Second batch of Mania feedback

Wrestlemania 28 feedback
Thumbs up
Best match: Triple H vs Undertaker
Worst match: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menuenos vs Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres
Hi Dave
Overall I really enjoyed the show tonight. I had no desire to see HHH vs Undertaker until it started as I felt that it was taking away from the rest of the show. But the match was so well done that I have to give it best match of the night. I do hope it is the end for both guys as there will be no future Wrestlemania legends if other guys don't get to start having moments. The only people who have anything close to classic moments the past few years are Punk and Miz.
I really enjoyed Punk vs Jericho and think they knocked it out of the park with the spot they were put in. Punk came off as a major star and Jericho helped make him seem like a Wrestlemania legend.
Rock vs Cena was fantastic in my mind. Rock was great of course but Cena has to be commended for the poise he showed here. It felt like one of the biggest matches of all time while watching it.
The Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus match going the way it did is ridiculous. Sheamus would have been better served with a good match and it does feel like WWE is messing with the audience that supports Bryan. I'm pretty sure I heard the crowd chanting for him during the women's match. Speaking of which, it had no business going so long. They easily could have cut it some, kept Flo Rida to one song and perhaps cut HHH vs Taker a few minutes shorter and they could have had a show with four great matches. I do think that the image of Bryan kissing AJ followed by the kick and flash pin will probably be a highlight reel shot for future Mania's so I guess there's that. I hope Bryan was well-compensated for it or they make it worth his while going forward with a program with Punk on Raw.
Kane vs Orton was fine but forgettable. I liked Rhodes vs Show and think that Rhodes should probably have the program for the Smackdown title match coming out of Mania.
But with the complaints, there were also a lot of highs and I did enjoy the show.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Wrestlemania 28
Thumbs Down
Best Match - Undertaker/Triple H, CM Punk/Jericho
Worst Match - the entire rest of the show, but I guess if forced to pick the women's match, though the treatment of Daniel Bryan is the thing that upset me the most.
I watched every show this weekend, both Ring of Honor shows, both Dragon Gate USA shows, and Wrestlemania.  I enjoyed the first four shows and absolutely hated WWE's offering.  Last year I was upset when Daniel Bryan got bumped off the pay per view, and now looking back, I have to say that it was far better than what happened to him this year.  I had a house full of people over to watch this show and every single one of them thought that this match was an insult.  Pretty much everyone in the room wanted Sheamus to win, but no one was happy with how it happened.  Considering the amount of non-wrestling garbage that littered this show(backstage segments, lame music acts performing live) There is no reason at all for the best wrestler in the company to get squashed in his first televised Wrestlemania match.  As far as the rest of the show, it is just painstakingly obvious to me that WWE is completely out of touch with what their audience wants to see.  I was in a room where I was the only hardcore wrestling fan, surrounded by my family who are either casual fans, or not fans at all, and everyone was unhappy with the music performances and constant commercials throughout the shows, loud groans for stupid comedy, and people just outright not paying attention to the show by the end of it.  I know that I will keep watching their product because as a wrestling fan I really have little choice in the matter, they really are the only big league in town, but the fact is that I am extremely disappointed in the show.  I will say that the Hell in a Cell match was excellent.  Also the CM Punk match developed into a great hard hitting match, but the changing of the stips to a disqualification means a title change really angered me, and the teasing of it early on was a huge turn off.  Jericho and Punk got me back into it by the end, but there was no reason to add that to the match.  Rock/Cena was fine I guess, but it certainly didn't feel like the biggest match of all time.  You have to think after all that time of trying to get people to cheer Cena that they wouldn't have him come out in a Boston Celtics like shirt about five hours after the Celtics beat the Heat in Miami, but it just goes to show how much thought they are really putting into this, if any at all.  The music acts before the match were easily the low-point of this show, and when looking back I consider the amount of time given to them(both in the skit and the actual performance of their"music") to be a smack in my face as a wrestling fan.
In comparison to the Ring of Honor shows, well there really isn't any.  The only negative is the production problems they had with the streaming, but when watching the replays of those shows they are awesome.  The Michael Elgin/Davey Richards match was easily the match of the weekend, and most likely the year.  Also both Dragon Gate USA shows were very good, though I did feel that they weren't at the level of the Ring of Honor shows.  The production values were better, but the overall shows weren't as good from top to bottom.  After watching four awesome shows Friday and Saturday, it really hit home how WWE just doesn't care about putting on a wrestling show, they really are a clueless entertainment company.  I can't say this was the worst Wrestlemania, not with the Hell in a Cell and Punk matches, but it was easily the most disappointed I've ever been in a major show.  This was a huge downer for me at the end of what had been a great weekend of pro wrestling.
Clint Achilles

