Lots of Mania feedback


Thumbs down.

The two main matches delivered, but here’s the problem.  You had tons of eyeballs watching this PPV.  How you don’t let Bryan-Sheamus go twenty minutes is beyond me.  This company had 7 guys (if you count HBK) in the top 3 matches and 5 of them aren’t there to carry the brand on a day-to-day basis for the future.  This show needed to make new stars while the viewership was high.  Where are the stars?  You got Cena, Orton and Punk….that’s it.  That 18 second match actually hurt Sheamus, didn’t do anything for Bryan and made the World Title a joke. I’ve been a wrestling fan for 32 years.  I only order Wrestlemania out of all the PPV.  There is zero reason to watch anything else.

Russ Duda

Thumbs Up Show

Best: HHH vs. Taker (****1/2 at least)
Worst: Bryan vs. Sheamus (-1/2 star... an F-U to those two and the fans... and a message not to watch meaningless Smackdown)
The opener was as above.  Kane-Orton and Show-Cody were better than expected and on the high end towards the best match those pairings could have.  The divas were a snack break.  UT-HHH, I didn't like as much as others last year, but the rematch was the best story telling of any match in recent years with the superkick/pedigree combo spot being particularly stand-out.  The GM tag was an entertaining enough spectacle.  Punk vs. Jericho built well and finished strong enough to be the best match on most PPVs.  Thought Rock wrestled pretty well until he gassed but Cena was Ultimate Warrior level working terrible, but even the Warrior could do a double clothesline spot and this was the worst one of those ever...

Ed Branscomb


Best Match: Undertaker vs HHH (whomever sends anything else is your trolling vote)

Worst match: Diva’s match         

I guess I’m in the minority in saying that Taker vs HHH was among the best Mania matches in history. Granted, I didn’t see the Richards/Elgin match that everyone’s raving about and that may have affected my opinion of this match. I thought that the moment when Shawn superkicked Taker into the Pedigree they actually got me to believe that was the finish, which I didn’t think was possible. I, and everyone else in the room, gasped when Hunter was about to smash Taker in the head with the sledgehammer. Shawn was beyond perfect in his role and it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without him there. The conflict that he portrayed between helping his best friend but also preserving his own legacy was a work of art. I just absolutely loved this match and can’t imagine anything topping it for match of the year.

The rest of the card I was pretty much in agreement with you and Brian on the opinions. Rock/Cena was right around 4 stars, Punk/Jericho could’ve been 4 stars plus but they couldn’t get the crowd for the majority of it so it definitely fell short. I was utterly pissed off at the Bryan/Sheamus match and was fully expecting him to come out later in the show, address the people that chanted for him and then have Brodus Clay come out and squash him again. I’m glad that didn’t happen. The good news is that Bryan seemed to take it well and I do remember a guy getting squashed in 30 seconds at a Wrestlemania and going on to have a pretty good career after marrying the boss’ daughter so maybe there’s hope for Bryan....

