OVW Saturday Night Special report 4-7 (updated with main events)

By Trent Vandrisse 

 Ohio Valley Wrestling presented its April 2012 Saturday Night Special tonight at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky, in front of a healthy crowd of 280 or so. This was the best build up for an overall card for a Saturday Night Special since last fall, and the show was decent. They aired very well done video packages of the storylines leading up to all the key matches tonight before each match started, which was a nice touch. 

Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show. They were joined by Dean Hill for the second half. Hill was attending the 16th birthday party of his Granddaughter during the first half. Brittany DeVore was the ring announcer. 

All the OVW referees tonight were debuting new ref shirts, which were grayish polo shirts, with an OVW emblem on the left part of the chest. 

Todays Louisville Courier-Journal featured a good front page article on one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes. Hayes continues to get amazing amounts of mainstream local pub for OVW in Louisville. Here's the link. 

1. Randy Royal beat Ted McNaler 

McNaler was pleading his case to his real life girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, before the match even began. McNaler's storyline "brother", Adam Revolver", has been working overtime lately to falsely make McNaler look bad, and even unfaithful, to DeVore, and his evil plan is working. DeVore gave McNaler the major cold shoulder tonight. Royal scored a pretty huge upset win over McNaler when Royal knocked the referee into the ropes, causing McNaler, who was looking at DeVore yet again, to be crotched on the top turnbuckle. Royal then hit a version of the Pedigree for the win. 

2. Alex Silva, Dylan Bostic, Elvis Pridemore, & The Baronis Brothers beat The American Assassin, Nick Dumeyer, Tony Gunn & X2C(Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine) w/Ricky Chevy & Miss. Cinnamon Twist in a 10 man tag 

OVW tends to do these 10 man tags on Saturday Night Specials, it's their way of getting a bunch of guys on the card it seems. The Baronis Brothers are 20 year old twins out of Knoxville, TN with large matching afros. They're very small, but in good shape. The obnoxious Ricky Chevy proved to be the downfall of the heel team he was with here as he was yelling at his own guys to the point it caused Tony Gunn to be distracted and Alex Silva rolled him up for the pin. 

The post match saw Chevy pour out Gunn's bottle of "happy pills". Gunn, along with the rest of the heels, then took turns punching Chevy. It's pretty bad when heels can't stand a heel manager. The crowd enjoyed this the short time it lasted. 

3. Anarquia & Raul Lamotta beat Jesse Godderz & Rudy Switchblade to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles 

OVW's "Talent arbitrator", and the head of "The Family", Josette Bynum, was banned from the building for this show, so Godderz & Switchblade had nobody at ringside. Actually, Rob Terry & Godderz were the official OVW tag champs going into this match, but it's "Family rules" here, so anyone from "The Family" can defend them, plus Rob Terry was booked in the main event of this show. 
Anarquia & Lamotta attached Godderz & Switchblade on the floor before the match started, with Anarquia looking quite blown up about a minute in. Once they got in the ring, Anarquia took the heat. 
Anarquia later wrecked havoc on the outside for Switchblade and Godderz, leading to Switchblade alone in the ring with Anarquia and Lamotta, where he took a double DDT, giving Anarquia and Lamotta the victory, and once again making Anarquia & Lamotta the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. They held belts as Los Locos here back in 2007. 
Some people around me flat out said this match was terrible, and it did fall apart a few times, and wasn't that good, that's for sure. Anarquia was blown up the whole time it seemed. 

4. Jamin Olivencia beat Mohamad Ali Vaez by DQ 

This match, and the tag title match, were both added to this show at the most recent TV taping on April 4th, though this had a lot more of a back story to it. Pretty even early, though Olivencia scored with a lot of arm drags. Olivencia slowly began to dominate the match more and more. Vaez, out of frustration I guess, finally just threw Olivencia over the top rope in full view of referee Chris Sharpe for the DQ. Vaez pounded on Olivencia after the match until the geek squad ran out to pull him off, and it took several attempts to do that. 


5. Paredyse beat Brandon Espinosa 

These two have had quite a feud, and it's over sexual orientation acceptance and freedom, and expression of such freedom, I guess. Espinosa's "my gender is a mystery" friend "Chris" was absent tonight. The stip here was if Paredyse wins, he claims he had some incriminating video he was going to show of Espinosa. Paredyse came out wearing a large plastic salad bowl on his head, wearing it like an astronauts helmet, along with a silver and black top, which was not a dress exactly, and silver Christmas tinsel around his waist. After some back and forth action, Espinosa took control, slapping Paredyse hard on the mat, and even spitting on him. Paredyse came back with his unique offense. Espinosa grabbed his bag he keeps a dress and lipstick in to humiliate his beaten opponents with, grabbed a stick out of it and jabbed Paredyse in the eye. Espinosa then went for his Cobra Clutch into a face plant finisher, but Paredyse countered it, and rolled up Espinosa for the win. 

