And the next set of Mania feedback

Hi Dave & Bryan,
I gave the show a solid thumbs up. It started OK but HHH/Taker, Punk/Jericho and Rock/Cena all delivered.
Best Match - Undertaker vs HHH
Worst Match - Phoenix & Torres vs Kelly &  Menounos
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus - It was what it was. Surprised no Bryan/AJ confrontation tonight but I guess they are saving that for Raw tomorrow. Too bad they decided to go the short route for this match as I would have liked to see them work a match and save us the grief of the skits & Brodus dancing that were to come. Sheamus had to make quick work out of Bryan to avoid getting a tan in the Miami sun.
Randy Orton vs. Kane -  Nothing special about this match except for the surprise win by Kane clean in the middle. The finish was unspectacular and for a 2nd rope choke slam, didn't look too devastating. Unfortunately that may mean we have to see this continue. Cole called Orton's draping DDT a bulldog attempt.
For paying big bucks for WM, can do without all the skits, the ads, the PR stuff for National Guard etc. Santino skit with the crab legs was mildly amusing but went way too long. Slater skit was pointless.
Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show - Just an average match that could have been on Raw. Sure seemed like a long 5-6 minutes to me. Maybe the groin spear can be Show's new finishing move. Shouldn't have Cody gotten 5 minutes to recover on that?
Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos - This went way too long. Menounos got Eve's spray on tan all over her ass in the double stink face spot. Lucky Eve! Terrible match although Kelly's flip dive into a Thesz press looked really cool and landed great. I know the need is there for a celebrity for main stream attention but would rather have seen Nattie get a WM payday facing Beth-but I guess she has been totally ruined with the farting gimmick and cant be taken seriously now. That bad gimmick has run its course, they need to rehab her. 
Undertaker vs. HHH -  Though this was a great match and well done. Shawn was a bit too much over dramatizing things as ref for my liking. No dissention that would lead to HHH vs HBK at next year WM, looked at one point he was in position angling himself to throw a superkick at HHH. I was kind of thinking that HHH would have received the tombstone on the sledgehammer as it was always left in the ring and never really disposed of like the chairs or the steps. Didn't care for the end here with Undertaker helping HHH up and to the back and the 3 way hug on stage. Should have had Undertaker leave on his own and left HHH in the ring or have him stretchered out. Some brutal chair shots received by both guys.
Team Teddy (Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston & R-Truth & Booker T & Great Khali & Zack Ryder) vs. Team Johnny (David Otunga & Mark Henry & Drew McIntyre & Jack Swagger & The Miz) - The death spot to follow the last match. The crowd was virtually silent for the first few minutes, most were probably heading to the washrooms for this one. Really a nothing match except for the cool 3 way flip dive out of the ring.
Lawler talked about how during the HHH vs Undertaker match fans were chanting "This is amazing", he was close. Maybe he couldn't say awesome due to Miz.
C.M. Punk vs. Chris Jericho - Really liked this match as well. Good psychology with Jericho trying to get Punk to get DQ'ed although it reminded me exactly of Daniel Bryan's matches to save his title but having his opponents get DQ'ed. Well paced and a good finish. Liked Jericho's escape attempts from the Anaconda vice with the roll up and the knees to the back of the head and finally Punk shifting positions to avoid the knees to get the tap. Some good subtleness to the mat wrestling. Well done and the right finish here. Really liked how Jericho blocked the huricanrana off the top to drop down into the Walls of Jericho. Cool looking spot. Also liked him pulling out the LionTamer as that looks so much more devastating than the Boston Crab. Helps when you have a more limber opponent to do it to.
Brodus Clay dancing, I am sure the live crowd loved it although instead of interrupting his own song but calling his mom on the phone and having her bridge club out was lame. Should have just had Brodus and the Miami Heat or Dolphins cheerleaders come and dance with him.
Live ring entrance performances were both good to get crowd pumped for main event. Not sure what kind of music they may have planned for next year as who can top Flo Rida in Miami? No such luck next year unless it is from a neighbouring state and have Mary Land sing. If they host WM in Lexington at Commonwealth stadium they could have musical guest Ken Tucky, or move to the Superdome and have Louise Iana.
John Cena vs. The Rock - Considering some limitations they may have had with having to go so long, this match exceeded my expectations for action and near falls. I thought Cena retired his jean shorts? Some good near falls and I really didn't know how they were going to end this one. Rock win at home and send fans home happy or Cena win as he has to carry the company for the next year. Rock did not look out of place in the ring at all and he pulled off a main event performance, credit to Cena as he had a part in making Rock look good.
I am sure Raw ratings will be up tomorrow to see how this all falls out and what direction we now go with various programs. No run-ins, no interference in any match, no hints of what is to come and if any of these matches were blow-offs as they didn't appear to be. Only really direction they hinted at was Eve kicked Zach low to continue that on. Hopefully Bryan doesn't get moved down the card as his run as champ had been very entertaining.
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Have a great night everyone.
Grant Zwarych
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Great show and atmosphere. The roof would have been blown away if they was a roof when The Rock won. However WWE are going to get a whole load of complaints regarding the giant Palm trees around the ringside. Lots of people could not even see half of the ring. I paid $350 for my central risers ticket and l was shocked how restricted my view was. I was around 50-70 people who got a free upgrade and was moved to the floor. The person who moved me l think was some type of WWE official and said the palm tree was a last minute decision and they realised it would cause problems and tried to be proactive. But there must have been hundredths of people with obstructed view who had no choice but to view the large screens instead!
Amjid Faarooq