Paul Fontaine

Hi Dave,
I would give WM XXVIII a "thumbs up", granted, it wasn’t the greatest ‘Mania of all time, but it was certainly the most enjoyable I can recall since WM 24.
For starters, I thought Lilian Garcia looked ravishing and did a grand job with her rendition of "America The Beautiful." Also, say what you will about WWE and Kevin Dunn, but they certainly know how to kick off a huge event like WM.
The Sheamus/ Bryan match left me feeling conflicted at first. On one hand, it was a slap in the face of every paying fan in attendance and watching on PPV to have a WWE World Title Match go just 18 seconds and make the defending champion (Bryan) look like a chump. However, on the other hand, if you looked at things from a "reality sport" perspective, there’s every chance that in the real world, Sheamus could actually "catch Bryan sleeping" and beat him, just like that (you could argue that for any match).
It certainly worked on the "shock factor" aspect, but at the same time I did feel pissed off (I was expecting big things from this match, as were many others). I would have been LESS pissed had WWE not dedicated so much time to nonsense like Mick Foley and Santino dicking about with a fisherman from "Deadliest Catch", Heath Slater having a lame "showdown" with Flo Rider, Brodus Clay dancing with his "momma" and her "bridge club" and the God-awful music performances prior to Cena/ Rock. This clearly shows that WWE values "entertainment" over wrestling, which as many people have pointed out already, is one of the major reasons why PPV numbers, TV ratings and general fan interest continues to fall.
I enjoyed Kane VS Randy Orton; not really sure why the majority didn’t appear to. I thought they did the best with the time they were given and it was refreshing to see a heel like Kane win clean over Orton.
Cody Rhodes VS Big Show was decent enough for what it was, but unfortunately, the finish (Show catching Rhodes in the groin) was ugly. Seeing Show have a "family moment" ringside with his wife, Bess was a nice touch, though.
I also thought the Divas match was more than adequate. Maria Menounos did very well for a non-wrestler (and an injured one at that). She sucked it up and got through it. Kelly really impressed me with her "Molly Go Round" move. Overall, I thought all4 ladies did well.
I wasn’t as enamoured with the "End Of An Era" Hell In A Cell Match between Undertaker and HHH as the majority seemed to be. Yes they worked hard, yes Shawn Michaels played his role as referee well, yes there was excitement and yes it was a memorable spectacle. However, the Cell barely came into play, ‘Taker in particular looked old and frail and didn’t look like he has many ‘Mania matches left in him and the story that both men were taking such a beating that Shawn was conflicted in regards to choosing to "end it" or let the match continue was difficult to get behind when we’ve seen all 3 of them in far more brutal matches (yes there were some violent chair-shots to the back which left welts and bruises on Undertaker’s back, but apart from a hard-way cut (presumably from one of ‘Taker’s head-butts) to HHH’s eye, there was no blood; there was nothing really out of the ordinary, yet we were expected as fans to believe that this was the most punishing bout either man had been involved in.) It was still the best match of the first half of WM, but in my opinion, the somewhat forgotten (at least if WWE have their way) Undertaker/ HHH match from WM X7 was better, by a country mile.
The Hall of Fame segment was nice, I’m assuming they couldn’t have a close-up of Ric Flair due to his legal obligations to TNA? Somewhat surprised at the response to Mike Tyson. He got the biggest reaction of all. It was a nice touch to give Edge his "own moment", by playing his entrance theme for his introduction from Howard Finkel.
The 12-man tag was decent filler material. I don’t think anyone really cared about the end result as wrestlers and GM’s "brand-hop" so much these days that it’s a joke. However, I must point out how I feel WWE may have "missed a trick" with the finish: Instead of having Eve act like it was an accident that she cost Ryder and his team the match (albeit before she deliberately kicked him in the nuts), why didn’t they have her wear a "Team Johnny" tee under her "Team Teddy" shirt, so when she cost "Team Teddy" the match, she could have taken her shirt off to reveal she’d been in cahoots with Laurinaitis all along. [This could still prove to be the case, but it would have been more effective (and a better swerve) had she done this on the night.
I really enjoyed Punk/ Jericho and I thought its quality was diminished by the disappointing crowd reaction early on. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it felt and looked like a main event match you’d expect to find on PPV, but it was still a great showing from both men.
The Rock VS Cena was fun but the crowd response really surprised me. I honestly didn’t think there’d be any representation for Cena; at some points it appeared to be a 50/50 split. I thought both Rock and Cena did well and Rock did really well for someone who’s been inactive from a proper match for so many years. I will say, however, that on the night, Cena should have gone over, but then again when the buy-rate comes in (and I expect it to be a big one) they’ll no doubt book a rematch.
Matthew Evans
Wales, UK
Hey Dave,

To say Wrestlemania 28 was underwhelming is an understatement.  Only two matches delivered, those being Undertaker/HHH which was a MOTYC, and Punk vs Jericho which was great especially in the last 3 minutes leading to the finish.  The 19 second Bryan/Sheamus match left a bad taste in my mouth, and killed my mood for most of the night.  The crowd sure wasn't happy about that, especially when they were hot for Bryan, and let the E hear it with "Daniel Bryan" and "YES" chants throughout the next few matches.  Previous 2 matches and the main event aside, NOTHING had a Wrestlemania feel to it, and I was even more irked by the musical acts. 

And Rock/Cena?  It did not live up to my expectations at all.  30 minutes apparently was too long for someone who had been away from the ring for over 7 years.  Such a shame, especially when they booked this match a year in advance.

Thumbs down for the show.

Best match:  Undertaker vs HHH
Worst match:  Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

