UFC from Stockholm weigh-ins

UFC on Fuel weigh-ins.

No Dana White at the weigh-ins.  If there are any pull-aparts, Joe Silva is the man in charge.
Mike Goldberg is doing the Fuel show since Jon Anik has to do Ultimate Fighter tonight.

Huge crowd at the weigh-ins in Stockholm, Sweden.

Facebook fights starting as 12:30 p.m. Eastern time

Eric Wisely (19-7, 145) vs. Jason Young (8-5, 145)

Simeon Thoresen (16-2-1, 170) vs. Besam Yousef (6-0, 170) Thoresen from Oslo, Norway, Yousef from Sweden)

Reza Madadi (11-2, 155) vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo (6-0, 155) - Madadi is from Stockholm, super popular locally, chanting his name and all that stuff.  Place exploded when he made weight.  Only time I’ve seen that was for Gina Carano.  They got in each others’ faces and Silva had to pull them apart

Magnus Cedenblad (10-3, 185) vs. Francis Carmont (17-7, 186) - Magnus is another guy from Stockholm.  He was posing like he thought he was Schwarzenegger but actually really tall and skinny, then did a goofy smile and thumbs up. 

Tom DeBlass (7-0, 205) vs. Cyrille Diabate (18-8-3, 206)

Papy Abedi (8-1, 171) vs. James Head (7-2, 170) - - Abedi came out with headphones and with a cigar in his mouth.  He wasn’t actually smoking it.  He weighed in with it in his mouth and then did a crab pose with a cigar, just like Crusher used to do in his posedowns with Jesse the Body.  They pressed heads against each other, Abedi had the cigar out by that point, Silva had to
separate them.

Live on Fuel at 3 p.m. Eastern

Damacio Page (12-6, 135) vs. Brad Pickett (21-6, 136)

DaMarques Johnson (18-9, 171) vs. John Maguire (17-3, 170) - Maguire wearing pink underwear so you know he’s tough.  Johnson did a really goofy posedown.

Diego Nunes (17-2, 146) vs. Dennis Siver (19-8, 147) - Missed weight.  He’s going to strip now.  Down to 147.  He needed to lose another pound, which he eventually did.

Siyar Bahadurzada (20-4-1, 170) vs. Paulo Thiago (14-3, 170)

Alessio Sakara (19-8, 1 no contest, 186) vs. Brian Stann (11-4, 185)

Thiago Silva (14-2, 1 no contest, 205) vs.  Alexander Gustafsson (13-1, 205) - Silva’s body much softer than he was before when he had the fake urine body.  Silva booed given that Gustafsson, from Stockholm, is the star of the show.

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