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WrestleMania XXVIII: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match: Divas Tag Team
I was really surprised at the few second match with Sheamus and Bryan.  Even though I thought Bryan was losing, would have liked to have seen him get a wrestling match on the show, especially when they later wasted time with giving the Divas more time than they needed and having that Brodus Clay segment which seemed like the place went silent when they did that.
Kane vs. Orton was alright and was surprised to see Kane go over.  I thought Orton had it.  I guess we are going to unfortunately see this continue at Extreme Rules.  Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show was also fine, but quick.  Show winning made sense after all of his WrestleMania embarassments.  Divas match was lame.  It meant nothing and between Maria not being able to do much with the injury and Kelly just being Kelly, there wasn't much too it.  I was fairly impressed with her big flip Thesz Press move. 
I am glad Jim Ross came out to call the Hell in a Cell.  He should have called the entire show.  Great match with Taker and Triple H.  The end felt strange in that you never see Taker show emotion and he helped up Triple H and they all sort of hugged at the end which feels like a nice send off if Taker was retiring at 20-0.  Guess we will have to see what happens.  Maybe he disappears again for another year.
Nice to see the Hall of Famers.  That is always a good segment on the show to pay respects.
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy had its moments.  I figured Team Teddy had no chance especially when Eve was out there.  Seemed like Ziggler was late though saving a pinfall for his team when it looked the ref had counted three.  Does that mean Teddy has no job now or he will probably become some kind of errand boy for Johnny.
Enjoyed Punk vs. Jericho.  I was torn on who would take this.  Good match and I'm sure we will see these guys go at it again.  Brodus Clay segment was dead.  No one wanted to see, at least not at this stage of the show.
Rock vs. Cena was very good.  Really entertaining.  Everyone was into the Rock.  That was really the only reason I had so many people want to come watch it with me this year.  Most of them don't follow it regularly anymore, but the Rock made them interested.  So everyone was happy that he won.  I did think that Lesnar might get involved to cost Rock the match so that Cena could win and Rock vs. Lesnar would get the boost for next year.  Perhaps something will occur with him for tomorrow night.
Overall a Thumbs Up show.
Robb Block

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Undertaker Vs. HHH
Worst Match: Women's Match

I usually hate it when there's a boatload of false finishes in a match (including last year's HHH/Taker match), but I'll make the exception with this match because they were well paced. Last year HHH would hit the Pedigree out of nowhere when he was fresh, and Taker would still kick out. He did that three times, and the same thing happened with a lot of Taker's moves, and I hated it because the only false finish they really needed was HHH's Tombstone (considering HHH had been kicking his ass even before all the Pedigrees anyway). But this year it really seemed to me that the false finishes were a bit more believable since it seemed like the guys hitting the moves were exhausted, and there would be pauses between big moves and pins. I liked this match a lot. Best match on the show.

Second best match was Cena Vs. Rock. I was watching in a bar so the only reactions I heard were the tons of people around me (including one woman who was sitting right next to me and had the loudest shrieks I've ever heard, being shouted RIGHT into my ear, and I'm hard of hearing as it is), so I don't even really know what the heat was like in the building, but in the bar I was at, which was packed, I'd say it was 85% Rock and 15% Cena. There was a dad and his young son sitting next to me, and I found it funny that the dad was pulling for Cena and the kid was pulling for Rock. This was a great match too, but being at the end of a four hour show and after those long musical performances made it take a little longer for me to get into. But in the end, I was into it. Right person won I think, presuming they have a rematch next year.

Punk Vs. Jericho was good match as well, but I hope this doesn't mean Punk's losing in his hometown next month.

Glad Big Show won. I might be in the minority, but I was looking forward to that match a lot, in the solid midcard feud kind of way.

Everything else was good I thought, except for the Bryan and Sheamus match, which at least can be somewhat justified in the sense that since Bryan's a heel he can call it a cheap shot (which it kinda was, if it weren't for the fact that Bryan waited for the bell to ring to kiss AJ) and that can lead to a rematch. And in that rematch, I'm sure the story would be that Bryan refuses to kiss AJ and never turns his back to Sheamus, and then they can have a bit more of a competitive match from there. But for this show, it felt pretty cheap.