David Kim
Queens, NY

Initially when I started watching I wished it was a beer night. The Sheamus squash was fucking asinine. Apparently they wanted the shock factor or something akin to that. But the Kane/Orton (Lex Luger of the 2000's!) snoozefest could have been shortened as could the Diva's shit. On a sidenote: Why have a Divas division when it is so plainly awful? The fans hate it, hell even Michael Cole makes fun of it. Anyway, I think the opener could have been strong and there was a strong Bryan contingent in the crowd. But it was the WCW title so it does not matter what they do with it.
Now I am not a fan of HHH. The fucker cannot put over talent in 2011 and ruined the Punk angle to give him some more air time. Undertaker has been hit or miss for me for years. He'd come back after a hiatus and kick all the midcarder's asses making them look like chumps and then get the obligatory title shot before disappearing: rinse-repeat. But this match was great. I mean a classic. I am not sure why I got into it but I was not sure if HBK would intervene if Lesnar would fucking come down or what. I was sweating during the match  and both men tore each other up. Undertaker's back looked like a brutalized cadaver. It was a blast and the ending was classic. I loved it.
The fans were clearly spent and it showed as the GM nonsense, which is just filler. I mean, oh fuck it, no sense in trying to make sense of how stupid that whole feud is. But that is what Ryder gets for getting over on his own. Hey, if Vince doesn't make you then you are fucked, though they will gladly cash the merchandise checks. They bury the Miz for months because his in ring work has not improved one whit and his mic work is the SAME thing every week, and he gets the win. Terrible.
WWE mucks up the Rumble and the entire Jericho angle by having him lose. I am fine with that as Jericho puts over HHH's protege....I mean Sheamus. Okay, so he should win at the next PPV to be a threat and have the face chase the heel. Nope. But despite the crowd being hot and cold, I felt the match was great. Pretty vocal for Jericho and I did not care who won as I think both are great. Punk has lost some of that edge much like when Austin or the Rock or Goldberg were champs. Some people are better chasing the title. But Jericho did the job and made Punk look like a million bucks and this was my third favorite match!
See, I am not a Cena fan. His shit-eating grin and weird promos where he tries to act edgy but comes off goofy. He never loses but then again he rises to the occasion as evidenced by his classic with Punk, making Punk for life (See HHH it is easy to do). The feud with the Rock was hit and miss though but I was one of the few that felt the Rock eviscerated him, minus that awkward Queen sing-a-long. I thought the Boston history promos were gold as was his song in the ring. But the feud did not make much sense. Cena is jealous because the Rock left and became a movie star? Well, if Cena were heel it would make sense because his movie career died (I will admit here and now that I kind of liked 12 Rounds!). All the Rock had to say was that he left to allow others like Cena to take his spot, something the Cena's and HHH's of the world never do, just clinging to their spot. But the WWE clearly does not have the cajones to do that.
The match was a blast. I mean the crowd was on fire. Sure, the opening songs were horrific but the crowd was in a frenzy for nearly thirty fucking minutes. It was spectacular. Again Cena rose to the occasion and while not a technical masterpiece it was what WM is all about. The moment, the spectacle and the drama, all of which I am a sucker for. WWE did the wise thing and put over the Rock in Miami ( A sign did say they'd riot if Cena won!). This sets up a rematch, perhaps at SummerSlam and the WWE usually knows how to make more money unless it is the InVasion, XFL, Nexus, Summer of Punk....Okay, they have a shitty track record and the Rock got his win and solidified himself as one of the best while poor Jericho.....Anyway, what a match and what a moment.
Those three matches made WM and it was easily four stars or thumbs up due to those matches. The rest was filler. I mean even Funkosaurus who is the typical grinning monster, but you don't want to anger him face nearly fucked up his WM moment. Poor guy was stammering and looking all awkward. Hell the whole scene was awkward.
Now if the WWE could work on the undercard and build that back up and get a fucking tag division. Jesus bring back the Dudleys, anybody. Oh, and if I hear that some bullshit is trending on Twitter I might commit a felony. Thank God we got JR for one match. Jesus, I even love Booker, but that goes back to his WCW days. Anybody but Cole.
Kevin Kindelberger
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Hi Dave,
Thumbs way up.
 WrestleMania 28 is in the books and after a year worth of build up in my mind they did a great job for the build up and what i thought was strange match placement. For the first time in a while we didnt get the celeb part of Mania shoved down our throats the Diva match withstanding and it for its worth was done properly i suppose . Usually i think the lack of celeb camera shots and backstage bits means a better wrestling show  in most instances.
Sheamus - Daniel Bryan : OK ummm i dont really get this except maybe to save time and Vince seems to think there is a place for under 1 minute squashes on  big shows from time to time .  It really speaks more of those two guys standing in the pecking order of the company i guess ?
Big Show - Cody Rhodes : quick match with Big Shows' chops and such . Duno what the IC belt does for Show but it does free up Rhodes to be fed to Sheamus after the draft i suppose .
Randy Orton vs Kane : Kane wins. Lol nobody had that one. Im guessing that maybe the usual "go againtest logic/ what everyone expects" call. Also as the same with Big Show maybe Brock wants a couple of monsters to squash whenever that deal starts ?
Diva Tag : could of been alot worse .i guess ? They all put in alot of effort and if the Maria chick did indeed have injured ribs then she gets some props.
Jim Ross
HIAC HHH/Taker rematch/EndofandEra : In my personal opinion it was an EXCELLENT stroy they attempted to tell . Entrances not over done  can you beleive it ! I thought at some points the  " what is HBK going to do"  idea overtook things a bit to much or maybe id rather him have done a little more than sell via ref position . In general i thought he would strike a little more. Only bad thing was that this match was in HIAC. Well and HHH body hair i never have noticed before but my friend has a great HD tv so maybe im new to that .
In general all 3 were great . I wanted more blood but they made it not matter. I thought and wanted for a year that it would be more of almost a 3way match between them and thought it wouldnt be a great match if they didnt. After the 1 superkick/pedigree pin the place seemed to errupt. If this match was in a regular 18-25 thousand seat arena they would of blown the roof off a couple of time. Same goes other parts of the card but the 2 casual and 1 more regular fans i was watching with all woke up a bit to the match with that . Proud to be a pro wrestling fan during this .
Taker is surpasing some HOF people tonight. If he pulls this off another 2 or 3 years at Mania and maybe has a couple of SSeries or SSlam runs in there then he will really have passed everyone up as far as company history.
Taker's hair didnt get the pop it deserved.
Only problem is they didnt really get  the Hell In a Cell match over (the stipulation itself) like i thought they would . Maybe constrained by the no blood rule and the guest ref part.  Blood doesnt make everything in these matches but it does need to happen. Say what you want, about HHH and his position and what not, he wants blood in the proper settings and even though he has a high standing in the office he still has to pay for it trying to use hardways.
Team Johnny- Team Teddy : Im a Rick Pitino fan and dont mind white suits.. But the one that Johnny Ace wore was horrible LOL.
fast paced and for as many people involved didnt seem to hit tomany speed bumps.
Eve hooking up with Miz now im sure .
Perfect Extreme Rules promo setting up before Punk/ Y2J and the sudden No DQ stip.
CM Punk- Chris Jericho: They worked the NO DQ thing nicely early. That was good on TV but im sure people in the building didnt get it. Neither did my friends. But per the booking with Extreme rules coming up it makes sense and eventually the drifted away from it as the match went on .Punk suplex to outside amd hitting his head with the whiplash when Y2J threw him off the turnbuckles made me cringe.
These two will make All State arena explode at Extreme Rules.
Rock-Cena : Rock gassed..... But Rock won. I wanted that. No talk of torches or ERAs for the most part. Damn good for Cena and and guy who hasnt had a long singles match since W Bush's first term.
Best Mania since either 23 or 20.
Samuel Adams

