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Wrestlemania 28
Thumbs Slightly Up
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match: Divas Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus:
This completely killed Daniel Bryan as a future star and main eventer. Really sad with the crowd chanting YES YES YES and booing Sheamus. And WWE wonders why nobody is over anymore.
DUD star rating
Randy Orton vs. Kane
This was nothing but a Smackdown main event match. Crowd didn't care and chanted Daniel Bryan's name throughout the match. Judging by the finish they'll have a gimmick match at Extreme Rules
** stars
Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show
Again this was nothing but a Smackdown match. Crowd still didn't care and chanting for Daniel Bryan.
** stars
Beth Phoenix and Eve vs. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos
Credit to Maria for working with injuries but this was bad. This got more time than both title matches and was horrible. What's the purpose of Maria winning? Is she going to challenge Beth for the Butterfly Belt? Crowd was loudly chanting Daniel Bryan during the match
1/2 star
Undertaker vs. Triple H
This match saved the show. Excellent story telling. Many near falls where you thought that was the finish. Afterwards the End of an Era curtain call was a fitting end. A definite Match of the Year contender
**** 3/4 stars
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy
After Hell in a Cell nobody cared about this match. Neither of the Bellas should be around a mic ever again. The last few minutes were pretty good with Eve screwing Zack to lead to the finish.
** 1/2 stars
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Good job by WWE to throw in the Red Herring of Jericho winning the belt by DQ. This match also told a good story. Great wrestling match.
**** stars
Brodus Clay segment.....Daniel Bryan got squashed in record time so we can get this segment. No Buys
MGK and Flo Rida concerts......again Daniel Bryan got squashed in record time so everyone who came to see wrestling got to see these "musical acts" get time. This went so long I got flashbacks of KISS on Nitro. No Buys
John Cena vs. The Rock
Much better than I expected. It seemed Rock starting blowing up near the end but still good. They both worked the crowd well and was surprised Rock wins. Either they are doing a rematch at Summerslam or Brock shows up and challenges Rock.
*** 1/4 stars
Josh Hayes

Thumbs up.

Best match -- Undertaker vs. HHH
Worst match -- Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

The matches that were pushed hardest delivered, although the crowd made a good Rock-Cena match look great with tremendous heat throughout and made a great Punk-Jericho match good by not getting into it until late. Undertaker-HHH told a great story and Michaels once again stole the show.

Undercard was mostly inoffensive and forgettable filler. My only complaint is one you'll probably hear a lot of, the treatment of Daniel Bryan and the Smackdown world title. Seriously, Mama Clay and the Bridge Club got more time than them?

Jody Jewers
Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada

Best match: Taker v HHH
Worst match: Bryan v Sheamus (I was really hoping they'd get 15min or so)
Thumbs up (8.5/10)
It was an overall great show with the main 3 matches being good-excellent and the stuff that wasn't good was kept to a minimal. My main disappointment was the Bryan-Sheamus going :18 or whatever the time was. Orton v Kane and Show v Cody were fine for what they were. I didn't really pay attention to the divas or the 12 man tag. Taker v HHH was brilliant. Better than last year. Probably ****3/4. Just great execution by all parties involved and having JR doing play by play helped. I wish he did the rest of the show. Jericho v Punk was really good as was Cena v Rock. I think the slow build with Cena v Rock was confusing cause I expected the show to be over by 10:45pm and went 10 minutes longer. For it being Rock's first 1 on 1 match in 9 years and going 30 minutes, he was pretty good. They did the right finish which concerned me. I was hoping for Brock but I guess that's what tomorrow is for. Strong showing. Can't wait till next year.

TJ Packard

hey Dave:
Thumbs down
Best Match: UT-HHH
Worst Match: Divas
The UT-HHH was good for the drama and the end of Punk-Jericho was good (the beginning was boring). The Cena-Rock was disappointing to me, it'll be interesting to see how they explain off the ending. I'm not too excited about Brock Lesnar, would've been if he was still with the UFC.
Let's hope the WWE starts honest rebuilding now with fulltime regulars.
Been a subscriber and website member for years...Bryan and you are both fantastic! Keep up the quality work and stay great!  Jeff S

Jeff S

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Taker vs. HHH
Worst Mach: Sheamus vs. Bryan

The top three matches had great storytelling and emotion. Taker vs. HHH was basically just a brawl but the emotion in the match was really outstanding. I thought Cena vs. Rock lived up to the hype. They did all they could. Jericho vs. Punk seemed to take forever to really get going. I thought the first half of the match was somewhat boring but they did some great stuff at the end. I actually thought they might try to recreate Savage vs. Steamboat since they are both such big fans. Sheamus vs. Bryan was a surprise, but to be honest I could care less. I would of just assumed not have had Orton vs. Kane. Overall, a really good Wresltemania. There are so many to compare it to now, so it's hard to say where it ranks all time. At the very least, the top 3 matches were fantastic. 

Cory Walker


Thumbs Up
Best Match :  Undertaker vs HHH
Worst Match : Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan non-match. What a rip.

DGUSA - Open The Ultimate Gate

Thumbs uo
Best Match : Masaaki Mochizuki vs Akira Tozawa
Worst match : Bobby Fish/TommyDreamer vs The Scene

First-time viewer for DGSA & first iPPV bought. Really pleased with the overall experience. The show made me more enclined to order future iPPV, providing the line-up brings something to the table. Although it's Evolve and not DGUSA, the Toronto show in 2 weeks look good.

