FeedbackaMania from the weekend

I give ROH Showdown in the Sun Night 1 a thumbs up.
Best match:  Richards vs Edwards vs Strong
Very good show, not one of their best shows ever but it wasn't bad by any means.  The part I liked the least was Steen/Generico because it felt like going backwards in the story line.  It also seems like Jacobs' character is all over the place after having months of solid direction.  Although this could all be explained in Night 2 which I have yet to watch.
DGUSA Open the Ultimate Gate a thumbs up. 
Best match:  Pac vs. LoKi.
Worst match: Johnny Vandal vs. Samuray Del Sol
This was a really good show as well, not as good as the ROH show.  It is obvious where DGUSA is lacking in star power although they are not lacking in talent.  A lot of the hardcore stuff was sloppy and the crowd seemed flat for a lot of the show.
Jason McNeil

Hey Dave and Bryan,
   Just wanted to give my feedback on Mania. Please withhold my name.
Thumbs in the middle for Mania. Any show with the HHH/Taker match can't be a thumbs down, but in general I enjoyed my barbeque from Dixie Bones more than the show.
A disgrace. During every stupid segment or bad match, we'd look at each other and say, "Good thing Daniel Bryan only got twenty seconds or we would've missed this."
Didn't care at all about this when it started and wasn't paying attention, but they drew me in and thought it was the second best match on the show. Crowd got into Orton and the big spots were well timed and paced. Finish was good and told a decent story.
Barely paid attention. Rhodes bores me to death. Just didn't get into it at all. Best part of the match was show putting over the IC title like it was a big deal when he won it. Hopefully that continues.
Divas Bullshit
A fucking disgrace. Beth has to carry three useless sacks in one match. She literally wrestled herself. Then she had to put over a D-list celebrity who has stress fractures in her feet and injured ribs. Are you fucking kidding me? Maria smiled her way through the heat. Kelly may have been worse than Maria. Eve is horrendous yet Beth takes the pin. Fuck off. Almost turned the show off for this shit. Have some respect for your talent and your business.
Hell in the Cell
Epic match. Great stuff. I was cringing at the chair shots. Taker's back looked mangled. The selling in this put the rest of the show to shame. Nobody else was in the same league as these three. Shawn sold better as the ref than anyone outside of Taker and HHH sold wrestling their matches. Even compliment for Shawn he was so good as the ref that I forgot he was the ref for the first five minutes of the match. Taker looked awesome with the buzz cut. Actually younger than he has in a while. HHH worked a great match. His best since last year. The only downer I could give it is the final scene would've been so much more powerful if HHH had been covered in blood. Great match and great performances from all three guys.
Team Teddy/Team Johnny
Nobody cared. Popcorn match. I honestly thought they'd do something here where Zack was revealed to not be such and idiot and show that he was on to Eve and knew she was just playing him (like the Trish/Vince angle before the Vince/Shane Mania match). At the finish I looked at my friends and said, "Just when you thought they couldn't bury Zack Ryder any deeper they prove you wrong." That was before they had her kick him in the balls after the finish. I halfway expected All of Team Teddy to turn on him and everyone to hit their finish on him. As Eve walked out a friend said, "Who is Eve fucking to get so much tv time?" Another friend, "A better question might be who isn't she fucking?" A nothing match, but the finish and post match was so terribly counterproductive and the heel GM deal is so fucking dumb and played out and now they are going to do it on both shows. Ugh.
I thought this totally sucked. The open was dumb. "How's your dad?" "How's your sister?" I that really supposed to push him so far that the would snap. Terrible and nobody bought it. Punk was really exposed. Came of really indy and unpolished. Maybe he got a concussion from that terrible bump off the second rope when he really smacked the back of his head. Never seen him look so bad. It was obvious Jericho was really hand holding him. Almost thought Punk was injured. He seemed way less athletic than usual. He never comes off as a great athlete, but is typically much better than this. Punk seemed like he was getting frustrated with himself. Like the entire match was worked with the same attitude as when that finish with Swagger got screwed up. The finishing sequence was good, but wrong guy won. Jericho was head and shoulders the better performer. Match didn't build. Didn't tell a story until the closing sequence which was really good.
Yawn. Rock gassed out completely. Practically walking the ropes at the end. The early part of the match was really dull working off the bear hug and was completely forgotten about later. Rock never sold the ribs or back later in the match. My wife, who doesn't care about wrestling, but LOVES Rock and Cena, asked why they were so obviously talking to each other. Some HORRIBLE spots. That double clothesline was first day of wrestling school bad. Rock's "sharpshooter" was pathetic. He's always been terrible at it, but this was a joke. The STF spot was good and the crowd got into it. Rock kept kicking out without getting his shoulders off the mat and almost Chuck Austened himself on the leg drop off the top. Finish was dumb. I expected Rock to kip up and then hit the Rock Bottom, but guess he can't do that anymore. No really story. No real build. Really boring overall.
Worst thing about the show is I see nothing for tomorrow. There's absolutely nothing from tonight that would make me want to tune in tomorrow. I have no interest in anything. Don't see any interesting match ups or possible feuds or anything of interest on the horizon.
Hell in the Cell completely saved the show. The rest was nothing special.