Hey Dave,

Bunch of buddies watched event, we all loved it.

I was fine with opener. That happens in real fights all the time, a quick KO because one guy didn't 'protect himself at all times' and the smart marks who crying about it are funny. It set ton that 'what you expect may not happen' which they needed because Punk, Taker and Rock all were going over just as expected. Orton didn't go as expected but, really, who cares about him these days. See him too much and he's clearly bored with himself as much as we are.

Yeah, the crap Divas match got longer but by then I needed to hit the bathroom and it served it's purpose.

Punk v Y2J was good, but not the classic I hoped. Loved Taker v HHH, booked very well and Taker clearly in shape. Felt faster paced than last year too. Loved Hunter mentally getting crushed in the end and almost admitting "Okay, I can't beat you - but fuck you".

Rock did as well as anyone could have expected. He's not what he was in 2001 but, come on, anyone who was holding him to those standards probably expects Sunny to still look like she did in 1997 too.

Weird finish in my eyes... interesting to see if they going to have Cena go 'off the deep end' and become obsessed with rematch like HBK was vs Undertaker.

All in all, we had 9 people watching from old time fans to newer fan to a girlfriend who just knew Rock from movies and everyone had a blast.

Name withheld

Hi Dave.

Watched with 5 other people and we all had a great time, groups make UFC and WWE PPV better. Well worth the $35 we pay in Australia.
Thumbs way up. I felt overall this mania delivered in both match quality and spectacle more then the last 2 or 3 mania shows.
Best Match: Hell in a Cell
Worst Match: The Divas, I don't consider Bryan/Sheamus a match

Bryan v Sheamus was disappointing and now the last two WHC changes were in less then a minute. If it were Henry v Sheamus then Sheamus should have kicked the head off the monster to win the belt, Bryan needed some sort of defense, but I guess his character was someone who runs.

Orton v Kane, nobody cared, I wanted it to be later so I could use it as a toilet break, this means nothing.

Cody v Show sucked, They should have used it to make a new star. Cody has so much potential. He had better not re-emerge with the mask and a broken face.

