UFC live coverage from Stockholm - Silva vs. Gustafsson

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Hot crowd for everything for the debut in that part of the world.  The show sold out in three hours.  They are into everything, going crazy for ring girls and Bruce Buffer, etc.


Young won the first round with a few takedowns.

Second round was more of the same with Young on top.  Young let him up because Wisely was throwing a lot of elbows from his back.  Young tripped him with a low kick and is now back on top.  Wisely was working at something from his back but didn’t come close.  Young’s round again.  Wisely’s corner told him he was down two rounds to none and he’d better do something.  Young 20-18.

Third round: Front kick by Wisely and another kick landed and then Wisely went for a takedown. Wisely with another punch landed.  Another right landed by Wisely.  His corner told him not to kick so he doesn’t give up an easy takedown.  He landed a left hook and a knee.  Another low kick, so he’s not listening to his corner.  Young landed a punch that led to a takedown by Young, off a kick.  Smart corner.  Crowd going crazy .  Young landed big punches on the ground.  Nice up kick by Wisely.  Young dropped down with another punch.  The ref ordered a stand-up, which was ridiculous since it was all action on the ground.  Body kick by Wisely.  Spinning back kick
by Young missed.  Wisely landed a left.  High kick by Wisely and he lost balance and Young back on top.  Crowd going crazy for a basically above average fight.  I’d go with Wisely here but it’s close, either way Young wins either 29-28 for 30-27.

Scores: 30-28, 29-28 and 29-28 for Young.  So one judge gave round three even.


Crowd going crazy for Yousef, who lives in Gothemberg, Sweden.  They booed the hell out of Thoresen, who is from Norway.

First round: Yousef landed a left.  Thoresen went for a takedown but Yousef sprawled.  Thoresen has a huge reach advantage.  Fans booing already a lack of standing action.  Thoresen going for a takedown and got it, but Yousef landed a lot of punches as he was getting taken down.  Both throwing on the ground, Thoresen from the top and Yousef from the bottom.  A lot of elbows from the bottom by Yousef.  Big punches by Thoresen.  Yousef with strong punches from the bottom as well.  The ref, Marc Goddard, ordered a stand-up.  That was ridiculous as both were
busy on the ground and the standup wasn’t that good.  Yousef with a knee and punches.  Yousef with body punches.  Another knee by Yousef.  Thoresen with body shots back.  Knee by Thorsesen.  Hard right elbow by Thoresen.  Yousef back with knee.  Hard elbow by Yousef. Really good first round.  I’d go slightly to Yousef but the ref helped him with that stand-up that there was no reason for.  10-9 Yousef

Second round: Fans booed by 15 seconds in when they weren’t brawling.  Good left by Yousef. Thoresen went for a takedown but Yousef sprawled and landed hard punches and kicks to the body.  Hard low kick by Yousef.  Thoresen landed a punch and is going for a choke from the mount but Yousef escaped.  Thoresen with a guillotine that he used to move him to mount and Thoresen pounding him with elbows.  Thoresen has his back.  Thoresen hurting him with punches and went for a choke and Yousef tapped.  Very good fight. 


Crowd loves Madadi.  He’s cheerleading the crowd.  Madadi is a national wrestling champion.  He got one of the bigger reactions you’ll hear at a UFC show.

First round: Loud chants for Reza.  Reza went for a takedown and got him down and into side control.  Madadi tried a choke but Izquierdo out and up, and Izquierdo going crazy with kicks. Izquierdo now landing kicks.  Madadi shot in and got kneed but that didn’t stop Madadi.  Madadi got him down but Izquiero right back up.  Madadi has him back in a clinch.  Knee by Madadi.  Ref ordered a separation.  This officiating is ridiclous because Madadi is a Greco-Roman wrestler working the clinch and was about to take him down when the separation was ordered.  Punches and kicks by Izquierdo.  Head kick thrown by Izquierdo blocked.  Izquierdo landing several punches and now Madadi grabbed a single and took Izquierdo down.  Madadi went for a
guillotine right as the round ended.  Great action, Izquierdo 10-9

Second round: Izquierdo landing several shots and Madadi took him down as he was throwing and moved into side control.  Madadi again working for a guillotine and Izquierdo tapped out.  Place going nuts.  Fun fight, super crowd reactions. 

Madadi in his interview said how everyone wants to thank their sponsors and he's not going to do that, he's thanking the fans.

To show how stats are sometimes meaningless, Izquierdo had landed 40 punches to 1 by Madadi during the fight.  Madadi on the ground was just grappling.


Cedenblad is from Stockholm.  Carmont is from Montreal, a teammate of GSP, who is in his corner.  Both have good win streaks coming in, 7 for Cedenblad, 6 for Carmont.  These guys are both really tall, each 6-foot-3.  Of course Cedenblad big crowd favorite.  They didn’t boo Carmont all that much, though.

