First batch of feedback to WrestleMania

 Best Match Taker Vs HHH Shawn was awsome, Thought they topped last year, not quite as good as Shawn Taker 1. Takers back looked awful after 50 chair shots. I like how they played off the matches from before.
Worst Match Team Johnny Vs Team Teddy I just didnt care at all about it. Seemed like no one else did either
Rock Vs Cena had awsome heat they made the right choice on putting Rock over, Rock got blown up but its been 9 years since he had a match like that, so he gets a pass. It made no sense when MGK said Cena was an under dog everyone thought Cena would win. I give Cena and Rock a ton of credit they worked their asses off. 
Sheamus and Bryan was lame they should of cut Brodus Clay to give Bryan more time, but whatever we all knew Sheamus would win. The womenx match was ok not good not bad Maria did an alright job at the end she looked hurt and blown up, respect that she still did the match. Punk Jericho was good crowd not that into it till the end I was expecting more esspecially since they got time. 
Kane Orton was fine didnt really care about it Kane won for no apparent reason. Big Show and Rhodes was good I liked how Big Show acted like the IC title matters since its been crapped on for years. It seemed like the open air arena hurt crowd reaction only matches crowd was really noticedable were Taker and Rock.
Over all I give it a big thumbs up totally worth my 54 bucks.

Matthew Sans

Hey Dave,
I  give the show a Thumbs up  
Best Match Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match Shamus vs Bryan (Just too damn short)
Overall I thought it was great 'Mania slow the first hour but then it really picked up, loved the finish of Punk and Jericho, and still can't believe Rock got the clean win, but it was the right touch. 
Kyle Schroeder

Best Match: HHH vs. Taker
Worst Match: Sheamus vs. Bryan

Hi Dave,

Watched WM XXVIII with a few people and this show was a mixed bag.  There was some great moments, some bad moments, and some awful moments.  This was a show I was looking forward to due to the great hype the WWE has put into it over the past couple months.  In the end, well it wasn't disappointing but also wasn't anything special either.

Sheamus vs. Bryan was something, not sure what but something.  Orton vs. Kane was not very good but probably better than expected, Rhodes vs. Show was bad even though Show put over the IC belt.  The Divas match was bad, they worked hard, but it was bad.

Then the show crawled out from the grave when HHH and Taker had an amazing match.  I had trepidation about this match, I was afraid that they would do last year all over again but they had a very different match and a match which finished a great story.  It wasn't a spotfest, it was a methodical psychological match and it was even more greatly helped by the superb performance of Shawn Michaels.  This match was more than what I could have asked for.

The 12 man match was made to calm the crowd down and it was alright, not great in any way but alright. 

Punk vs. Jericho was disappointing, the finish was hot but this crowd was dead and it made these guys look like filler.  This did not look like a semi main event match, even opening the show I doubt this match was going to get much of a reaction.  Match was just above average, not what a match in that slot should be and not what these two are capable of doing.

Rock vs. Cena was mostly a boring match where Rock looked like he was gassed.   He looked really bad for most of this match, even with a good ending this is not a match I will remember or have any fond memories of.  I usually like slower paced matches because it tells a story and they crowd has a chance to get into it but that did not happen here like it did in the HHH/Taker match. The ending was pretty smart but I don't want to see another match or another Rock match unless he is tagging with someone or in a 3 way.  This match was getting looked at as being the next Hogan vs. Rock and this was not even close, this match was mildly disappointing.

Show all around wasn't anything special, could have helped to have another match in there over having longer matches I guess.  But I did like how a couple matches ended so a thumbs middle for what I was thinking would have been one of the all time great shows.

Not sure where the WWE goes from here, not excited about anything coming out of this show.

Thumbs in the Middle.

Keep up the great work,

-Ryan McDeed

Show - Thumbs up for HHH/UT, Jericho/Punk and Rock/Cena

Best match - HHH/UT

Worst match - I want to say Bryan/Sheamus but it wasn't even a match so I'll go with the 12 man tag

So my guess is that tomorrow night Undertaker tries to announce his retirement and Brock comes out and challenges him for one last match at WM29. Plausible?

Thanks for all your hard work on the newsletter and the website.

Tom Wagner

Thumbs down.
Best Match: Jericho vs Punk
Worst Match: Divas Tag (since Sheamus vs Bryan wasn't a match)

I realize you and Bryan were gushing about the Taker/HHH match, but to me it was just pretty good. But I also know I wasn't fully into it because as soon as Daniel Bryan was pinned within seconds, I was angry, wanted my money back, and wasn't willing to give this show a chance. I honestly don't buy WWE PPVs frequently; I get Wrestlemania every year, and I bought Money in the Bank last year. But after two years in a row where I looked forward to Bryan getting some time to show the world what he can do in the ring, and two years in a row of no match to speak of, I'll be damned if I open my wallet for a show again.

As for Rock-Cena, I'm sure the atmosphere was electric live, but it seemed like most of the crowd noise vanished into the sky on television. Much of the match felt like it was in slow motion with a whole lot of restholds, and once it really got going, the finish came about two minutes later.

Between Wrestlemania and the GFL technical problems on the ROH show, this weekend was a massive disappointment on the wrestling front. The difference was that ROH did everything they could from a creative perspective to put together a good show for anyone who cares about wrestling. I hope they find a way to guarantee their fans will efficiently receive the product they deliver in the future, because WWE clearly doesn't want to give their hardcore fans (which I realize is not the majority) what they want to see.

Dan Katz
Greensboro, NC


The right guy won in the end and the main event delivered, but the entire show just left me feeling underwhelmed. There was definitely not a match that was on the level of Richardson-Elgin. I thought the three main events delivered what was promised but nothing stood out as something that wouldn't be on any other PPV as far as the matches or big moments went. The main event proved to me that while Cena may be the better technician, Hogan is just the flat out better worker. I'm sure, like just about every year, they'll have the big angle on Raw rather than on Mania like they usually do. I'll have to watch it again tomorrow but right now I didn't feel like I got my monies worth.

-Matt Burrill

Thumbs up
Best : Taker and HHH...well paced and well done. Great near falls. Awesome to see Jim Ross back - wish he was part of the main event as well.
Musical entrances for both Cena and Rock were excellent and didn't feel out of place. Although it couldn't match the year long hype, Cena and Rock had an excellent match. STF spot and the AAnear falls were great spots.
Worst: Bryan and Sheamus - OMFG...poor Bryan - anyone think he was well respected by WWE brass now?
Other matches were fine, not memorable, but decent.
Wish they did something to start the hype for 21-0 or Rock vs? for next year.
Peter Leong

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