Thumbs Up Best Match Triple H vs Undertaker Worst Match Womens match. Good show, not amongst the best, but still a very strong show with three fantastic matches. This show was definitely booked to do the opposite of what was expected, particularly with the finish of Orton vs Kane, Cena vs Rock, and no Lesnar. Triple H vs Undertaker was much better than last years match, and a strong match of the year candidate. Sheamus vs Bryan going 18 seconds was a travesty, WWE should be ashamed of themselves. In fact the entire first hour was a complete downer, and could have easily been cut. It definitely picked up with Hour 2. Jericho vs Punk was great, but took a while to get going. Rock vs Cena was about what I expected, although I feel Rock going over was the wrong move. I'm more excited to see where they are going from this point on. Good show.
-Geoffrey Gillott

Thumbs up, somewhat reluctantly.
Best Match - HHH/Taker
Worst Match - Women's
The show was what it was - a two match show. I guess you could make a case that Jericho/Punk was promoted well, as well. But those two matches delivered, which was important. Jericho/Punk was very good as well, but the crowd wasn't into it because it was a two match show. Those two matches and the opener were the only spots where the crowd was going to be hot. The WWE title match should have opened that show for that reason.

At the end of the day, this 'Mania was a success because the fans bought it for those two matches and it delivered. I don't like that strategy too much, since it's safe, but it worked to an extent. It could have been much more, though.

Lesnar not showing up makes perfect sense, although it would have been badass after both Trips/Taker and the main event. It makes more sense to have him debut tomorrow to a bigger audience, if he does debut.
Daniel Zurbruegg

My only hope is that Raw will open with a giant "April Fools" banner
and a complete Wrestlemania re-do. Wrestlemania VIII looks that much
better tonight.
Doug "DiRT" Turner
Senior Editor

Best Match: Undertaker vs. HHH
Worst Match: Divas Tag Match

First show I've bought since the Rumble (and third overall in the past year, following Money in the Bank).
Really enjoyed the show. My girlfriend LOVED the Undertaker/HHH match and it was easily the best thing on the show.
Some of the pacing of the show fell off a cliff near the end, particularly the amount of padding they had around Cena/Rock.
That said, easy thumbs-up show. Four hours that didn't drag much until the last hour, then only dragged a little bit.

Ryan Pike

Show: Thumbs up.
Best match: Undertaker vs. HHH
Worst match: Divas tag.
In the end, I wanted to see Rock win, so I ended up pretty happy with things. Undertaker vs. HHH was really good, though I'm not sure what the point of a HITC gimmick was, since it didn't really come into play.
I thought Punk vs. Jericho was a very good match, but the lack of crowd heat really hurt it. Not the guys fault; I just think the crowd was ready to see the Rock, and it would have been tough on anyone put in that spot.
Rock vs. Cena was about as good as it could have been, given that Rock hasn't had a singles match since '03 and Cena, while a great performer, isn't Ric Flair 1989.
I thought everything else was just kind of there. It was practically criminal to give Daniel Bryan 18 seconds and then give the women's tag about seven minutes, not to mention Brodus Clay, the two music performances, and everything else.
Is there a reason we didn't get a Ric Flair closeup when the HOFers were introduced?
But overall, it was a good show.
Zach Baker
Tiffin Oh.
Since I broke down and finally bought a damn ppv (because of the book and edits/adds, just to see it all for myself) a couple quick thoughts.
4 hours is too damn long.  First hour was torture.
HHH-Taker was excellent...I'd compare it to Bruiser-Von Erich and Von Erich-Kiniski in mid-60s, but these guys used many more weapons, 60s actually more moves..good psychology both, better drama obviously today because they had a different story to tell...sorry, but the old school guys certainly are comparable in what they did too but this one was a dandy
Punk-Jericho..liked it, but a little ragged in spots...they ain't Brisco and Funk but they're okay
Rock-Cena...Brisco-Funk still safe, for they (Jack & Dory) had more tools to work with...but these guys, as you noted, for what today's audience is educated in and using signature moves, it was perfectly fine...and they told the story they wanted to was fine
Lots of bumps..lots of long selling spots too up and down in the long bouts...nothing wrong with it, just replaces a rest period between falls or being in a hold .... sometimes I think down deep it hasn't changed as much as people think
And a last thought, just shooting from the hip and no real any era, when you get to the BIG matches, whether it is Mania today or certain key matches in the 90-100 years earlier...the great ones all know or knew how to deliver what the fans want or wanted based on their abilities and what the business is at the time