Dear Dave,
Overall: Thumbs Up
Bryan vs. Sheamus- N/A This was extremely stupid of WWE to do. These guys could've had an awesome match but WWE screwed it up. Yeah it makes sense because of the way Bryan has been booked champion but c'mon this was really disappointing.
Orton vs. Kane- ** 1/4 Match was pretty boring but did pick up in the end. Definitely a surprise finish.
Cody vs. Big Show- ** Just not enough time and pretty forgettable.
Kelly and Maria vs. Beth and Eve- * 1/2 They worked hard but it was pretty boring and given way too much time. Kelly looked awful running the ropes as usual but had a nice spot with the flip off the top. I give credit to Maria though for toughing out the cracked rib, you could tell she was in pain.
Undertaker vs. HHH- ***** Absolutely incredible, topped last year's match for sure. Also will be very memorable due to the ending with all them embracing on the stage as it really did feel like the end of an era.
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy- *** Good match with a fun faced paced ending. Also ending was good and made sense to the story of Eve and Ryder, even though it made Ryder look like a total geek.
Punk vs. Y2J- **** Great wrestling match as both gave a very smooth performance. Although the crowd wasn't there for most of the match, it definitely made up for it in the last 10 minutes with a great exchange.
Rock vs. Cena-**** 1/4 This wasn't by any means a wrestling masterpiece, but it was definitely a hell of a fun ride from start to finish. The crowd really made this match and made it seem important. Rock winning was a huge surprise but was really cool to see given the finish where Cena screwed himself by acting cocky. It gave that sense of surprise and excitement over who was going to win that I didn't feel in the other matches. Great job by these two in my opinion making a very worthy Wrestlemania main event.
Overall a thumbs up for me, I feel it was better than most Wrestlemanias and especially more than last year's. I'd probably put it just behind 23 but just ahead of 26.
-Derek Peters

Thumbs Up
Best Match:Undertaker/HHH
Worst Match:Divas Tag Match

I'm back again Dave for my Mania feedback.  Overall, I enjoyed this show a lot and thought it was the best one of the weekend by far.  The Taker/HHH match was incredible especially considering I didn't think they could outdo last year's match.  Punk/Jericho was pretty good and Rock/Cena was pretty solid and everyone went home happy.

Steve Viglio

DOLPH ZIGGER had a really awesome monkey flip spot.   He works his ass off every match he’s in. It’s a real treat to watch him “sell” and wrestle. Only a matter of time before he’s main-eventing.

Does someone not like ZACK RYDER? He’s been made to look like an idiot ever since that JOHN CENA program. To top it all off, you’d think he’d be the one to get mad at EVE and throw her to the curb. Instead he gets kicked in the balls, not just literally, but career wise too.

Speaking of people not liking anyone, HEATH SLATER.

TAKER/TRIPS was disappointing.   They’ve had better matches. TAKER looked very old.

The cell was pointless. The match had way too many chair shots, was expecting a lot more.

PUNK/JERICHO was good.   JERICHO using some of his classic moves from his early wrestling days, i.e. The Lion Tamer and the Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker, was very cool to see.

PUNK looked dumb when he was pre celebrating before moves, only to be caught off. I.e. “Best in the World!”  Smart baby faces don’t pre celebrate, only to get cut off.