Divas, again nobody cared and we skipped it due to an earlier need to pause the live show.

The Hell in a Cell was amazing. Takers hair wasn't as bad as expected. These two can still tear the house down, and Shawn added a lot. I haven't bought Taker losing for a long time but they built up the drama well and exceedd lat year. I can't wait to see Taker again in Jan/Feb, Once a year matches for as long as possible could be a great way for him to go for as long as he still has the passion. Interesting to see when/if we see HBK and HHH again. I thought this was a good time for a Lesnar run in tearing the Cell open, but they got their end of an era moment instead.

The 12 man was filler, glad to see Miz do something, I'm one of the few who thinks he can be a credible main eventer, and a heel GM is more interesting them long past his welcome Teddy Long.

Rock v Cena was a good match, lots of hype, too much random bands. Getting Puff Daddy is huge. Glad to see Rock winning setting up a rematch, and again no Lesnar. Surprised I didn't hear a "You've still got it chant" because Rock still has it, they worked well and the crowd was hot.

WWE needs to return to a closed roof arena. The crowd were great tonight on TV but would be so much better with a roof.

Mitchell Ayre, Newcastle, Australia.

WM 28

Thumbs Up

Best Match: HHH v Take

Worst MAtch: Divas

A really good card. The good stuff outweighed the bad stuff. Even the comedy was shrug it off bad, instead of Smackdown ungodly awful (Natalya farting).

Too bad Daniel Bryan only got 18 seconds - and not even one offensive move. I guess they're saving that match for Chicago. But with the same finish. Can't wait for Sheamus to start his next big feud with Kane.

I guess they moved Mario Menounos to the second spot because she had to fly to LA for Monday's Dancing With the Stars. Otherwise, why didn't they save that match for the "death spot"? Jericho and Punk managed to bring the crowd back by the finish, but they had to kill themselves, after the crowd had seen HHH v Taker.

Where they go from here is anyone's guess. Lesnar challenging Cena makes no sense - you're just having your top guy put over the big star from 2002 and now he's going to put over the top star from 2005. Maybe HHH and Taker do a promo and Lesnar comes in and F-5s both of them - setting up Lesnar v HHH for SummerSlam and Lensar v Taker for WM 29.

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Thumbs up for Mania.
The first hour was not good, but the show picked up after undertaker/HHH, which was match of the night.
While not happy about Daniel Bryan, I'm not going to let that stop me from judging the rest of the show on its merits.
Quick thoughts:
- Beth did a fantastic job wrestling herself in the divas match.
- Taker vs HHH was awesome. I re-watched it tonight and it didn't lose anything for me, in fact I think some of the psychology worked a bit better knowing where they were headed. Shawn in particular was outstanding in selling the importance.
- Punk vs Jericho was very good, and I look forward to where they go from here.
- I thought Cena vs Rock was extremely good given everything surrounding it. The right man won on the night, and I don't think its too hard to rebuild Cena after it. Both men worked well, the match was what it had to be, and they played the audience well.
There were issues (timing, the whole first hour...) but overall, a good wrestlemania with 3 very good or outstanding matches, and a good atmosphere.
Chris Buchanan
Sydney, Australia
A lot of people seem to think that the storyline around the Bryan match works, but I don't really think it's unfair for people who paid for this show to be upset that one of the billed "main events" was basically not delivered. And since that happened at the very beginning of the show, it really, really soured me on the rest of the show. I don't give a fuck what the rematch and booking plans are, for me personally, that match was probably the thing I was looking most forward to. That was also true last year.

To make up for that, the rest of the show would have to be excellent, and it wasn't. Taker vs. Triple H was really good, but not really my kind of match, and I thought Punk vs. Jericho was a pretty average Mania main event. The lack of heat and slow pace early hurt it. Rock vs. Cena felt special, and the finish was good, but building the match around a bear hug (the least interesting move in professional wrestling history) and two extraordinarily poorly executed submissions had everyone at my party (mostly non-fans) commenting on how boring and unrealistic the match seemed. We were all taken out of it. Did Rock almost pass out from boredom in the STF? Is that what that was?

And since the entire midcard roster is treated like meaningless jobbers, nothing else really even mattered on this show, even though it was all fine in the ring. That's their own damn fault, and that's why I hated the Mania build. That's what happens when your top babyfaces, Triple H and Rock, continually send the very clear message that the everybody backstage sucks but the old guys and e booking follows suit.

This show was not worth $65, especially with the opening slap to the face in the Daniel Bryan match. A friend was nice enough to kick in $20, and I still don't think the show was worth $45. Maybe if I had paid $30, I wouldn't have felt ripped off. But I do.