Name withheld by request

Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: Punk-Jericho
Worst Match: Women's match (Bryan-Sheamus wasn't even a match)
Daniel Bryan and Sheamus did to Vince, whether they pissed in his gas
tank, sodomized his mother, pooped in his cereal, etc.  But there is
ZERO excuse for f*cking them (and us) over for the second consecutive
year.  Instead of leaving them off the show altogether you give them
about four seconds for a World Championship match.  A WORLD
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH. Less time than you gave Maria Menounos, Flo Rida,
MGK, Brodus Clay, and the dickhead from Deadliest Catch.  I
guaran-f*cking-tee you not one PPV buy was garnered by any of those
people.  Two years in a row the match I was most looking forward to
got basically left off the show.  I want to sit down in a room with
Vince and ask him why he insists on pissing off an entire segment of
his audience at every turn when they pay hard-earned money to watch
his stupid fake fighting show.  Listen to the crowd during the next
three matches after the WHC match.  They're chanting "Daniel Bryan."
Vince McMahon needs to be removed from his position in WWE since he is
clearly 100% out of touch with what his audience wants to see:
WRESTLING.  Either change the name of this annual PPV to Entertainia
or get the f*ck out of the way and let people who actually understand
the business in 2012 take charge of your company.  F*ck you Vince.
As for the other matches, Punk-Jericho was a very good match,
HHH-Taker was solid, though the Hell in a Cell stip was more or less
wasted as they could've had the exact same match without the cage, and
Rock-Cena was a very entertaining main event.  But none of it
resonated with me after the clusterf*ck that was the opening match,
and for the rest of the show I felt like a battered housewife who
continues to stick with her man despite being let down at every turn.
-Justin Ballard
Boston, MA

Thumbs Down

Best Match - HHH Vs. Undertaker or Punk/Jericho
Worst Match - Daniel Bryan Vs. Sheamus

The wind was taken out of the sales of this pay-per-view within the first ten minutes and every time it almost recovered, we were treated to commercials on a show that cost a bundle, or some ridiculous sketch. This was an impulse buy and the buyer's remorse set in almost immediately.
Joe Olson