ROCK/CENA was the best match.   The match reminded me of ROCK/AUSTIN at Wrestle Mania a few years back. This match is the way a Wrestle Mania main event should be.

CENA looked like an idiot when he was doing the goofy pose of the “People’s Elbow.”

The match was put together well.   Not a clue who actually “put” the match together, but I’m sure ROCK had more then a say in putting together the match. Nice quick short reaction spots. I.e. the “spit to the hand” then the “AA.” And the quick finish to the match with the snap of the Rock Bottom.

Anyone else notice after the pin, ROCK scratching CENA’s head, signalling “good job?”

After watching this Mania, I realised why I barely watch wrestling anymore. There’s a reason why business has been down.


Overall:   Meh.


Patrick Doucette

in Toronto.

Hello Dave

I'm former AAA/CMLL correspondent for the Observer, Xavier Hernandez.

Here are my thoughts on the WM28 show.

Thumbs in the middle

Best Match: Taker/HHH
Worst Match: Divas match

I got a little rant for the opener. It was the biggest slap in the face of Daniel Bryan, and as a fan of American Dragon I felt insulted, that they didn't let him wrestle. Taking a kick to the face doesn't count!!! I don't see any improvement from last years dark match to an 18 squash match. Somebody behind the scenes must not like Bryan. They could have taken out the Clay crap, the santino skit and the Slater/Flo-rida stuff to give Sheamus and Bryan a short and fun match. I really really hope WM29 is the real 1st mania Bryan gets to wrestle.

Orton/Kane was OK. The match was very predictable, so I was shocked they went with Kane clean over Orton. I was just really pissed off for the Bryan deal that I didn't enjoy any match until HHH/Taker. I heard We want bryan and Yes chants from the crowd, unless my anger produced those chants in my mind.

Rhodes/Show was fine. I don't see how they can put over Rhodes as a credible young heel, if they have him job to Big Show, so he can have his mania moment. I believe Show reached Grand Slam status with the title win, but I am not sure.

Divas match was awful. Maria looked awful about this match was the 18 second match, and then we would have a longer Daniel Bryan match? Crappy booking of Bryan.

HHH/Taker was the true main event of the show. The psychology was tremendous and every spot had me on the edge of my seat. I was expecting Lesnar like every internet mark, but it was incredible match by Taker and HHH. This is what gives the Cell true meaning, and not random matches set on a themed PPV.

Teams match was fine. I just didn't like the booking of Ryder, he already looks like a complete goof and this doesn't do him any good. He's obviously the most over star of the 12, and yet he takes the loss. I hope they rehab him soon, or we will have another santino. Great spot by Ziggler with the monkey flip though.

Jericho/Punk was great, although very predictable, the first few minutes were slow but it picked up very well. I loved all the reversals, and I hope this feud continues.

Rock/Cena was good. The crowd seem to be exhausted, and I expected Cena to get booed out of the building. Rock looked a bit tired but very good. Ending was right, and Cena finally lost clean again, you see a clean loss of Cena like you see a solar eclipse.

It was an good show, but not a fantastic show. HHH/Taker was worth my money, the rest was between good and disappointing.  And I want Bryan to be rehabbed PRONTO!!!

Xavier Hernandez

Kind of disappointed in the show.   Usually don't buy WWE pay-per-views due to the shows being underwhelming, but I had high hopes for this show, and aside from HHH/Undertaker match, it was depressingly bad.  The main event pandered to the crowd and seemed to be more an appeasement of the majority than rewarding the better worker in the ring.   Mind you, I am no fan of Cena, but Rock looked gassed after five minutes and had to be led around the ring by Cena.   It just seemed that for the build, the Rock might've actually tried to get into ring shape.   As for Cena, I think it is time for something drastic for the character.  Either turn him heel or repackage him, but his present persona is uninspiring except for the age and sex demographic of the Hunger Games.  Seems a waste of a marketable talent who had so much potential seven years ago. 
Punk/Jericho was good, but not great because the dead crowd sucked the energy out of the ring.   One could see the exasperation with both wrestlers during the match.  They were telling a great story and the audience seemed hotter for the Diva's Match.   Of course sticking this match after the fiasco known as Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy was likely the biggest cause for the crap reactions of the audience.  I wish I knew who green lighted that turd for this show.   Awful match and it's only redeeming factor was Eve launching Zack Ryder's balls to Fort Lauderdale.   It actually made the Diva's Match and Sheamus/Daniel Bryan look like four star matches.   
As for Show/Cody Rhodes, it was what it was.   They tried to find a way to make Rhodes look like he had a shot, but it was ludicrous.  Rhodes is hardly skilled enough in the ring to get a decent match with a talented wrestler like Punk or Bryan, putting him in with Show is a cure for insomnia.   Orton and Kane was only slightly better.    Orton looked a step slow and Kane is Kane....almost as bad as the Great Khali in the ring.  The only surprise is that it would appear that program is not going to end with Wrestlemania.   
Lastly, the best match I have seen in nearly a year.   The story was great, the facials and actions of Shawn Michaels were terrific and both Taker and Trips left it in the ring.   The fact that Taker and Trips could both go over forty minutes tells me that we are looking at lean times in the WWE.  As I expect Taker to call it a career and Trips to likely not get in the ring for the rest of 2012, there will be a lack of compelling characters or story telling for the WWE.    Other than Punk, I can't see a character who takes the mantle from Trips and/or Taker.    Overall, a wasted of $65.
Robb Swanson

Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Taker vs. HHH
Worst Match: Sheamus vs. Bryan
Overall a disappointing show with 2 good matches and a bunch of dreck.
Sheamus vs. Bryan: I'm expecting 10-15 minutes out of these guys and they have a 5 second match that completely buries Bryan and the title?  Fuck you Vince.  You give us a bunch of garbage that could have been done without (Clay entrance, Divas match) and don't provide us with what could have been a great match.
Orton vs. Kane: Nobody cared about this going in and the crowd reinforced that impression.  Decent match, but completely unimportant.  They just don't see that the fans don't want to boo Kane.
Rhodes vs. Show: It's disappointing they took the belt from Rhodes, since I thought he was starting to hit his stride, but the way they booked the match, they had to do the title switch.  One good thing was Show cared about the belt more than anyone has in years.
Divas: Maria is better than Kelly Kelly, I think that's plain.  This would likely have been the worst match had that Sheamus/Bryan abortion hadn't happened.
Taker vs. HHH: Tremendous match, surpassed last year's effort despite having a lot of similar spots.  Michaels added a ton to the match even though he was practically invisible for the first 5-10 minutes (a good thing at that point).  It told a great story and built well, but may have burnt out the crowd for the rest of the show.
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy: OK for what it was.  The triple somersaults was the spot of the night.  As predicted, the heel GM wins, leaving us with twice as much uninteresting babble from Johnny Ace and boring, beaten-to-death heel GM storylines.  Can we move on from this crap please?  Oh that's right, this is VINCE's idea.
Punk vs. Jericho: Excellent match but couldn't steal the show because they couldn't keep the crowd involved the whole time, which was impossible after HITC and before Rock/Cena.
Rock vs. Cena: Disappointing from a couple of standpoints.  1) The crowd was hot at times, but wasn't consistent throughout and that hurt the atmosphere.  2) Cena proved his work level is getting down to Divas level.  He was horribly exposed working with a guy who's had 1 match in the past few years and completely outclassed him.  If they want to get the fans off Cena's back, HE NEEDS TO WORK ON HIS IN-RING!  I know Vince doesn't care, but he continually blows spot after spot.  If anyone else worked that badly, HHH would run him out of the organization (obviously, the Divas grade on a curve).  Rock was smooth in everything he did, but Cena is so clunky that he's getting unwatchable.
Too bad, that match prevented the show from being a thumbs up.
Dan Graulich
Shapleigh, ME

Best match - Taker/Triple H, Jericho/Punk
Worst Match - Big Show/Rhodes
The first hour was a disaster. At least they had the good sense to get most of the filler out of the way.
Taker/Triple H was storytelling at it's very best. Shawn was tremendous in his role as the special ref. I loved every bit of this match and thought it was better than Taker/Trips from last year.
Punk/Jericho started slow but finished fast. They really got rolling in the final ten minutes and delivered the best "wrestling" match of the show.
Rock/Cena did not click for me. At least, not for all the hype put into it.
Annette Boyer

Hello Dave and Bryan,

Thumbs UP.