Name withheld by request

After following the week's festivities, the Hall of Fame last night, and this incredible spectacle on PPV tonight, TNA mays well just pack their bags and call it a day.  There is only one dog in the fight, and that dog is the WWE.
As much as people are pissed about the Sheamus-Bryan match, I loved it....the unpredictability of the quick win makes me want to see what happens next. 
Randy Orton vs. Kane was what it was, but the surprising clean win over Orton was great.
Cody Rhodes dropping the belt to The Big Show also surprised me, and that's a good thing!  Nothing worse than watching a PPV and knowing all the outcomes, so this was another pleasant surprise.
The Divas match was a divas match.
The Undertaker-Triple H match was exhausting, but in a good way....a VERY good way!  What drama!  What story telling!!  EPIC match and Match of The Year candidate for sure!  This had everything and is why I am a pro wrestling fan.  Just epic.
Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny was a mess, but it had it's moments.  Dolph Ziggler, of course, was the star of the match.
Jericho vs. Punk was another great match and I look forward to seeing where this feud goes next. 
And finally, The Rock beats John Cena in a fantastic match that had the feeling of big fight...just awesome to watch the stadium during the intros and opening minutes...the outdoor atmosphere, all those fans, and the camera angles were just great.
A HUGE thumbs up and ranks this Wrestlemanias as one of the best ever.

Thumbs in the middle.  Best: Undertaker vs. HHH.  Worst: Divas match.  Everyone I was watching was really disappointed that the Bryan vs. Sheamus match was so short.  It was really bad considering the mini-concerns, backstage bullshit, divas match, and videos we've already seen added up to 15-20 minutes they could have given them.  There was some good stuff, though, and Taker-HHH was so good that you can't complain too much.
Jim LeMond

Wrestlemania 28
Thumbs Slightly Up
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match: Divas Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus:
This completely killed Daniel Bryan as a future star and main eventer. Really sad with the crowd chanting YES YES YES and booing Sheamus. And WWE wonders why nobody is over anymore.
DUD star rating
Randy Orton vs. Kane
This was nothing but a Smackdown main event match. Crowd didn't care and chanted Daniel Bryan's name throughout the match. Judging by the finish they'll have a gimmick match at Extreme Rules
** stars
Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show
Again this was nothing but a Smackdown match. Crowd still didn't care and chanting for Daniel Bryan.
** stars
Beth Phoenix and Eve vs. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos
Credit to Maria for working with injuries but this was bad. This got more time than both title matches and was horrible. What's the purpose of Maria winning? Is she going to challenge Beth for the Butterfly Belt? Crowd was loudly chanting Daniel Bryan during the match
1/2 star
Undertaker vs. Triple H
This match saved the show. Excellent story telling. Many near falls where you thought that was the finish. Afterwards the End of an Era curtain call was a fitting end. A definite Match of the Year contender
**** 3/4 stars
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy
After Hell in a Cell nobody cared about this match. Neither of the Bellas should be around a mic ever again. The last few minutes were pretty good with Eve screwing Zack to lead to the finish.
** 1/2 stars
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Good job by WWE to throw in the Red Herring of Jericho winning the belt by DQ. This match also told a good story. Great wrestling match.
**** stars
Brodus Clay segment.....Daniel Bryan got squashed in record time so we can get this segment. No Buys
MGK and Flo Rida concerts......again Daniel Bryan got squashed in record time so everyone who came to see wrestling got to see these "musical acts" get time. This went so long I got flashbacks of KISS on Nitro. No Buys
John Cena vs. The Rock
Much better than I expected. It seemed Rock starting blowing up near the end but still good. They both worked the crowd well and was surprised Rock wins. Either they are doing a rematch at Summerslam or Brock shows up and challenges Rock.
*** 1/4 stars
Josh Hayes

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