This show will lose them more viewers than it gains them, I think, for a lot of reasons.

- Sajid Shahriar from PWChronicle.com



Thumbs up (barely)

Best Match: Undertaker vs. HHH

Worse: Divas tag


This was a 3 match show. The rest just seemed like filler. The Sheamus/Bryan match was a disgrace. They have time to show garbage commercals and have time for epic failures like Flo Rida (god awful music), but no time for a title match. Kane and Orton was OK but seemed like just a regular Smackdown match. Show/Rhodes was so/so and just seemed like a regular Smackdown match. Of course, leave it to WWE to have a champion get pinned by an outsider, but since it was a Diva's match, does not matter at this point. Then later they have Flo Rider punk out Heath Slater, WWE is such marks for any garbage talent they can find. Basically the first hour of this show was an epic fail. Second hour picked up with a terrific HHH/Taker match and was easily match of the night. Great work by all three. Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny was jobber time. Another useless match. Punk/Jericho was very good but did not feel like a title match at all, and the crowd was dead. Rock/Cena was very good and had the big match feel but not even close to biggest match of all time hype. Well worked and the crowd was awake for it. I was awaiting for a Lesnar run in but looks like that is being saved for Raw tonight. Overall I will not remember this show a week from now, but can still remember WM3.

Mike Malasev

I waited until this morning to send along my feedback. I'm still extremely disappointed by this Wrestlemania.

Thumbs down

Best match: Rock-Cena 

Worst match: Teddy-Johnny

Like many I was completely turned off by squashing Bryan in 20 seconds for the first match of the night. How does it make sense to push a guy for months on TV and then just destroy him in the biggest event of the year? I don't get it.

Kane-Orton and Rhodes-Show were nothing special. I thought the crowd seemed completely dead for all of these matches.

The Divas actually didn't bother me as much as usual. Maria seemed to tough it out. 

The tag match was a complete joke. Why even bother with this? I will say I do like Miz getting the pin. He seems right to play a strong heel with Johnny. Besides, who else do they have? This showed the "lack of talent" people constantly talk about. There was not one person in this match you could legitimately say sells tickets. That's sad. 

I've heard a lot of talk about HHH-Taker being a great match. Not sure I saw it. Takers' back might be the most memorable moment of the night and I'm not sure that's a good thing. Good storyline and entertaining. But I didn't see this as more than a 3 or 3.5 star match. 

Punk-Jericho was not what I thought it would be. Was Punk hurt? What was happening here. This match was why I bought the PPV and they simply didn't deliver. I have no problem with the end and will be eager to see how the story goes from here as they go to Chicago. They will try to recapture the magic of last summer, right? Maybe not. 

Rock-Cena delivered. Good match. I'd give it 4 stars, even if the Rock was gassed. It was the only time you could tell the crowd was hot and the math felt like Wrestlemania. I loved the ending. Cena did a great job selling his exit. More than anything else his exit made me want to watch tonight. 

Overall, just a pathetic state of affairs though. Four of the six main eventers are not full-time wrestlers. We won't see Taker again until next year. Who knows with Rock. Jericho will be gone again soon. And HHH is in and out. They'll keep leaning on Cena and hope Punk somehow grows into the Austin-like performer that he can be when he's at the top of his game. 

With all the attention they did absolutely nothing to put anyone more over than they were last week. A wasted opportunity. 

Mike Trask

Las Vegas

Slight thumbs down - if Cena had won it would have been a big thumbs
down.  Too much stupid stuff/filler for a thumbs up and having
perhaps your best wrestler lose in 10 seconds is inexcusable.