Best: Punk v. Jericho/Taker v. HHH
Worst: Divas

Rock v. Cena- Was the finish good for buisness, MAYBE NOT
BUT as a FAN, It was a great way to end the show.
I was very happy that Rock won. I was ok with No Lesnar, Batista, or Matt Bloom.
Sometimes its cool to reward an audience and give them what they want.
My buddy, who watches Mania and that it....said to me, "Rock can't lose"
I agreed but all the Newsletter knowledge I have gained for the past 11 years
told me different. It was a pleasant surprise, I have no problems w/ a rematch
and Cena getting a win back. WHY OH WHY, Did he bring back the JEAN SHORTS???

Punk v. Jericho
Excellent match. Sometimes I think Punk is overrated and a bit sloppy BUT
he was on his game tonite. Great work and Im look forward to the rematch so much that
I would actually buy the B level PPV to see these guys work again.

Team Johnny v. Team Teddy
Dolph deserves better. The last couple minutes was actually really good w/Zack v. Miz and Dolph.
Maybe Miz was inspired by getting the pinfall and I hope Miz can gain back some momentum.
I wish they could have had Zack realize that Eve cost him the match and blow her off
BUT I guess they are concerend on getting Eve over and not Zach.
I know its beneath him BUT sux that Drew McIntyre had a spot on the
show and not Alberto Del Rios.

Great to see Edge get inducted into the HOF and it was truly a highlight
to see him on that stage. Crazy how things can change in a year.
I was actually fine w/ the Brodus dance number.
What was UP w/ the poser SLIM SHADY taking a shot at the Rock??! 
Daniel Bryan deserves better. I was happy to hear Daniel Bryan chants threw the night.
The "YES" chants made me really happy and Daniel Bryan has really earned his spot
as a top guy.  Cant BELIEVE the DIVAS got more time that the WORLD TITLE match.
Overall, the finish of this years show compared to the flat finish between the Miz and Cena
last year, was a HUGE improvement.
Thanx-Jesse Otawka

Overall: One thumb and a half up
Best Match: Rock vs. Cena
Worst Match: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (only in WWE can these two get worst match on the show)

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan(c) for the World Heavyweight Championship - MINUS ****
Such a short match and yet so much to say. A match THREE MONTHS in the making and it's over in EIGHTEEN SECONDS. Because, you see, we had to watch a pointless Divas match with a tabloid show hostess no one could possibly care about (hell, I don't ever remember seeing her even promote the match); a bunch of female midgets dressed like Big Mama dancing around; another pointless match that being the Bragging Rights-esque match that, again, NO ONE could possibly care about; HEATH SLATER trading barbs with Flo Rida (again, no one cared); and two "rappers" self-promote themselves. THIS is why PPV buys are at such lows today for WWE. For one I can't possibly begin to understand (and who could?) why WWE would just pull the rug out from one of the fastest rising stars in the company in Daniel Bryan. He is, without a doubt, the best heel they've had in years. He is quickly gaining a following with a simple, yet great schtick (YES YES YES) while just being the coniving heel. And they wanted to bring all this to a halt for the aforementioned shit segments. Right away I was pissed beyond belief I had paid $65 (that's SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS) to watch them pull this garbage. The match? Brough Kick. Pin. Thumbs WAY, WAY down. I'd even go as far as to say it could be MINUS. FIVE. STARS. It would be amazing if Bryan somehow comes back from this. I feel sorry for the guy. You work your ass off to make this heel character one of the best in years and this is how they repay you. Just blown away by the tramarity of these people.

Randy Orton vs. Kane - DUD
The storyline of this angle just killed this one for me. No heat. No good. Forgettable match especially since it came before the three awesome matches later on.
Big Show vs. Kody Rhodes(c) for the Intercontinental Championship - **
The build for this one was decent and the match wasn't all that bad. I try my best to not factor in the fact that it last longer than Bryan's match as I was still blown away by the fact, but this match was fine and I guess it's better the belt is off Kody as they really weren't doing anything with him anyway although this could be the start of a main event push for him which, in my humble opinion, is good. One thumb up.

The Divas Tag Match - DUD
Again with the heavy lackluster promotion in this and with it being a Divas match I really couldn't care plus I was still pissed over Bryan. Well timed use of a piss break.
HHH vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell) w/ Shawn Michaels as Special Referee - ****
Great match and I believe it was the best they could have done. LOVED the spot where HHH was about to hammer Taker's brains in then Shawn stopping him. I liked at the end where they switch roles this year where it was Taker telling HHH to stay down only in this instance HHH did stay down and Taker goes 20-0. I slightly suspected Lesnar walking out to challenge Taker but didn't think a lot of it (more on Lesnar later). Great moment watching Shawn and Taker carry HHH away and embracing each other before walking away.
Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny - *1/2
Hurting this match was the fact that no one cared especially me. No did much of anything in this match and the finish was pure shit. I honestly don't know how much farther beneath the Earth they can bury Zack Ryder. My support for the guy just dwindles upon every segment that makes him out to be the biggest dork in WWE. Tonight was no exception. After owning Miz and Dolph in a sequence that made him look like a star down he went once again as an Eve distraction results in him getting pinned. Then, to add insult to injury character-wise, a swift low blow. Terrible.