First round: Body kick by Carmont.  Carmont then took him down right away.  Carmont got up and then Cedenblad took him down.  Cedenblad landed an elbow.  Cedenblad moved to full mount and crowd going crazy.  So loud you wouldn’t believe it.  He’s throwing punches from the back.  Cedenblad landing more punches from the back and again working for a choke.  Carmont blocked the choke.  Carmont escaped the choke and got to the top.  Now Carmont landing good punches on the ground.  Carmont now has a mount but Cedenblad reversed just as the round ended.  Great round.  Crowd going crazy.  Cedenblad 10-9.

Second round: Carmont took him down and throwing punches.  Carmont landing hard shots from the top.  Carmont moved to full mount and he’s hurting him.  Carmont with hard punches.  Cedenblad giving up his back and Carmont landing more hard punches.  Cedenblad is in a lot of trouble and Carmont got the choke and it’s over. 


First round: Grappler vs. striker battle.  DeBlass took him down with a single leg.  He stayed on top and did little damage.  DeBlass with some elbows.  Crowd booing this round.  10-9 DeBlass.

Second round: Diabate threw a kick right away and DeBlass grabbed it and took him right down.  DeBlass moved to side control.  He went for a guillotine.  DeBlass gave it up but back on top in side control.  DeBlass tried a guillotine and lost it and now Diabatte on top halfway through the round.  DeBlass tired, as he took the fight on late notice so his cardio may not be at his best.  DeBlass used a footlock, but used that to reverse back to side mount. DeBlass bleeding from his nose.  Diabate back up and took DeBlass down.  Diabate landed a lot of punches.  Hard body and head shots by Diabate.  More hard lefts to the head by Diabate and now he’s throwing left
elbows. Definitely Diabate’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Knee by Diabate and a punch.  Hard left by Diabate.  Now a jumping front kick by Diabaste.  DeBlass shot in but Diabate ended up on top.  Elbows by Diabate.  Diabate throwing hard elbows to the head and body.  Diabate continued to pound him until it was over.  Fans booed this fight when it was over.  29-28 Diabate, can be no other score I don’t think.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 28-28 Diabate.  The 28-28 judge must have given DeBlass a 10-8 first and can’t see that.


Abedi did come out with a cigar in his mouth.  Head is from Oklahoma City.  He’s the heel since Abedi is from Stockholm.

First round: Crowd super hot for Abedi.  Takedown by Abedi.  Head back to his feet.  Good right by Abedi.  Another good right by Abedi.  Head landed punches and knees and landing more punches.  Knee by Abedi.  Hard punches by Head and Abedi is in trouble.  Head on top in the mount and has 49 seconds left.  He’s got Abedi’s back.  Head got the choke and Abedi had to tap.  Good comeback.  Crowd is not happy at all.  Booing like crazy.  Head is doing a Hogan posing routine and the people are booing him even more.


First round: Pickett took him right down.  Page tried an armbar, Pickett pulled out and let Page up.  Page is super aggressive throwing everything he can.  Great knee and punches landing by Page followed by a takedown.  Page is in side control.  Pickett back up and slammed Page down.  Pickett landing punches.  More punches by Pickett.  Page got up but Pickett got another takedown.  Pickett landed two hard punches, bloodying Page’s nose, while letting him back up.  Pickett with another takedown.  Pickett just outworking him.  10-9 Pickett.

Second round: Pickett ducked under, landing a world’s strongest slam but Page right back up.  Pickett decked him with a left and now pounding on him on the ground.  Pickett with hard punches to the face on the ground.  Page is in trouble.  Pickett going for a guillotine.  Pickett’s body punches are so hard.  Pickett went for a guillotine.  Page out and now Page is on top. Pickett got behind him and now both are up.  Page landed a knee.  Pickett with a strong uppercut and hard left and then took Page down.  He’s got Page’s back.  Pickett is working for a choke and it’s over.  This fight lived up to its billing.


First round: Maguire got the takedown.  Johnson with an uma plata.  Maguire spun and now out of it.  Great ground work by both men.  Maguire throwing elbows to the body.  Maguire with body and head shots on the ground.  He moved to side control.  Maguire said the reason he wears black and pink is his hero is Bret Hart.  Maguire 10-9.