In a bit of bait and switch, Paredyse was supposed to then show the video he had on Espinosa doing whatever, but Paredyse was holding his right eye, saying he couldn't see, and said he'd show the video at the TV taping this Wednesday. The crowd didn't love this, but Dean Hill said instead of 300 people seeing it now, the whole country could see it on next weeks TV. 

6. Michael Hayes beat Rocco Bellagio w/Bolin Services 2.0 by DQ 

Bellagio somewhat dominated Hayes in the early going, but was also taking too much time between moves, and was openly mocking Hayes, jumping around one one leg a lot, even slamming him on one leg in a show of strength. Hayes came back, showing impressive strength of his own, by grabbing the large Bellagio off the top rope, and giving him the Attitude Adjustment. Bellagio came back with big driving chokeslam on Hayes off the second rope. Bellagio jumped off the top turnbuckle, and then sprung off the top rope for emphasis, in an impressive agile move for a big man, but Hayes met him with a Code breaker and went for the pin, but Prince Bolin pulled the ref out of the ring. Other BS 2.0 members then attacked Hayes for the DQ. While this went on, BS 2.0 member James "Moose" Thomas protected Mickey, Prince Bolin's simple minded assistant, in the corner. Moose has been protecting Mickey from the abusive Bolin more and more lately. Mickey, who much to the chagrin of Prince Bolin has also developed a friendship with Michael Hayes due to them both having handicaps, finally covered Hayes with his own body to stop Hayes from being attacked. An irate Bolin then had Mickey held against the ropes, had his shirts ripped off, and was going to whip him with his belt, but James "Moose" Thomas could finally take no more, and prevented the whipping, and then went full babyface by attacking his now former BS 2.0 stablemates. The pop for Moose' babyface turn was very loud, by far the loudest the crowd would get all night, and they really milked it too. Moose gave BS 2.0 member Jack Black a wicked "Moose kick" off the apron, and was going squash Prince Bolin in the corner, but Rocco Bellagio pulled Bolin out of the way, and took the corner splash himself. Moose later spit water in Kenny Bolin's face at the announce desk.

 7. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Shiloh Jonze to retain the OVW Heavyweight title 

A match here of two recent championship tag team partners, both still babyfaces, going at it, with both men becoming angry with each other in recent weeks. Once again the OVW title match is not the main event of a Saturday Night Special. Both came out to the same music, Jonze wearing black slacks, Spade wearing white. Both guys chopped each other hard early. Spade eventually trapped Jonze in the Gogoplata for a long time. Jonze came back with a variety of flying and spinning kicks. Spade gave Jonze a very high backrop. Jonze hit his flying forearm off the top rope finisher, but Spade kicked out. Jonze with a superkick, but Spade kicked out again. Spade finally caught Jonze with a superkick for the clean win to retain the OVW title. As I suspected, Spade and Jonze made up after the match and hugged. The crowd was a bit more for Spade than Jonze, but they were somewhat quiet here. I think the Moose babyface turn took all the emotion out of them, plus this was babyface vs babyface. 

8. Rob Terry beat Trailer Park Trash w/Danny Davis so per the stipulation, Josette Bynum now has full control of OVW 

Main event time. The heel Rob Terry was alone here due to the stipulations of Josette Bynum being banned from the building tonight, and the rest of "The Family" being banned from ringside for this match. OVW owner Danny Davis came out with Trailer Park Trash here, but was more of a highly interested observer than a manager. TPT and Bynum have been sharing, but not nicely, the authority figure duties here, messing each other up as much as possible, resulting in some really awful and totally inane booking along the way, so this match was for "control" of OVW, which is pretty funny since Danny Davis owns it, and Davis himself even said how crappy and crazy the whole thing is. 
The respective physiques of TPT and Terry makes for a true "before and after" shot. Yeesh. 
Both men basically battered each other around for awhile, until Terry took control, beating on TPT in the ring. Terry with a one armed chokeslam on TPT, but TPT managed to kick out. Terry gave TPT his knock out blow, which has knocked TPT out twice in recent weeks, but TPT came out again. "Family Members" Mohamad Ali Vaez and Rudy Switchblade came to ringside illegally, and were ordered to leave by referee Chris Sharpe and Danny Davis, but it was just a distraction as while this was going on, the other "Family Member" Jesse Godderz got in the ring and handed Terry a roll of quarters. Terry blasted TPT with the roll, sending coins all over the ring, but referee Chris Sharpe still made the fatal three count, giving Josette Bynum, and "The Family" full control of OVW, at least for now. 

The post match saw both Danny Davis and Dean Hill standing around in a stunned and somber silence, while referee Chris Sharpe was actually weeping about having to count TPT down for the pin. He wept even more when he saw the coins on the mat. TPT was once again out colder than a wedge, and all the babyfaces came out to assist him, while "The Family" left, deliriously happy at this turn of events. 
When TPT finally somewhat came to, and the cameras were off by now, Danny Davis told TPT that he sees the coins on the mat, and he knows what happened, but they have to now wait until Wednesday to get this sorted out. Davis told TPT that in the meantime, they have to just accept this result like men. 

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