's stream was literally unwatchable, with constant freezes and the annoying issue of the audio being thirty seconds ahead of the video. It started from the second the show went live, and lasted until the intermission, when I decided to cut my losses and watch SmackDown on my DVR. From what I've heard, the stream quality didn't get much better. As I said, a hugely disappointing start to Mania weekend. I would have tuned out earlier, but I found complaining and playing around with the other viewers in the GoFightLive (GFL) chat highly amusing. 
It just goes to prove how much of a crap shoot iPPV can be. I've supported both ROH and DGUSA by purchasing all of their streaming shows in the past. Most have no issues. The last two ROH shows, I've hooked my computer up to my television via HDMI and it looked like I was watching the shows on an HD cable channel. No picture issues, no sound issues. Fast forward three weeks and they present a show that is unbearable to watch. There's the double edged sword. You just never know what you're going to get. On the flip side, I've heard that the stream of DGUSA was flawless, interesting considering my experiences with WWNLive are usually much more turbulent than my experiences with GFL. 
The troubling development, fans took to Ring of Honor's Facebook page throughout the show, demanding refunds and cursing both the promotion and GFL, even as ROH promised that a clean replay would be available early Saturday, along with apologizing profusely. The anger still flowed. It's difficult to say who the fault lies with. GFL claimed that bandwidth issues were the cause of the problems. I would think that serviceable internet would be the first thing on ROH's checklist when they are scouting locations for these shows. Tonight proves that maybe it isn't.  I understand being upset. You paid your money and should expect a working product. Just remember what era we are in. 
It's 2012. Independent wrestling has enough problems without us, the fans, jumping down its throat over issues that are beyond the promotions' control. Given the state of the industry, we should feel fortunate just for the opportunity to see these shows live. Is iPPV perfect? Certainly not, but without it, these companies couldn't bring their product to us, and if technology decides to be a pain in the ass a couple shows out of ten, well, that's the way the cards fall. Blaming GFL and other streaming websites isn't fair. They provide a great service and work hard to bring these shows to us. If they weren't around, we wouldn't even have the opportunity. On top of it, ROH offering the free replay should be enough. 
Kudos to DGUSA. I hear they put on one hell of a show. I'm excited to watch it when the OnDemand version goes up. From what I can tell, the $1.99 price point lured in a sizable number of new viewers, and I'm sure the in-ring product will ensure that they will turn into loyal followers. 
Cheers to everyone this weekend, great job on the site this week (and always). 
-Ryan Niepagen
Bloomington, IL


Thumbs way up
Best match Tozawa vs Mochizuki
Worst match samurai del soro vs Johnny vandal
In short the best show ive ever seen in person
Wade Haugen
Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match:Masaaki Mochisuki v. Akira Tozawa
Worst Match:Sabu/Jon Davis v. Arik Cannon/Pinkie Sanchez

Hi Dave, I order the Dragon Gate USA show for $1.99.  This was the first time I've seen DGUSA.  For the price, I can't complain too much but I was a little underwhelmed by everything.  I absolutely hated The Scene and their entrance and I thought it was too trashy.  I couldn't stand Pinkie Sanchez and his gimmick.  Plus, the announcing with Arik Cannon was horrible but the rest of the night was decent.  The stuff I liked was Yoshino and how quick he was and seeing Low Ki wrestle.  Overall, I found the wrestling to be average at best and I probably wouldn't buy another DGUSA PPV again unless they had a good card or another cheap event.  Thanks.

Steve Viglio


Hey Dave, I'm a huge fan of the site, and love all of the shows and stuff you guys put up onto it. Just wanted to say keep up the awesome work.

I downloaded and listened to the Nigel interview earlier today during my workout, and I thought it was really awesome stuff just a great listen, I donated some money to his project, really looking forward to seeing what his final product will be. Anyway been wanting to shoot you an e-mail for a while just didn't know what to say or ask about so when I listened to the interview thought I would thank you guys for that.

Keep up the good work and take care.
Douglas Evans


Great piece on Joe Blanchard.  I grew up on Southwest Championship Wrestling.  I remember Boyd lying in his hospital bed accusing Tully Blanchard of sending the dog across the road that he swerved to avoid, thus causing the accident.
One thing:  after Boyd broke both his legs in the auto accident, it was Butch Miller that came in, not Rip Morgan.
Calixto Gonzales



I’m kind of a math geek and if you use the poll to predict the WM buys (and it’s almost always within 10% of the actual number based on the formula I use), you come up with 836,925 buys, which would suggest that the number would be between 750 and 900K. I think that’s actually pretty close to what it’s going to end up being. My pick on the poll was 750-800K. You may be underestimating the impact of the Rock/Cena special as it definitely doesn’t appeal to current fans and current buyers of pay per views but I think it’s definitely going to entice some fans that used to buy in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

As an example, I was listening to the morning sports show here in Winnipeg and they had a caller who called in about WM. As an aside, this guy was an idiot and portrayed every negative stereotype about wrestling fans that I cringe when I hear. Anyhow, he was giving his predictions and the announcers were mocking him, clearly having no interest or knowledge of wrestling. When he got to Chris Jericho they knew who he was and were fans because he was a local guy. When he mentioned the Rock, and the caller predicted John Cena would win, they all of sudden got interested and were on the caller, saying that the Rock never loses and he was “raising the people’s eyebrow” at him for even suggesting it. Then, after the caller hung up, one of the announcers said that he had no idea Rock was wrestling this Sunday and might actually consider buying the PPV. These are the kind of people that might actually buy this Sunday and I think that’s why they put that special on so many different platforms.

Also, for a prediction, I think that this year’s Mania has the potential to be, in-ring, the best Mania ever. I’m not by any means a WWE schill, I’m just looking at this card and thinking that 4 matches (HHH-Taker, Cena-Rock, Punk-Jericho and Bryan-Sheamus) have the potential to be 4* matches. The Rhodes/Show and Teddy/Johnny matches should be decent to good. Kane/Orton could go either way but as long as it doesn’t go longer than 10 minutes it won’t hurt the show and the Diva’s match will be short and probably not terrible. If all 4 “main events” get time and have the right finishes and if at least one of them is a MOTY candidate I think this Mania is top 3 of all time and maybe number 1. I guess we’ll see on Sunday.

Paul Fontaine

Writing in lieu of the 'news' i saw on the site today, about the 
possibly secret guests at Wrestlemania.
I have to admit that I was on the fence about ordering the big show 
this year. Right in the middle of the build in March my area was 
slammed with a gigantic storm that took our power and cable for a few 
days, Monday being one of them. WIth one week off I lost interest. 
Dont' get me wrong I read the Observer religiously, it is my true 
connection to the product nowadays, but I just felt very indifferent 
about the product.
But reading that today, I have to admit, I am probably going to buy 
the show. I am just interested in what happens now, more than I did a 
few days ago.
That said, I really have no interest in seeing Rock/Cena. It all 
happened last year, actually. The Rock's promos on Cena last year were 
so awesome, so effective, that I just lost interest in seeing anything 
else. It was that one-sided. And keep in mind when I got back into 
wrestling, it was at the peak of the product's popularity and the Rock 
was, and still is, the man.
I just wanted to note that these two bits of news have really, really 
enticed me, even if nothing comes from it. And that enticement has me 
ready to buy the show.
Mike Vincent

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