Eric Bonin

Hi Dave, I give this Wrestlemania a Thumbs Up.
Best Match: Undertaker vs HHH
Worst Match: Bryan vs Sheamus
I think this PPV was good, HHH and Taker was very good and had a good storytelling also with Michaels performance in the match as the referee, and it was a brutal match, with the countless chairshots and everything, for me, the best hell in a cell since Batista vs HHH in 2005, and the ending was pretty epic also with the 3 men hugging. Rock vs Cena was good, but I feel the Rock's cardio was really bad, 15 minutes into the match I felt Rock was tired as hell and it hurt the match a little, and it was very surprising for me that they let Rock defeat Cena clean, it was a shocker for me. Punk vs Jericho was good even though it had a slow start, but the finish was awesome, the GM's match was fine and had no problems with that, but well, after all the Eve storyline, HOW ON EARTH we are going to take Ryder's character seriously? This guy is being portrayed as the ultimate idiot. Show vs Rhodes was ok, they were given very little time so they did fine under the circumstances, the Divas match was fine, I didn't mind watching it and I thought also that Kelly was good with the Molly go Round.
The downside of the show were the first 2 matches, Orton and Kane bored me, but that's whay I was expecting to be honest so I won't complain, but Bryan losing in 18 seconds was terrible, how a great way to make look your (now former) World Heavyweight Champion.
Alberto Dominguez

Hello Dave,

Thumbs Down
Best Match: HHH vs Undertaker
Worst Match: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

The Usos vs Primo & Epico vs Kidd & Gabriel: ** - Nothing fancy but a decent match with some flashy spots to get the crowd going.

Kane vs Randy Orton: **1/2 - Not Mania worthy but decent match with a surprise ending, at least for me.
Cody Rhodes vs Big Show: ** - Didn't think Big Show winning was the right decision but whatever.
Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix & Eve: * Better than the usual divas match. Kelly impressed me for the first time ever when she hit the Molly-Go-Round
HHH vs Undertaker: ****3/4 - Superb match. When WWE puts an effort into matches, wonderful things happen.
Team Long vs Team Laurinaitis: ** - Crowd was completely dead but the ending was cool. Ziggler is freaking unbelievable.
CM Punk vs Jericho: ***3/4 - Very good match that lacked a good crowd in the beginning but eventually they got into it.
The Rock vs John Cena: **** - They did the same stuff that's usually done in big matches but the crowd involvement made it much better. Didn't expect that ending nor did I want it to happen but I'm ok with it. It was done correctly and the crowd was very happy with the outcome.

Let me start by saying that this was a good show. Great atmosphere, awesome production and you can see by the star ratings that there was some good wrestling.
Having said that, I will quit watching WWE and wrestling once again. I'm 21. I started watching around 2005 until 2007 and came back around Money In the Bank because of Punk's promo. I had fun watching WWE during this period but I can't support a company that presents that Bryan vs Sheamus match. I have so many things to say about that match and why it's a completely idiotic decision but I won't because nobody cares. So let me just say that is not the right way to treat someone who improved more than any other wrestler in the last year and got to Wrestlemania receiving more crowd support than the guy who won the Royal Rumble (I like Sheamus, by the way) despite being a heel. This makes everyone involved look like shit and is a great example of why WWE can no longer create stars. If this is the way they want to treat their fans then I don't want any part in it. I want to see if Brock Lesnar is going to show up on RAW tomorrow so I'm going to watch the show but after this Monday WWE will no longer get any of my money. Congratulations WWE, you somehow managed to drive me away from your product when my interest in wrestling was at an all-time high.

João Moreira

Best: Cena/Rock
Worst:  Sheamus/Bryan
Enjoyable card.  I have to give the Cena/Rock match the nod over Hunter/Taker. The latter match told a good story, but  it didn't build very well physically.  It seemed to start at the end-of-match, last-legs point, and stay there.  Which, I suppose, makes sense considering who was in the match.  I felt Cena/Rock had a better flow.  I always enjoy seeing the HOF inductees.  Mike Tyson looks like he lost a lot of body mass.  Flo Rida evidently found it.  When he came out to perform, I thought "this guy's huge."  Then, when he started rapping, I thought, "this guy's horrible."  The skinny white dude that rapped for Cena did a way better job (and how would you like THAT for your first big gig...those poor folks who did Cena's entrance were guaranteed to get booed out of the stadium no matter what they did).  
Flo Rida was out of tune and out of breath.  I suppose there's always a place for jacked-up guys with no cardio in WWE, but it really bothered me that Daniel Bryan didn't  get a chance to do anything, and yet Flo gets all that mic time.  And guess who didn't get any mic time?  The Rock, of course...put him in front of a huge, hometown crowd and not let him do his spiel?  I don't get it.  I also didn't get the Mama Clay bit.  That seemed right in league with Shelton's "momma."  Better than having the guy wrestle, I suppose (Brodus, not Shelton).  And poor Zach Ryder...although $10 says he falls for Eve again on the next Raw.  I wish WWE had kept Brock Lesnar under better wraps.  Once word of his visit leaked out, I felt let down that he didn't make a run-in.
Doug Koorman
St Paul, MN

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