That's all for me. Keep up the good work Dave!

-Brad Ac

Hi Dave,
 Just wanted to give my thoughts on WrestleMania 28. I gave the show a thumbs in the middle, I've seen worse, but have seen better. Not really worth the 65 bucks payed for the PPV in HD, but the the visuals of the arena were awesome, with some good matches and good moments. Best Match would have to be Taker-HHH, and with the worst match probably going to the women's match. Just wanted to share some comments on the other matches.

Bryan-Sheamus - Really? 18 seconds? Just a shame for Bryan who is one the best wrestlers in the world.

Orton-Kane - Felt like a Smackdown TV match, Not much there was very interesting. A repackaged Kane is just nothing to get excited about, but cool helmut.

Rhodes-Show - It was actually not bad, better then I thought it would be. Good to see the I/C title treated with some respect for once.

Phoenix&Eve - Maria&Kelly - You just know a match is doomed when a non wrestler is already injured and Kelly has to carry the team. Glad it was over somewhat quickly.

Taker-HHH - I thought it was a great match just by the drama and emotion of the match. Not the best wrestling match, but probably the most physical match I've seen in a long time with both guys battered and bruised. Very cool to see Taker go 20-0, Shawn was awesome as the ref, excellent effort. Was hoping for Brock to be involved which could have played off the angle of Taker showing up at Brock's UFC fight, but the ending was excellent.

Team Johnny - Team Teddy - It was just a time filler match, but excellent spot with the triple dive spot on the outside. Can someone please explain to me however why Johnny Ace was dressed as Brother Love?

Punk - Jericho - Was good for what it was, it would have been an excellent main event on another PPV, but great match.

Cena - Rock - I was really disappointed by this match, was not worth the hype and the wait. Rock blew up really bad and looked glazed. He should have had some tune up matches on some house shows to get in ring shape again, I thought he was going to really pass out a few times. Good to see him win though. Still no Brock, bummer. Brock probably saw the horrible Brodus Clay segment and headed for the nearest exit. Anyway, it was an enjoyable show, some good and bad moments, but I would have to say it was entertaining.

Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

Thumbs up
Best match: undertaker/HHH
Worst: divas tag match
This was a tremendous presentation live... with the exception of the giant palm tree trusses in each corner that gave an obstructed view of part of the ring and stage (this was bad planning on WWE's part as they should've built see-thru metal trusses like at Mania 24).
Crowd made the top 2 matches, people were beside themselves on the near falls in the Taker match, but they may have done near fall too many.  Felt like HHH and Taker are both hanging it up, which would be a good idea because what else can they do?
Punk/Jericho seemed like the best technical match but suffered from lack of a big fight feel of the top 2 matches.
Rock/Cena wasn't as good as I expected technically, but the finishing sequence was perfect, and pop for Rock winning was delirious live... hope it came across like that on tv.
-Chris Hughes