Gary Collins

I heared your audio for Wrestlemania...and While I did not order the PPV    do to  having no interest in any match on the card BUT the Daniel Bryan / Sheamus match  along with  WWE PPV's costing to much I haven't odered a WWE PPV   since Dec 2001............. I  did  watch DragongateUSA this weekend  and a lost cheaper.  
and I disagree with you  IF I had ordered Wrestlemania  THAT was the match  I wanted to see....  so I disgree with the statement you made saying that was not a match people would have paided to see........ 
my question is   how do you know that?   you assuming  that is the case......   I grant you  most fans would  want to see HHH VS Undertaker  or Rock and Cena....but to say   Bryan and Sheamus was not match  people would have ordered   to see..   that is so wrong     There are fans out their who would have ordered Mania to see that match..
While I didn't order the Event   if I had that match would have been the reason why.  because I'm a big  Daniel Bryan fan.
any way back to  Daniel Bryan..     late at night I read the reports of what happen and  I was pissed and I found the match online saw it and thought it sucked  it was a big insult to both Bryan and Sheamus  having a 18 seconds match.  if  WWE wanted to have a match to Beat  Kane vs Chavo....then Big Show Cody could have been that match....
I mean for Bryan and Sheamus last year they were cut from the card and shoved into a Dark match    this year they get on the card only to have a 18 second match.     I feel both guys have every right to be pissed off and  insulted......If I was in their place I sure as hell would have felt insulted.
I did pick Bryan to win and the fact Sheamus won doesn't bother me   what bothers me is how they were treated  thy didn't get a chance to put on a good match for the fans...at Wrestlemania..which would mean more then a Rematch at the next PPV.
I've about had it with WWE and all their BS they pull  for years I ignore most of it...but this issue with Bryan   is to much..   I've been a Wrestling fan since  1983  when I was 15yrs  old and   enjoyed WWE among other promotions...but after this, I've had it   and I'm just going to stick  to watching indy shows.  , ROH  and DragongateUSA, PWG and others like that.   I get more excietment  watching them then I do  WWE now a days.
Patrick Peralta

I've been a casual fan for many years, though I pretty much missed the whole "attitude era" thing, and this is actually the first PPV I ordered, and mostly keep up via site recaps.  My impression is the writers basically got together and said "You know, we really don't want anyone to look weak in the marquee matches, so let's make sure both guys get really frustrated when the other kicks out of their finisher despite being totally exhausted.  That way both guys look strong and there's no loser.  Oh, unless one of the guys came from the indie circuit, then let's see how fast we can squash him".
So yeah, there were some really good matches -- but after HHH/Undertaker it all seemed like more of the same to me.  I did appreciate the old school touches for Rock/Cena -- collar / elbow, arm drags, and Rock's arm staying up on the third check in the STF.  I was surpised the women's match went as long as it did, and I really didn't want to feel like I switched over to a bad MTV music video before the main event, but overall I guess the good outweighed the bad.  I was mildly surprised at Punk retaining and Rock going over clean, and disappointed no Brock and not much creativity.  Bottom line is a thumb ever so slightly up.
Joe Rush

Hey guys,
Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Jericho vs Punk
Worst match: Bryan vs Sheamus
As if I needed any reminder as to why I don't watch this company's dreadful product any more, I was reminded very quickly when one of the matches I was most interested in was given a whopping five seconds.  We got ripped off last year when they pulled the same match away from us (and I was there live last year so I at least saw their entrances before).  And for what?  Some stupid skits and bland musical performances?  Oh right, and a very dull Kane/Orton match that went way too long.  I hate this company, and won't watch a single show of theirs until next year, in all likelihood. 
The Hell in a Cell match was decent, although both have been involved in much better matches, both HIAC and otherwise.  It was good, and if nothing else fascinating because at first it seemed like they were hellbent on hardwaying each other, with all the headbutts and running facefirst into the cage.  Good drama later on, although I don't think they pulled off the same dramatic gotcha moment they did last year. 
The Rock/Cena match was fine, although little more than that.  Rock actually did admirably well for coming off a ten year layoff, but was nowhere near his former self.  I wouldn't even say it was a disappointing match, and I enjoyed the finish.  I feel there are lots of interesting places they can go from there. 
In all, a show that had some good moments, as I thought the duelling GMs match was fun, Johnny's suit was even more fun, and his victory celebration was funnest of all.  The girls were better than I've come to expect, with Kelly nearly giving me a heart attack with her flip dive that she somehow survived.  But the utter contempt Vince seems to have for many of the hardcore fans and his best single worker is just infuriating.  If he can't be interested in putting on good shows with good wrestling, I can't be bothered to give him my money or time. 
I go to the show live when I can, although this weekend, where I only caught the big show, confirmed what I've suspected since I started traveling out: I'm out for a WRESTLING weekend, and as such ROH and DGUSA are the real highlights, and missing them all this year was a real shame. 
Too many good matches to give a thumbs down, but too much bullshit to call a thumbs up.
Curtis Hughes  

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Rock Vs Cena
Worst Match: Bryan Vs Sheamus
This should have been the best show of the year and probably still will be the best WWE show however I could not enjoy it one bit after the horrific start to the show. I thought Bryan got a great reaction from the Miami crowd and the finish made no sense whatsoever as it hurt Bryan badly and really did nothing for Sheamus. It felt like Vince getting his giggles at the indy crowds who were chanting Bryan's name all weekend long and nothing more. That's two years in a row these two have been robbed of the wrestlemania moment and it left a sour taste in my mouth as below average wrestling followed, given how much time was wasted on music, hype videos, backstage skits, entrances and bad matches I simply can't understand why they would do this to the best wrestler they have. Taker/ HHH, Punk/ Y2J and Rock/ Cena were all very good matches and by the end I thought it was worthwhile but the opening match stuck in my mind because it came across as a petty "F-You" surely not something you should be concerning yourself with on the so called grandest stage of them all.
James Baldwin

