WrestleMania live coverage from Miami

By Dave Meltzer

Welcome to our live coverage of WrestleMania from SunLife Stadium in Miami.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, as well as both the Friday and Saturday ROH and Dragon Gate USA shows, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Primo & Epico retained as Gabriel went for a springboard 450 on Primo, who got his knees up.  Jimmy Uso did a splash off the top on Gabriel, but Primo then gave Uso a back stabber and pinned him.  This was a let's do as many eye catching flying moves as we can in 5:00 and was good minus Gabriel slipping off the ropes on a top rope Asai moonsault, but he got back up and did it fine the second time.  

Lilian Garcia opened singing "America the Beautiful." 


Sheamus won the title in 18 seconds with the Brogue kick.  The plan was to beat the Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero record from a few years ago, but for reality, they didn't beat it.  This had been planned for a while but there were people trying to get it changed. 

Team Johnny was backstage.  One of the Bellas is part of the posse.  John Laurinaitis talked about how they have a chance to make history like when Hogan slammed Andre and when Austin didn't submit to Bret Hart.   

They are doing a contest for 100 people to win a Mania vacation in New York next.


This was probably the "too many people think they know the outcome" finish as Kane won clean in the middle with a choke slam off the middle rope as Orton seemed to be setting up the superplex spot.  Honestly, if this match was on the ROH shows, it would have been a candidate for the the worst match on either show.    

Santino Marella and Mick Foley with a the guy from Deadliest Catch.  Marella talked about Double Double E, Marella plugged the show and Foley talked like he was the Captain in the Wiggles and the guy fromm Deadliest catch said nobody relaly talkes like that.  They all started going wild on the crabs when Ron Simmons showed up.  You know what happened from there.

National Guard promo with the wrestlers. 


Show got the title when Rhodes hit a Disaster kick, went for a second one and Show speared Rhodes.  It was mistimed as he actually speared his groin, and then Show hit the Knockout punch for the clean pin in 5:00.  Nothing wrong with the match  but too short to have been much.   Show kissed his wife, Bess Big Show as he was leaving.


They got more time than the first two title matches combined.  Menounos pinned Phoenix with a schoolgirl after Menounous and Kelly shoved Phoenix into Torres, knocking her off the apron.  Aside from Kelly doing a full flip into a Thesz press off the top rope, this was fairly bad.    Maria was a trooper here working with the rib injury, and got taken off the top rope for a press slam by Beth, but she never took the bump as Kelly pulled her off.

They are announcing the fake attendance number, claiming a building attendance record of 78,363.

Jim Ross came out with his goatee.  He's lost a ton of weight.


Absolutely super match going 30:00 plus.  Undertaker won clean with a tombstone piledriver after a ton of chair shots and a sledge hammer shot, right after HHH crotch chopped him in his last move before the tombstone.  The early part of the match saw HHH destroy Undertaker's back with chair shot after chair shot but he begged Shawn to stop the match but Taker begged him not to.  At one point Shawn was about to stop it but stopped.  At another point when Taker was just about done, he put Shawn in the gogoplata thinking it was HHH and Shawn was down.  HHH hit a sledge hammer shot but no ref to count.  Charles Robinson came in and Undertaker choke slammed HHH but he kicked out.  Undertaker then choke slammed Robinson.  We had the usual kick outs with Undertaker kicking out of a pedigree.  Undertaker also kicked out of a Michaels superkick (the only move Michaels did to either guy, although he tried to get both to stop using chairs) and then a HHH pedigree.  HHH kicked out of the first tombstone.  All three guys left together and pretty much posed on stage together and embraced and went to the back together with 20-0 on the big screen.  HHH was bleeding over his left eye, they never called attention to it.  It appeared early that they were trying to bust HHH open hardway.  I don't think it was a blade job but it could have been.  There were a million chair shots, almost all to the back, shoulder and gut, none to the head.  Undertaker's back was all welted up. 