Overall: Thumbs Up entirely due to one match
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
I'm basically the sort of viewer WrestleMania was supposedly meant to target this year. You know, a lapsed viewer who bought the show specifically to see HHH/Taker and Rock/Cena, who's supposed to get hooked on the product as it is now. It did not achieve that goal, but I still got what I wanted out of the show. I gave up watching wrestling in 2008. Since that time I've seen maybe three or four shows. I let my subscription lapse in 2010 but picked it up again this year to keep up with the news even if I never get back into watching regularly. I didn't even get Mania the last three years, but I talked myself into this one.
So when the show started with a one-move World title match, they pretty much immediately failed to win me back as a viewer. It's like they don't even understand what it is that's driven away all their fans over the years. Hearing all the hype about Bryan and remembering him from the American Dragon days had me wanting to see what he could do in 2012, so of course that didn't happen. Very smart strategy, wanting to win back old viewers by denying them the chance to see someone who's supposed to be a good worker. I can see how, say, back-to-back rap performances and whatever the hell that dancing bridge club troupe was supposed to be was a much better use of the airtime.
Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's no difference between running a K-Mart commercial during WrestleMania and the Gimmick Battle Royale when it comes to using time that could have gone to something better. Maybe I'm just grumpy because I don't consider guys like CM Punk to be stars or good on the mic and wrestling has moved on from being the form of entertainment I want to watch to the point where Shane Douglas can pop up in the crowd on Raw and nobody even recognizes him. Maybe Jim Ross' constant statements of "the era has ended" and "this era will never come again" were meant to be veiled remarks to fans like me that, shocking swerve, they just wanted our money on this one night and had no intention of drawing us back into watching regularly. Maybe that's all true - I have no idea.
I know this all sounds like complaining and maybe it is, but at the same time they knocked it right out of the park on the HHH/Taker match. That match was everything wrestling can be and just about the whole rest of the show was everything it shouldn't be. Punk and Jericho was decent outside of the wasted few minutes at the beginning of Jericho trying to get Punk angry - wasted because once they ended that portion of the match, nothing about the rest of their work ever referred back to it again. They seriously used a stipulation to set up the first five minutes of the match instead of the finish? Crazy. Rock and Cena was fine for what it was. I was actually pretty impressed with how Rock's work looked pretty much exactly the same as it ever did, right down to his inspiringly bad Sharpshooter (not a knock, honestly - his Sharpshooter always looked like crap so I was actually happy to see it's still the same). It wasn't a classic but I got to see Cena pinned clean as a sheet so I'll take it.
Could feel different in the morning, but right now I can't give anything but a thumbs up for a show with that HHH/Taker match. Unfortunately, that just serves to point out how lacking everything else about the product is right now. They didn't win me back, not by a long shot, but they can dupe me into going back to buying WM every year if they keep playing to my nostalgia for what it used to be.
Jonathan Riefler

Thumbs up show!
Best match: HHH vs. Undertaker
Worst Match: Divas Match
I was there live, and had a very good time at the show. I hated, hated the opening match because the crowd had been chanting YES before the show and during the entrances. I felt like it took a lot out of the crowd. The two big matches delivered, and made the whole thing a thumbs up show.
-Charles M. Humphreys-
Thumbs in the middle, slightly up.
Best match: Taker v HHH
Worst match: Bryan v Sheamus, although the girls came real close and Team Johnny vs. the Goof Troop also came real close.

I was stunned that the Bryan v Sheamus match went less than 90 seconds.  I am a really, really big Daniel Bryan fan but he got the biggest payday of his career to run down the ramp and yell YES YES YES YES and job quickly.

Randy Orton v Kane was fine.  I was actually expecting them to have a much better match than people predicted due to their really good street fight on Smackdown over the summer.  Kind of un delivered in what I was expected but I liked the finish.

Big Show v Cody.  Went the way I expected.  It was okay, not terrible not great.  Interesting to note that last year Cody had a breakout performance against Rey Mysterio and has gone absolutely nowhere in a year.

Beth Phoneix/Eve Torres v Maria Menounous/Kelly Kelly.  It was what it was.  The celebrity goes over so they can hope to can get some mainstream publicity and Maria can play clips on her tv show.  I know it's been said to death but Kelly Kelly is afraid of the ropes, just awful.  My friend's step daughter's reply when the Divas were described as Sexy, Smart and Powerful: "and they dress like skanks"

HHH v Undertaker.  Best match of the night, which I did not expect. Not sure if the cage was really necessary other than to keep Taker from doing his dive.  I really didn't think they'd touch last year's match and I'm not sure they did.  But still best match on the show.  Chairshots were brutal but thankfully all to the back to both combatants.  (Probably will watch this one again in a few days).  It was GREAT to see and hear JR again.

Team Blue Geeks v Team Red Geeks.  I was watching this show over at a friends house with a bunch of people and to show how much this match mattered, we talked all the way through it.  I figured they'd make Zack a loser on the biggest stage of all and they did. 