Hi Dave,
Thanks for all your great work!
Live was amazing, my first WM and came all the way from Germany with 130 other crazy fans occupying Block 015. Both thumps up! And on the way out it seemed like everybody enjoyed it!
Started with a big surprise, didn't liked it, was very disrespectful to Daniel who really had an amazing run! Prior to the match/show, like at the HoF, there were tons of "yes" chants, but it stopped quickly after the match. "Fans" only watching the big shows can't think any good of Daniel.
Kane winning was unexpected, and like Cody not a special match.
People in our block didn't pay attention to the divas match and were busy standing up when ever the camera pointed in the direction.
Edge I thought got the loudest pop from any HoFer that night.
Taker/HHH had an awesome finish! Crowed loved it from begging to end!
Tag match was like the divas match nobody cared until the finish. People around me wanted Johnny's team to win but not Zack getting pinned!
Punk/Y2J was a Very good match. But it was here very noticeable that open arenas has its issues when it comes to crowed reactions. There were many chants all over the place for both but I guess it didn't spread as in the other 2 main events. Loved the finish!
Crowed didn't like diddy and MGK, They seemed happier with Flo.
Rock/Cena was also great! Didn't see the finish coming, as many others and maybe that help with the big crowed reaction at the End. A lot of the typical Cena&Rocky chants, but also "you still got it" for the Rock! Not sure if they showed how he at the end kissed his family ringside, signing some stuff including a Cena picture. And the way Cena left the scene made me feel sorry for him.
Overall double thumps up :)
Best Match: I can't tell, live I thought all 3 MEs were way above average and were very different in its core.
Worst match: Daniel/Sheamus only because it was a slap in the face to all Daniel has done in his WHC run.
Peter Kluger

I am astonished at the praise for this show because to me it very much felt like the end of an era. As in the end of the WWE.
They simply don't know how to run a pro wrestling company.
They know how to produce a spectacle.
They know how to produce a video package.
They know how to promote something but they have no clue about the wrestling industry.
They are a dead man walking.
Where is the hope. Where is the future.
Tonight we watched as the likes of Kane and Big Show went over while the like of Daniel and Kofi and Ziggler were buried. Again.
They are incapable of making a new star.
The biggest star here was the Rock. That is a disgrace.
Cena is still main eventing every single show despite the fact that the bulk of the wrestling audience has rejected him.
Look at the PPV numbers. You can say it isn't his fault alone and that is ture but it also speaks to how no one has ever
truly accepted him as the star that the company thinks he is.  He isn't the man and never has been.
Then there is the HIAC match. How on earth are people calling this a match of the yaer.
At best it was worthy of 31/2***. Basically the match consisted of two guys hitting eath other with chairs and standing around.
Sure you can say they told a great story but it was an overly long one.
Then there was 'Taker himself. I am one of his greatest fans and his performances in recent years against Bautista, Edge, Shawn
and HHH have turned him onto one of the greatest WM performers of all time but tonight for the first time he just looked really old
and really, really slow. My great hope is that it was in fact his last match as I am honestly of the belief that he has nothing left.
This was a TERRIBLE show with the highlight for me being Lillian's performance. Say what you want about her ring announcing but the woman can sing.
The WWE might not disappear tomorrow or next month but they are officially a a company on life suport.
They have done it to themselves through years of incomprehensible and stupid booking.
I don't like it because I have spent my lifetime as a fan of this business. Loving the combination of athleticism an theatrics.
Finding myself on many an occasion jumping up and down in my living room, sometimes even breaking into a sweat of excitment as I found
myself emotionally invested in so many classic matches featuring some of the all-time greats.
Sure I can still have that and still do with the likes of ROH and NJ but no longer with the WWE.
The end of an era. Sadly I believe that's true.
Simon Allen,

Thumbs up
Best Match: Hell in a Cell
Worst Match: Sheamus vs Bryan
After being snubbed at last years event I personally expected more from Sheamus and Bryan, oh well they had to save time time for Brodus Clay's dancing. Kane and Big Show pulled off a couple upsets. WWE should never put the divas on PPV ever again. In fact, kill the division. They're making The Fabulous Moolah rotate underground. Hell in a Cell went as planned. Nice to have JR out there to present it as a main event. The 12 man tag was too predictable with The Miz scoring the pin. At least Punk vs Jericho went longer than 18 seconds. And now ofr the pissing contest that was Cena vs Rock. Tomorrow night on Raw, Vince McMahon should show up to take a crap on the entire locker room. Bad business decision in the long run. If you truly wanted The Rock in a match against a guy, why book him against your biggest draw? I'm sure Dolph Ziggler would have become a eunich for that opportunity. Now people are going to hae a difficult time digestin
Herman Seegul


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