Second round: They showed Tito Ortiz on the screen and people cheered loudly.  You know this can’t be the U.S.  Hard left by Maguire and then took him down but Johnson reversed to the top. This crowd reacts totally like a wrestling crowd in that when their favorite is on the ground they start clapping for a comeback.  Elbow from the top by Johnson.  Maguire tried a triangle but in missing Johnson got side control.  Now Johnson with a front headlock.  Maguire pushed him off with his legs and now both are up.  Johnson with a high kick blocked.  I think Maguire is tired.  Johnson killed him with low kicks.  Maguire is hurting bad from the low kicks.  Takedown by
Maguire.  Johnson went for a Kimura from the bottom, Maguire escaped and moved into an armbar and Johnson had to tap out.  Johnson was in tears.  Great finish, that was the classic human chess finish.


First round: Siver a big favorite.  Nunes has left training with Jose Aldo for San Diego and Black House.  Siver a lightweight dropping down.  Siver landed some high body kicks.  Siver is a lot bigger, easily 15 pounds.  Siver with a takedown and Nunes back up.  Hard left by Nunes and low kick by Nunes.  Spin kick by Nunes.  Front kick by Siver.  Body kick by Siver.  Siver landed a punch to the chest.  Low kick by Nunes.  Siver landed two good punches but Nunes with a spin kick to the body.  High kick by Nunes.  “Siver” chant.  Left by Siver landed.  Good left by Nunes.  Spin kick to the head Nunes and Siver back with a low kick.  Good round.  Crowd gave both a hand.  10-9 Siver but a close round.

Second round: Spin kick to the head by Nunes.  Spin kick missed.  Now Siver with low kicks.  Nunes landing a low and body kick.  Body kick by Nunes.  Siver accidentally kicked Nunes in the groin.  Front kick by Siver.  Stinging left by Siver.  Siver landed another left.  Another close round, this time I’ll go with Nunes so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Right put Siver to one knee.  Siver now landed a left hook.  Crowd really likes this match.  Left hook by Nunes and high kick by Siver.  Such a good technical stand-up fight utilizing all kinds of technqiue.  Low kick by Siver.  Siver landed a left.  Siver wants a takedown as a takedown could win this.  Body kick by Nunes and Siver back with a right.  Two knees by Nunes in a clinch.  Siver landed and Nunes moved in.  Knees from a clinch by Nunes.  Left by Nunes.  Siver bleeding from the left eye bad from one of the Nunes knees.  Spin kick by Nunes and Siver went for a takedown, but Nunes blocking it.  Siver went wild with several punches and
Nunes to one knee and Nunes back with a spinning back kick.  Another round that could go either way.  Really good fight.  I’ll go Siver 29-28, winning in the final minute, but this could be scored all the way to 30-27 either way.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Siver.  


Round one: Bahadurzada knocked him out in seconds.  Out cold with one punch.  Thiago missed a right hook and it was actually a short right counter to the jaw by Bahadurzada and it’s over.  :42

Bahadurzada said he thinks he broke his right hand ten days before the fight but he didn't go to the doctor because he didn't want to know.


First round: Body kick by Stann.  Sakara landed a good left.  Left to the body by Sakara.  Both trading and Stann landed a few pucnhes and two knees, Stann went down losing his balance, got up and landed two knees and Sakara went down.  Stann went to finish him on the ground with punch after punch.  Stann went into Sakara’s guard.  Stann landed a hard left in the guard Sakara’s lights went out, Stann pulled back and stopped punching when he saw it.  Stann told the ref and Sakara revived but the ref stopped it.  That was sportsmanship that most wouldn’t have done.  2:26

Stann with a moving speech about losing his brother-in-law over the Christmas season.


First round: Gustafsson is 6-foot-5 so a big reach edge.  Silva out throwing.  Gustafsson knocked him down right away with a right uppercut, and after a few punches on the ground, let Silva up.  Gustafsson landed more shots.  Silva already cut.  Silva with a straight right.  The place is singing in unison.  Silva missing punches.  Silva moved in an and landed a right.  Both swinging and Gustafsson missing.  Gustafsson with a head kick.  Easily 10-9 Gustafsson.

Second round: Gustafsson threw Silva down.  Fans booing Silva as he laid on his back.  Gustafsson backed off to let Silva back to his feet.  Gustafsson landed a right hook.  Gustaffson landed more punches and body kicks.  Good left by Silva.  Low kick by Silva.  Gustafsson landed a flurry.  Silva landed a good right.  Trading punches and Silva landed another good punch and Gustafsson danced away.  Gustafsson did a spining kick.  Silva landed a good left jab.  Good front kick by Gustafsson.  Gustafsson’s round again 20-18.

Third round: Gustafsson landing more punches.  Both landing.  Good knee from up close by Gustafsson.  Silva’s right eye looks really bad.  Silva back with hard shots.  Gustafsson back with more shots.  Knee by Gustafsson and a right hand.  Good uppercut by Gustafsson.  Silva landed a right back.  Silva landed some punches late and Gustafsson landed a right.  Gustafsson should take the round and win 30-27.

Scores 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Gustafsson

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