CM Punk v Jericho.  Kind of surprised at the finish since I figured Jericho was winning and Punk would win the title back in Chicago, especially since Punk had gone on the internet and talked about how stupid it was to finish filming his upcoming DVD at Mania and they should finish taping next month in Chicago.  I figured Jericho was winning here and dropping the title next month back to Punk.   Good match that got the dead crowd back into the show.  Another match I will need to re watch in the upcoming days.  Also, to my surprise, my wife's favorite match. (who is not a wrestling fan at all)

Rock v Cena.  An okay match which also may require another viewing.  I was kind of shocked at the finish.  Also no Brock run in.  The Rock did seem a little out of breath at times but was kind of expected since he hasn't done a solo match like this in years.
Tim Kelly

Bryan, Dave and the many people who make this site happen,
I bought this match for Cena vs Rock and Triple H vs Undertaker.  Well, truthfully, I probably buy Mania anyway because it's Mania, but I just didn't care a ton about anything but those two matches.  Those two matches delivered and were in fact better than I thought they would be.  Triple H vs Undertaker was a true classic as far as I'm concerned.  John Cena  vs Rock was everything I thought it would be (including Rock blowing up 5 minutes in), and it was good fun, even though I hoped Cena would win.  Also, Punk vs Jericho was very good, so that was like a bonus match for me, since I already got what I paid for.
I love Daniel Bryan and wish he could've got more time, but as the night has gone on, I actually think an 18 second squash was better than a 5-10 minute match that never got off the ground, because considering how long the show ran, that was probably the best they could've squeezed in.  Nothing else on the card generated much emotional response, but I didn't think it would so no shock there.
Best match: Triple H vs Undertaker (a classic)
Worst Match: Team Teddy vs Team Johnny
-Rick Hale

Best Match: Cena/Rock
Worst Match: 12 Man Tag
Live the show came of great. The section I was in started many of the chants in the arena (ring center, hard cam) and it was a great time. My section was SUPER HOT for Cena/Rock which is why I enjoyed the match so much. I also really really enjoyed HHH/Taker and Punk/Jericho. Punk/Jericho I was mostly satisfied while HHH/Taker, even though it was great, left me wanting a little more and I think they also completely did not take advantage of the Hell in a Cell aspect. Daniel Bryan aside from the Rock was probably the most over guy in the section. TONS of YES chants throughout the night and many Daniel Bryan chants during the Divas match and Kane/Orton. Overall a fun show live
Ricky Cambo

Thumb slightly up
Best match: CM Punk/Jericho
Worst match:bryan/Sheamus
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Daniel Bryan (Champion) vs. Sheamus NR
This annoyed me because I figured they would do a finish like this in the cody match but for the world title match that was bullshit. This was a match I was looking forward to and in the context of bryan’s character I understand why they did it but still this was bs.
Randy Orton vs. Kane **1/2
This was really nothing special nothing bad either except the fact kane won which was just pointless. I guess they’ll have an extreme rules match and Orton can get his win then.
Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes (Champion) vs. The Big Show *1/4
This was the match that needed that 10 second finish. Was basically a raw match and again based on the storyline big show should have knocked him out immediately and had his moment but they instead did a raw match.
Divas Tag Team Match
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres *
Not really a good match with the exception of kelly’s somersault on eve. I know maria was hurt and I giver her a lot of credit but if she was that hurt she really shouldn’t have been in there unless she was just really selling for the match. By this point the show was half over and it was only one hour into the show and by this point this show was pretty bad.
Hell in a Cell Match – Special Referee Shawn Michaels
Triple H vs. The Undertaker ***3/4
I liked this match. It was a good match that was slightly disappointing. I think they did a good job with the story they told. I liked taker’s new look. They may not have had blood but my god did they kill each other with chair shots. Poor undertaker’s back was bruised up badly. They had JR for commentary and Michaels definitely added to the match. Good finish with all the guys group hugging and leaving together.
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy **1/2
I didn’t care about this match and there really wasn’t much to it. Zack ryder is seriously the biggest geek and the miz of all people got the pin. I figured Johnny would win so what ever.

