Feedback to UFC from Sweden

I give UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Silva a thumbs up.
Best match: Pickett vs. Page.  This match along with Johnson/Maguire and the main event were probably the best fights on the show.  Some guys making a name for themselves with big wins which is what needs to be done on a full card like this.  The crowd helped the show a lot and helped to turn Gustasfsson into a bigger name than he was when he started and Stann regained his spot near the top of the mix.  I'm kind of confused as to why some main events are 5 rounds while others are 3.  In this case I don't think 2 extra rounds would have changed the outcome here.  Really good show.

Jason McNeil

Hi Everyone,
I gave the show a definite thumbs up.
It wasn't a gigantic lineup by any means but every fight delivered which is the main thing. I was very entertained for a free card.
Best Fight: Damacio Page vs Brad Pickett
Worst Fight:none
Best KO: Siyar Bahadurzada
Best Sub: Brad Pickett
Damacio Page vs. Brad Pickett - What a fantastic fight to start the evening off. Great pace, back and forth action with both landing. Great finish by Pickett. At first I thought Page may have been too close to the cage for Pickett to flatten him out for the choke. Fight of the night  for sure.

Damarques Johnson vs. John Maguire - A solid match but nothing spectacular.  A good technical ground battle. Johnson was doing some nice damage with those inside leg kicks and probably would have been a huge factor if this fight went to the 3rd round. Loved the transition to the armbar finish.

Diego Nunes vs. Dennis Siver - I really like Siver as a fighter and this was a match I had a lot of interest in with Siver dropping down a weight class. A technical standup battle, tentative at times as there was a big feeling out process. A solid performance by both, nothing spectacular but definitely a decent fight. This fight could have been scored either way.

Siyar Bahadurzada vs. Paulo Thiago - What a debut. The punch didn't even really look like it connected solidly as it glanced off Thiago's chin but caught him perfectly.
Thiago's faceplant looks nasty!

Alessio Sakara vs. Brian Stann - I was really interested in this fight to see how Stann was going to rebound from the loss to Sonnen. That was answered pretty convincingly. His knees in the plum looked great. I thought he may have had an adrenaline dump when he dropped down into Sakara's guard as it seemed like he should have let him up and score the KO on the rocked Sakara. Great power in the guard and  it looks like Stann is back after the minor Sonnen roadbump in his career.
Papy Abedi  vs. James Head - Another solid fight from the under card. Head had a really strong performance here.

Thiago Silva vs. Alexander Gustafsson - The energy in the crowd sounded amazing and very loud. Gustafsson looked very strong in the first round. The place would have really become unglued if he was able to finish when he had Silva in trouble. Very calm and relaxed the whole fight. A deserved victory in the main event to send the fans home happy in their Swedish debut.
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Have a great weekend
Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs Up

Best match: Abedi-Head and main event. Abedi played the heel perfectly.

Worst match: Only saw the Fuel card and nothing seemed too poor.

I though this presentation was a lot better than Fuel 1. Gustafsson came across like a star in Sweeden, although I would have like to see him call someone out post fight. Someone needs to tell these guys to build fights.

Loved the Mcguire finish and the Stann KO.

In general, a nice afternoon card. Florian is a nice change of pace from Rogan. But it still feels like a B card without Rogan, which is fine.

Mike Trask

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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