Hi Dave,


Rating:  Thumbs slightly up

Best Match:  HHH vs. Undertaker

Worst Match:  Divas and Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus


I want to begin and say that once again for the second straight year they buried both Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.  Think about it Daniel Bryan got less time to be in the ring then the stupid Funkasaures routine and even the damn Divas had more time than Daniel Bryan.  Daniel Bryan being one of the hardest workers in the WWE gets buried for no damn reason in a match I thought would be the best one on the card.  Sheamus also got buried.  Last year’s Wrestlemania he wasn’t even on the card after his match with HHH, now he gets only 18 seconds to get a title victory.  Sheamus had a chance to shine and show off his skills in the rink since he has improved greatly.  I thought we could’ve seen a very good hard hitting technical match but no WWE SCREW us again.  After this match like last year I almost turned off the computer because it just wasn’t worth it.  The one thing I did enjoy were the chants for Daniel Bryan before the Hell in a Cell match.  Maybe WWE should’ve taken note of that but I guess they truly don’t care. 


Divas match was atrocious but I’m not surprised.  I was really wishing Kharma would come out and destroy all of the Divas.  If the Divas ever put on a decent match I will be surprised and I mean it because there is nothing the Divas can do right


Kane vs. Orton

Decent match thought it was given a good amount of time and the chokeslam spot at the very end was really unique.  Probably going to advance their feud a little further at Extreme Rules. 


Show vs. Rhodes

Honestly I was really really hoping for Goldust vs. Cody.  I think Goldust could’ve put him over better than Show.  Plus Goldust did a lot of great work against Sheamus a few years back.  Hopefully next Wrestlemania it happens.  Now Show has held every belt the WWE has had except for the European title.  Hopefully Rhodes is on the rise in the end because he deserves it.


HHH vs. Taker HIAC

Phenomenal.  Thrilling.  Exciting.  Too many words to explain. I thought I was watching HBK from Taker a couple years back.  Surprised not to see any chairshots to the head or any blade or busted open incidents.  The match was really well worked with Taker using a lot of his MMA style punches.   HHH came back with some dominating punches of his own and they went back and forth.  Taker controlling the early part made a good story of HHH almost not fighting back and taking a lot of punishment.  Then HHH taking over with chair shot after chair shot was amazing and it was cringing in my opinion.  I was cheering for the first time and ages for a match.  Great ending with HHH being defiant and HBK was telling such a great story by not ending it or ending it he was in a real debate with himself.  HBK superkick was a surprise but I knew he was going to get involved.  The curtain call was great with all three of them at the top of the stage.  A lot of respect for the both of them.  I was happy about that.  This I think should be a 5 star match just because of the story and the way the match was presented.  IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT FIVE YEARS AGO. 


Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

Some good spots at the very end the match.  Tired of Eve and Ryder gimmick.  Ziggler, Swagger, and now Henry wouldn’t say that before after watching his title run, have been under-utilized.  Swagger needs a push, Ziggler really needs a push, and I think a strong Henry vs. Sheamus feud could end up being a really great match. 


Punk vs. Jericho

What else do you expect from these two.  They put on a strong match with going at it.  I think Jericho should go a bit back to when he was a high flyer with some of his spots because Jericho is a pretty good high flyer and so is Punk.  The Anaconda Vice spots were pretty strong with the knees to the head to get out of the hold by Jericho.  Then the second one with Punk readjusting and Jericho tapping out was a nice spot.  I think at Extreme Rules they may give them a ladder match or another type of gimmick to help improve the story. 


Rock vs. Cena

Matched lived up to its hype at the very end.  The end of the match came around strong and the finish was great.  Rock going over was a bit of a surprise but we need to see what happens with Cena I just hope it’s not like a cry baby routine about losing.  I think it was very slow at first and the Rock said he was training with Curt Hawkins and Joe Henning even putting them over greatly before his match, WWE should take notice.  Cena had his usual spots with the spin out powerbomb, five knuckle shuffle, and an FU.  I honestly thought they were going to do a top rope FU spot like they did with Lashley a few years ago.  Cena didn’t even have the STF properly locked in I thought.  My one HUGE problem with the match was the Rock calling the spots.  I clearly heard him talking to Cena and he even called for the spinebuster leading into the People’s Elbow.  I thought that was sketchy.  Overall, weak beginning  but strong finish.

A.J. Barbalace






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