CM Punk(c) vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship - ****
Punk and Jericho molded together well in this match. Ending sequence into the finish was spectacular with the continuous reversal of submissions ending with Punk finally tapping Jericho out. Really brought the show back to life after the GM battle fiasco.

The Rock vs. John Cena - ****
The match we all supposedly bought the PPV for. While not exactly making the PPV worth $65 it was still a great match that resurrected the crowd and made a great lasting impression. I was at war with myself the entire match trying to guess the finish. With it being the last match and the knowledge of Lesnar being there I figured the finish would have led to a Lesnar appearance. Then, Rock catches Cena being cocky doing the People's Elbow and pins in him after a very good match. Then I waited with much a fade out. No Lesnar. Hmm.

So overall, thumb and a half up. Could have been two thumbs without the Divas and the midgets BUT with 15 minutes added to Sheamus/Bryan. I'll be praying everyday that Bryan somehow comes back and stays in favor with the fans. Then there's Brock Lesnar. Why try so hard to hide the guy from public view only to end up not using the guy on the PPV? Let's say he ends up showing at the end of Raw tomorrow night. GREAT! Though I would have been much happier watching him walkout to challenge somebody (Punk and/or Rock) and getting my $65 worth, but this is the opinion of a disgruntled fan so take it for what it's worth (whatever it may be). Looking forward to tomorrow's show. Thanks, Dave.
 Trey Louthan

Hey Dave
Thumbs WAY up. This was probably the best WrestleMania since XIX, even though the first hour sucked to high hell, the next three more than made up for it.

Best Match: HHH/Undertaker.
Worst Match: Danielson/Sheamus.

I hated seeing Danielson get a 20 second WM match, but if it means these two can get some time later this month, I guess I'm all for it. Like I said, I loved the hell out of this show and once HIAC got going there wasn't a single second from then on out that I felt screwed out of my $65.
Ricky Schmidt

The last wrestlemania I watched was Wrestlemania 24. I decided to watch this Wrestlemania since 2008. I liked this Wrestlemania 28. I'm glad that at least 2 matches went 30 minutes.

Best Match: It's a toss up between HHH Vs. Undertaker and CM Punk Vs Y2J
Worst Match: The women's match and Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus (WTF was that match so short?)

Tim Lee
Orange County, CA

Best match: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
Worst match: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
I watched the show with a couple of friends, and we split the cost, but I still don't feel like I got my money's worth. The opener just started everything off on the wrong foot (no pun intended), and the less said about it, the better. Orton/Kane was fine. Big Show/Rhodes was okay. The Divas were okay. HHH/Undertaker had plenty of drama, but it took forever and wasn't as good as last year's match. That's why I give Punk/Jericho the edge as best match, though it was also lacking; the stuff near the finish where they kept rolling in and out of each others' holds was great, but the beginning and ending weren't so fluid in my eyes. Maybe they don't have the chemistry we all hoped they would, and I don't think the right guy won from a smart booking standpoint.
The GM battle was really hurt by the dead crowd. Bad placement on the card; probably should've been the opener. And, like everything else, the main event was a bit lackluster, too. Again, the wrong guy won in my opinion. Part-timers should not beat full-timers at this level.
All the filler - Brodus Clay, Flo Rida, Machine Gun whatever, etc. - just served to rub in how much money I was wasting.
As an act of full disclosure, though, I should note that the company with which I watched the show was very unenthusiastic. It was hard to get into anything when the people I was with didn't really seem to care. If I had watched the show alone or with a more ardent group of fans, perhaps I'd feel differently (though my opinions on the booking wouldn't change). Also, if I'd seen the show for free at, say, a sports bar, maybe I wouldn't feel as ripped off.
Overall, I'm going to have to go with a thumbs down. While the live audience seemed to enjoy it, I'm paying to enjoy it from home, and I didn't.
Reed Benson



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