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk (Champion) vs. Chris Jericho ****1/4
I really liked this match. I thought these guys had a very physical back and forth match and I’m glad they were in the co main event. Really could have went either way in the end with all the reversals which was part of what made it so good in the end. They had the funkasaurus come out and dance that was fine.
John Cena vs. The Rock ****
This match was a really good way to close the show. It kind of went exactly as I figured it would and when it came to the ending I thought wwe did a really good job. With Cena getting cocky going for the peoples elbow getting caught and beaten.
Honestly this was a weird show because you really were getting this for four matches and one of them went 18 seconds and the other 3 were pretty damn good. But there was really absolutely nothing else worthwhile on this show. There was some dumb comedy segments 20 minutes of musical performances which annoyed me because again that could have been the world title match. I enjoyed the show because the matches I wanted to see were good but as an overall wrestlemania show it was kind of bad but with strong main events. I’ve already seen some people didn’t like the show and I can understand why but for me it was good
Al Dinkelspiel
New Jersey

Overall thoughts: Thumbs up.
Best Match: HHH vs Taker
Worst Match: Divas, I guess
Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus: Like most other people, I was pretty disappointed in this match.  After this treatment, I worry about the long term viability of Mr. Dragon, hopefully he won't get Mized or Jack Swaggered.
Kane vs Orton: Who could possibly care about this match? I felt bad for Randy to have this spot on the card; and I really hope this feud doesn't continue, though I bet it will.  (Possible worst feud of the year?)
Beth Phoenix and Eve vs Kelly Kelly and Maria: Like usual at least they tried, I was certain death was going to be result of Kelly Kelly doing whatever that was off the top rope.  Only one of these women can actually work, and she has a belt which never gets defended. (30 day rule, where is Jack Tunney when you need him?)  Call up Sofia Cortez and I hope Karma can go soon.  (Maria was a trooper, and with two weeks more experience she would be better than Kelly.)
Cody Rhodes vs Big Show: The build made it obvious; but I, and probably Sinbad, really wished to see Cody win clean here.  Big Show doesn't need the belt, I'm sure he is going to lose it quickly to Cody again, so why not try establish a young guy at the largest stage possible?
HHH vs Taker: Beyond Taker's fohawk, which I am sure Bryan will no-sell, I thought this match was great. HBK was, without question, the greatest guest ref of all time.  His facials and pleading with Hunter and Taker to stop that match were beyond fantastic.  (Shocking, I know, HBK is good at this wrestling thing.)  I was assuming this match was going to be nearly identical to the first HHH vs Taker match, and well that is what I get for doubting these old guys.  That little smirk Taker gave Hunter near the end reminded me why I am still a fan.  All things considered, it is quite amazing Taker's streak of great WrestleMaina matches, let's start with the Edge match.
Team Johnny vs Team Teddy: Poor Zach made to look like even more of a geek, Dolph Ziggler look awesome, like usual.  When will the Ziggler get the title for something besides Edge doing a move?  Otunga still holding the coffee mug after doing the Wade Barrett coat throw was the highlight of the match, for me.
CM Punk vs Jericho: As somebody who was at Money in the Bank last year, I can recall when Punk was the most over guy in the building, and he wasn't tonight.  The crowd didn't care until the very end, which made very little sense to me.  (Especially when they cared about the useless Kane and Orton match.) Ending was great and all, but calling yourself 'The Best in the World' when you aren't the main event seem comes off disingenuous.  Like I felt bad for Mr. Orton, I also felt bad for Mr. Punk when he tried to get the crowd to cheer him at the end whilst on the turnbuckle.  Hypothetically if Cena is hurt, Taker can't go anymore, Rock realizes he has overstayed his welcome (in like two years), Randy quits out of protest of his treatment, and HHH doesn't feel like training to get ready, then Punk can be the man.
Rock vs Cena: First off, like expected, the crowd really helped this match.  I really hope people can appreciate how hard Rock had to work to pull this match off.  The whole fuck-you-Cena-for-trying-to-steal-my-move pin was a great way to end the match.  The right guy won, clean, in the middle of the ring, how can I really complain?  I almost wish there won't be a rematch, since their promos leading up to the match were so repetitive.  Maybe Brock can feud with Rock instead.  Then, we can get Big Dave to out talk and most importantly out dress Mr. Cena for next year.
John Pinkus
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