It's Hall of Fame time, with clips from last night.  Simmons said "damn."  Mil Mascaras said "Mucho gracias"  Flair talked about how they ran together for nine years.  Not exactly.  Christian and Edge, with his new haircut, hugged.  Michael Cole said how Undertaker and HHH would be entering the Hall of Fame soon.  Some "Whoos.

Mil Mascaras in a nice suit.  Keilani and Justin Anoai for Yokozuna, Ron Simmons, Four Horsemen & J.J. Dllon got a big reaction with lots of four fingers in the crowd.  Tyson got a bigger reaction than the Horsemen and crotch copped.  Edge came out with his own entrance music holding back tears.  Tyson may have gotten the biggest reaction of all of them but the crowd was really into this.   

Flo rida about to come out.  Heath Slater out. Slater called him Floirida.  Flo Rida is about 6-4 or 6-5. Slater wante to sing with him, be a back up dancer, anything for his concert.  Slater was being a geek. Flo Rida shoved later into the wall and his guys pulled him away. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks were laughing at Slater.


Nikki Bella intro'd Team Johnny and Brie Bella intro'd Team Teddy.  Besides the people you expected, Aksana and Eve Torres (with Ryder) are both in Teddy's corner, so Eve is probably playing a part in this match.

Team Johnny won when Eve Torres cost Zack the win.  Zack gave Ziggler the Rough Ryder and was about to give Miz the Broski boot.  Eve jumped in the ring to fist bump and celebrate early.  The ref tried to get Eve out of the ring and in doing so distracted Ryder and Miz hit the Skull crushing finale.  After the match, Eve was consoling Ryder and then kicked him low.  R-Truth, Ryder and Kingston did a triple dive spot.  Most of the match had no heat until the last few minutes.  Good match, particularly the last few minutes.  Ziggler took a great bump off a monkey flip.  

They showed Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson at ringside.

John Laurinaitis and C.M. Punk backstage.  Laurinaitis told him he doesn't want a brawl, he wants a wrestling match.  Laurinaitis told him that if he loses his temper and get DQ'd the title changes hands. 

There is at least 75 minutes left and only two matches, so Punk vs. Jericho should be a long match.


Punk won clean with the Anaconda vise.  Very good match, although they were hampered by a dead crowd for the first 15:00.  Jericho several times had the Boston crab but Punk was always able to escape.  Punk a few times went for the GTS.  The early part of the match was Jericho insulting Punk trying to get him to lose his temper and get DQ'd.  As the match went on they did pretty much the match you would expect with the usual spots.  Punk's head bounced on the mat at one point and when he did a tope he crashed his head on the barricade.  

Brodus Clay came out dancing with a whole show of women dressed up as old women one pretending to be his mamma a they all danced with giant butt padding.

Sean Combs introduced Machine Gun Kelly rapped a song while they played a John Cena video.  Kelly talked about being behind Cena as the big underdog facing a big egomaniac, the crowd was not happy with him for saying that.

Flo Rida came out with his own dancing girls.  I wonder if they were the same dancing girls as in the Brodus Clay skit.


Cena was booed, but not booed out of the building, really not that loud of a reaction for him at all.  Once his music stopped playing he was booed pretty good although still not at the level he has gotten booed in the past.

They went more than 30:00.  It was built around each kicking out of each's moves, rock bottom, people's elbow, Attitude Adjustment, Cena escaping the sharpshooter, Rock escaping the STF.  The finish was Rock coming off the top rope with a crossbody, Cena rolling through, cleaning him up to his shoulders, giving him the Attitude Adjustment and Rock kicked out.  Cena then went for the people's elbow but Rock tripped him up, and delivered the rock bottom and got the clean pin in the middle.  The place exploded.  They did the finish for the live crowd and the people who bought the show wanting to see Cena pinned.  The show pretty much ended right after the pin.  When you consider Rock hasn't done a singles match of this duration in a long time, it quite the undertaking going that long.  They did all the things you would expect them to do.  It ended up being a very good crowd pleasing match, although Undertaker vs. HHH was the match of the night.

No Brock Lesnar on the show. 

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